Gather Your Forces – Battle Pass Season 5

Gather Your Forces – Battle Pass Season 5

In war, success depends on having an army of good soldiers. Bring in your reinforcements with the exclusive Star Commander Fait and Astral Core Ada Skins. You can also build up your arsenal with the exclusive Battle Pass 5 Weapon Skins.

Play General missions, as well as new Daily and Weekly missions to progress along the 85 tier track. All players are automatically granted access to the Battle Pass track and Weekly Missions with an option to purchase the Gold track for numerous extra rewards.

Love is in the air! Come back next week for Valhallentines 2022, where we’ll be celebrating with all new Mallhalla items and exclusive seasonal treats.

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Orion Prime and Event Horizon Artemis are locked in their destined duel! The Galactic War Battle Pass season features 85 tiers of new exclusive rewards unlockable by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. 

Battle Pass Missions for Week 3 have been unlocked! Launch your opponents into orbit with Signature Attacks or be the first player to send a non-GG Emoji. Weekly Missions are available for all Brawlhalla players to earn Gems and unlock rewards. For the full list check out the “Missions” tab in the Battle Pass screen.  

The Galactic War Battle Pass also features:

  • A free track extending through all 12 weeks of the Battle Pass.
  • A purchasable Gold Track with additional exclusive rewards like a new Progression Podium.
  • All players having access to all the Weekly Missions!
  • Two new Maps for Free-for-All and 2v2 queues.
  • A new Brawl of the Week called Ghosts Bubble Tag that features the new Map, Void Minor!
  • A new exclusive Battle Pass Title Reward!
  • A new UI takeover featuring an animated splash art of Orion Prime and Event Horizon Artemis!
  • New main menu, character select, and post-game theme music.
  • For any completionist out there, a special Avatar awaits you if you complete all 85 tiers.

Players can unlock over 100 new rewards during the Galactic War Battle Pass season, so grab your favorite Legend and start brawling. Players can also use Mammoth Coins to increase progress along the track while the season is active. For more information, check out the patch notes and FAQ page

Spar with your opponent in this close combat 1v1 game mode! Unlock your inner awesomeness and fight to become the chosen one as you punch, kick, and fight. Watch out for the arrow and throwing star traps. First to 5 KOs wins, skadoosh!

  • Showdown Game Mode
  • 1v1
  • Our first walk-off map!
  • Press the pressure plates to activate arrow traps or throwing stars.
  • First to 5 KOs wins!

Esports Year Seven continues with the second and final weekend of Winter Championship 2022. Starting this Friday, each Brawlhalla Esports region from around the world will be competing in their respective 1v1 matches. Find out which player will reign supreme! 

Tune in to watch the action live on!

  • Friday, February 4 – South America, Australia & Southeast Asia
  • Saturday, February 5 – Europe
  • Sunday, February 6 – North America

For times in your local time zone, see

Earn exclusive Viewership Rewards by tuning in to our Twitch streams. The longer you watch, the more you earn! Rewards for this weekend include:

  • Esports Colors v2
  • “Frosted” Title
  • Sidekick Souvenir Orb

To learn more about Brawlhalla Esports Year Seven, visit

Get everything you need to scale the highest peaks with the Alpine Bundle! The pack includes:

  • Kaya Legend Unlock
  • Alpine Kaya Skin
  • Arctic Edge Spear Weapon Skin
  • The North Wind Bow Weapon Skin
  • The Running Man Emote

This limited-time promotion is available to all Amazon Prime members. Claim your loot at  

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week includes: Mordex, Thatch, Isaiah, Ulgrim, Ember, Mako, Fait, Hattori, and Yumiko.

  • Mordex – Wielding Gauntlets and Scythe, this lycanthrope steps into battle!
  • Thatch – The tournament is a paradise of chaos and fire for this Madman of Barbados as he uses Sword and Blasters.
  • Isaiah – Major Isaiah Marshall, OEL’s special forces commander is at your service.  He utilizes Cannon and Blasters with the help of his drone, equipped with a cloaking device and rockets at its disposal!
  • Ulgrim – Equipped with flawless Ivaldi creations, his Axe and Rocket Lance, the legendary blacksmith forges his way into battle!
  • Ember – This quick and dexterous elf does battle in Valhalla with Bow, Katars and her two companions: a wolf named Ash and her raven named Yarra.
  • Mako – The ultimate apex predator from The Sea, Mako, with her Greatsword and Katars, aims to make fish meat out of her opponents in the Grand Tournament.
  • Fait – Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!
  • Hattori – A gifted ninja with unparalleled skill with the Sword and Spear has discovered Valhalla. Will she find any worthy challengers there?
  • Yumiko – Holding the appearance of a blind seamstress, this centuries old fox spirit has been brought into battle wielding her Magical Hammer and Bow!

Legend splash