Gauntlets Update – 2.16

Gauntlets Update – 2.16


New Legend and Weapon!    

We’re very excited to be releasing Gauntlets and our new Legend Kor today! Gauntlets is a fast, close range, high speed, low damage weapon that lends itself well to players who prefer rushdowns and mixups. We’re really excited to see what the community will be able to do with this new weapon, (Post those GIFs!) and hope that everyone will have fun with this new addition the weapon arsenal of Brawlhalla.

  • Gauntlets have arrived!
  • Kor the Golem is now available to play!
  • Weapons: Gauntlets & Hammer
  • Stats: 6/5/7/4

Dodge Changes

We’re making a few adjustments this patch to help distinguish between chase dodges (dodges performed at full velocity) and regular dodges. The aim is to create a better balance between offense and defense, instead of encouraging people to play it safe at all times. These changes should allow for more bursts of strings and exchanging blows, while preventing situations where players are encouraged to dodge and retaliate instead of initiate.

  • Grounded Spot Dodge no longer cancelable after the 16th frame (Previously 20th frame).
  • Aerial Spot Dodge no longer cancelable after the 18th frame (Previously 20th frame).
  • All dodges (except chase dodge) have 2 frames before you can attack after the dodge is completed.
  • All Directional (except chase dodge) increased duration from 16 frames to 22 frames, and slowed to compensate (slightly less distance than before)
  • All ground dodges (except chase dodge) have an increased cooldown from 50 frames to 60 frames.         

Art / UI

  • Main menu tiles have been introduced
  • Store and Legends options have been moved into the main menu
  • User account screen has been moved into the top-right corner menu
  • Region settings have been moved from the account menu to options menu
  • “/” Command has been added to the keybindings screen for keyboard users
  • The “/” command can be rebind to another key. Conversely, the “/” key can now be rebinded.
  • Inventory and Replay screens have been moved out of the old user account screen and into the account drop down options in the top-right corner menu
  • Chat is now hidden while watching a replay.                    
  • Adjusted transformation on the torso of Hammer’s Run and Ready animations to better support Kor’s art.  Should not have a noticeable affect on other legends

Controller Support

  • You can now edit the Back/Select and Start buttons on controllers.
  • You can now bind Show Names, Pause, and Taunt 1-4 to any available button on a controller.
  • You can now disable taunts on the right stick.                       
  • Mac support for Wii U Pro controller
  • Added PC support for Pokken controller
  • Updated PC support for HORI Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Limited Edition Controller for Nintendo Wii U           

Balance Changes


The point blank throw with an explosive is devastatingly lethal and can be very difficult to avoid. We’ve giving thrown bombs and mines some scaling to lower their lethality at close range. Mines have also gotten a slight decrease in Force to decrease the amount of early deaths off of setups.

  • Bouncy Bomb: Force scales similarly to thrown weapons, decreasing Force at point blank range.
  • Proximity Mine: Force scales similarly to thrown weapons, decreasing Force at point blank range; Decreased thrown Variable Force from 50 to 45; Decreased armed Variable Force from 80 to 75.


Using the quick startup and large hitboxes of thrown weapons to combo into the Unarmed Neutral is a little off in risk/reward. We’ve lowered the Damage some, but sped up the startup on the Unarmed’s Side Air.

  • Unarmed Neutral Light: Decreased Damage from 25 to 18.
  • Unarmed Side Air: Decreased Time to Hit from 16 to 15.


There’s been a lot of debate regarding the Spear’s Down Light. We’ve lowered its damage slightly to put it more in line with other combo starters, and made its hitboxing require more precision. The hurtboxes clear the ground more quickly to lean into its evasive properties but offer less protection against antiair attacks and Side Airs when read.

  • Spear Down Light: Moved swoosh closer in and decreased Hitbox sizes; Decreased Damage from 14 to 12; Adjusted Hurtboxes to more closely follow animation.


The increase to Recover Time on the Blasters Side Light that accompanied its increase in range doesn’t seem to be warranted. We’ve dialed it back down slightly.

  • Blasters Side Light: Decreased Recover Time on miss from 12 Fixed 10 Variable to 11 Fixed 10 Variable.


We’re moving some power from Vraxx’s extremely high damage Neutral Lance to bolster the underwhelming damage of his Side Lance.

  • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Decreased Damage from 40 to 36.
  • Vraxx Side Lance: Increased Damage from 21 to 26.


While we’re careful to keep Thatch’s ability to create cannonballs in check, the startup time of his Down Blasters was oppressively long and has been decreased.

  • Thatch Down Blasters: Decreased Time to Hit from 32 to 29.


We’re giving Brynn’s Side Spear more ability to contest other high priority attacks to help counterbalance its punishing Recover Time.

  • Brynn Side Spear: Increased Hitbox size to extend slightly farther forward.


  • Vraxx Side Lance – Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit.
  • Lucien Side Katars – Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend rotation features Barraza, Bodvar, Brynn, Ember, Scarlet, and Sir Roland!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Killstreaks to continue through a Suicide KO.
  • Fixed a bug where refunding a KO effect would result in consuming a refund, but not actually refund it. Affected players have had their refund amount adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug where the blue team bots were worse than red team bots in Brawlball.                                              
  • Fixed a bug where saving a custom binding for a controller would save it only for that type of controller (correct behavior), but would update the bindings for all controllers, not just controllers of the same type (incorrect behavior). It will now only update bindings for controllers of the same type.
  • Fixed saving of light attack for pickup for controllers
  • Fixed crash when using motd or officer command without being in a clan.
  • Fixed a bug that caused people to lose their old custom controller mappings. This will no longer happen, but people who already lost their old mappings won’t get them back without redoing them.
  • Fixed a bug causing Dark Matter Vraxx KO eye to not color swap correctly.
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