Happy Brawlidays! I thought about trying to fit as many winter, snow, holiday, jolly, cheer, and season puns in here as I could, but instead I think we’ll just get to the patch notes. Have a Happy Brawliday!


Happy Brawlidays!

  • New KO Effect – Frostbite!
  • New Brawliday Skin – Krampus Cross – “He’s got this in the bag.”
  • New Brawliday Skin – Snowman Kor – “Don’t put rocks in snowballs. Someone could get hurt.”
  • Bomby the Snowman Avatar
  • Mjolnir Snowflake Avatar
  • Previous Brawliday Skins: Holly Jolly Ember, Wreck The Halls Teros, and Secret Santa Thatch have returned!
  • Brawliday Colors are available in Mallhalla.
  • According to Brawliday tradition the ancient but revered combat spectacle of Snow Brawl has its own queue!
  • Due to relentless activity, Snowbrawl maps will not be cleared of snow, ammunition or other snow oriented debris until the end of the Brawlidays.
  • Daily Login Bonus for the next three weeks during the Brawlidays.



  • Turned on stances for strikeout matchmaking


Art and Animation

  • Larger hammers have been resized to more accurately communicate hitboxes.


New Weekly Legend Rotation

  • This week’s free Legend Rotation features Bodvar, Brynn, Ember, Lord Vraxx, Scarlet and Wu Shang.



With Season 3 of the ladder underway, we have a few adjustments for the Brawlidays! We have targeted a few key powers to level the playing field while Stances and the recent Stat changes settle.



The Spear has great range and zoning potential, however the Neutral Light could rotate into other options too safely. We have widened the gap between the Neutral Light and subsequent attacks in the form of Increased Recovery time.

  • Spear Neutral Light: Increased Fixed Recovery from 0 to 1.



The Lance is proving itself to be a strong weapon over time. We are curtailing a few routes of attack rotation that can seem overly oppressive.

  • Lance Neutral Light: Increased Fixed Recovery on miss from 0 to 1.
  • Lance Down Light: Decreased Stun from 24 to 23.



The Axe is a strong weapon when used correctly, but certain attacks have shown to be slightly too rewarding. We have trimmed some of the generous Damage and Force from the kit.

  • Axe Side Air: Decreased Variable Force from 43 to 42.
  • Axe Neutral Air: Decreased Stun of later frames from 28 to 27.
  • Axe Ground Pound: Decreased Variable Force from 46 to 45; Decreased Damage of the ground slam from 13 to 11.



The Blasters have received Decreased Recovery to the Down Air for a faster pace of play.

  • Blasters Down Air: Decreased Fixed Recovery on miss from 1 to 0.



Diana’s Neutral Bow launches opponent’s at a fantastic angle for setting up edgeguards. We have Decreased the Variable Force to be in line with the positional advantage.

  • Diana Neutral Bow: Decreased Variable Force from 51 to 48.



Azoth’s Neutral Axe was a bit slow for anti-air use, so we have Decreased the Minimum Charge for a faster response.

  • Azoth Neutral Axe: Decreased Minimum Charge from 9 to 7.



Barraza’s Side Blasters had a rather lengthy Time to Hit, so it has received a Decrease in Minimum Charge for greater ease of use.

  • Barraza Side Blasters: Decreased Minimum Charge from 9 to 8.



Koji’s Down Sword is a highly telegraphed attack, which can make it difficult to use in combat. We have Decreased the Minimum Charge for greater use as a surprise attack.

  • Koji Down Sword: Decreased Minimum Charge from 13 to 12.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed PC support for Saitek PS1000 Dual Analogue Pad
  • Fixed a bug where spectating an empty 2v2 ranked lobby would show no podium for the first player and an empty podium for the second player. It will now show an empty podium for each.
  • Fixed a bug where a header would say the wrong season.