Heatwave 2021 Summer Event is here!

Heatwave 2021 Summer Event is here!

The hottest event in Valhalla is finally here! Heatwave 2021 arrives with exclusive seasonal items. Celebrate with new Skins: Riptide Petra & Beachside Zariel, a new Podium, nine other exclusive summer Skins, and so much more. Follow the beach balls in Mallhalla to find all the Heatwave goodies! 

This weekend, we’re hosting the first ever Parsec Invitational! This tournament has up to $20,000 worth of prizing and includes the exclusive Parsec Avatar alongside other viewership rewards. Catch all the action starting Saturday, June 5th. 

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Grab your sandals, beach chair, Spike Balls, and join the fun! Surf’s up as we celebrate the hottest time around with new Skins for Petra and Zariel, a new Podium, and bringing all the summer goodies into Mallhalla for a limited time.

See the list below for all the Heatwave items:

Exclusive Seasonal Skins

Riptide Petra

  • “Surf’s up, Gauntlets out.”
  • With “Wave Breaker” Gauntlets and her “Whitewater Gem” Orb, Petra hasn’t seen a high tide she couldn’t conquer.

Beachside Zariel

  • “It was never this hot in Elysium.”
  • Even angels learn to DJ! Zariel is no exception with their “Disc Beatdown” Gauntlets and “Coastline Pulse” Bow.

Thor by the Shore

  • “Don’t forget the sunscreen!”
  • Even the god of thunder takes days off! Thor lounges by the beach with his “Flamingo” Hammer and “Piña Collider” Orb.

Brawl Dad Isaiah

  • “Grillin’ in the name of…”
  • With his “Grilled Smoker” Cannon and “Ketchup & Mustard” Blasters, these burgers aren’t the only thing “well-done” at this barbeque.

Wipeout Nix

  • “Sharks aren’t the most dangerous thing in the water anymore.”
  • The deadly freelance reaper never takes a vacation from stealing souls. Watch out for her “Sharkbite” Scythe and “Signal Flares” Blasters.

Pool Party Diana

  • “Ever seen a vampire at the pool? Didn’t think so.”
  • Diana is ready for the water wars. Don’t mess with her or she’ll get you with her “Hydro-Bow” and “Splish Splash” Blasters.

Water Wars Cross

  • “No lifeguard on duty.”
  • Cross has made the beach a battle zone. Watch out for his state of the art water weapons including his “Aqua Blasters” and “H2-KO” Gauntlets.

Island Azoth

  • “This summer is sure to sizzle to your bones.”
  • The skeleton king of the islands protects his domain with a “Koa Wood Axe” and “Carved Precision” Bow.

Hotshot Vector

  • “The Maverick has arrived.”
  • Vector soars through the sunlit skies armed with his “Sidewinder” Rocket Lance and “Skybound” Bow.

Dog Days Mordex

  • “Every dog has its day… at the beach!”
  • Even on the hottest days of summer, Mordex is ready to brawl with his “Tropic Breeze” Scythe and “Coco-knuckles” Gauntlets.

Atlantean Orion

  • “Fierce protector of deep sea mysteries.”
  • Armed with “The Conch” Spear and “Speaker of the Sea” Rocket Lance, Orion will stop at nothing to defend his city.


Heatwave 2021 Podium

  • “Celebrate the Summer Heatwave in the newest tiki tower style!”
  • An animated Podium with new colors, sound fx, and tiki design!


“Heatwave” Colors

  • Feel the summer fun with these bright blue, orange, and yellow colors.
  • Available for every Legend with hard-earned Gold!

KO Effect

“Hot Lava” KO Effect

  • “Melt your opponents with this hot KO!”
  • An exclusive KO Effect for this event.


“Endless Heat Wave” Avatar

  • An animated Avatar!
  • “Catch a wave and cruise through the heat!”

“Ice Kor-eam” Avatar

  • “You were expecting Rocky Road?”
  • Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold!

Heatwave also features:

  • Water balloons that replace snowballs!
  • +250 bonus Gold per login!
  • A summer fun UI Takeover with new main menu music.
  • A summer themed Brawl of the Week called 3v3 Beachbrawl.

The Parsec Invitational is a special new event that will feature the best players in North America and Europe fighting amongst their own region! This tournament includes $20,000 in prizing.

Be sure to catch all the action, tune in to watch on twitch.tv/brawlhalla!

  • Saturday, June 5, 2021 – Europe
  • Sunday, June 6, 2021 – North America
  • For times in your local time zone, see brawlhalla.com/schedule.

By tuning in to Twitch stream, viewers can earn exclusive Esports Viewership Rewards! Including:

  • Exclusive Parsec Avatar – Be a part of history and display your love of remote gameplay with this rare Avatar!
  • Esports Colors – Show off your love of our Twitch streams with this rare black, silver, blue, and gold color scheme applicable for all Legends!
  • Golf Clap Emote – A polite display of approval, give your opponents some recognition with this distinguished Emote.

To learn more about the awesome work Parsec is doing in the world of remote work and gameplay, check out their website: parsec.app.

Time for a Beachbrawl party! What better way to beat the heat than throwing water balloons at beach balls to score goals in a 3v3 Summer throw down? Get 1 point for each beach ball you get past the opposing team’s goal. Most points at the end of 2 minutes wins!

  • 3v3
  • Queue alone or with a friend!
  • 2 minutes
  • Most points at the end wins!

Follow the beach balls to find all the seasonal Heatwave goodies!

Check out the recently added cosmetic items!

  • Cyber Oni Orion and Wenqing Lin Fei
  • Nian Shou Sidekick
  • Card Shuffling Emote
  • New Country Flag Avatars: Serbia, Jordan, Colombia, Lebanon, and Palestine

Reno’s price is now 5400 Gold!

The Solidarity Emote benefiting Campaign Zero is still available.

Looking for a certain chest?

  • We’re rapidly rotating through chests, so check out the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.

Find the new Sales items!

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week includes: Jiro, Caspian, Xull, Val, Diana, Thor, Brynn, Magyar, and Artemis.

  • Jiro – Trained as a child by a powerful and secret shinobi family, Jiro comes into the arena with not only Scythe and Sword but shadow clones as well!
  • Caspian – Led by his showmanship and thirst for danger, he has come to Valhalla armed with Katars and Gauntlets to put on a show!
  • Xull – With legendary physical strength, this Axe and Cannon wielding Orc Warlord is ready to challenge everyone and everything in Valhalla!
  • Val – An android assassin with terrifying strength and quicker-than-light cognition, Val is a force to be reckoned with when utilizing her Sword and Gauntlets.
  • Diana – Commander of the Order’s hunters, she uses her Bow and Blasters to slay countless beasts and monsters.
  • Thor – Finally entering the ring, Thor, God of Thunder, makes his appearance in the Grand Tournament with his trusty Hammer, Mjölnir, and his powerful Orb.
  • Brynn – Competing for the pure joy of it, this Valkyrie has seen many victories due to her skill with the Axe and Spear.
  • Magyar – As the last remaining member of the Batavian Strazci army and wielding the strength of a 100 elite knights, this spectral guardian has come for the glory of battle with their Greatsword and Hammer!
  • Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla, armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe; she is ready to fight!

Legend splash