Heatwave 2022 & Ranked Season 25 Begin!

Heatwave 2022 & Ranked Season 25 Begin!

It’s a big day in Valhalla! Lather on the sunscreen because it’s time to hit the beach! Heatwave 2022 has arrived, and we’re celebrating the hottest event this side of Asgard with exclusive seasonal items, like new Skins for Lucien & Lord Vraxx, a new Podium, Heatwave Summer Colors, eleven more summer Skins, and so much more. Follow the beach balls in Mallhalla to find them all. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there, today also marks the beginning of Ranked Season 25! Introducing 3v3 Stock in the Seasonal Ranked Queue. Form a tactical trio and knock out all 9 of the opposing team’s Stocks to win!

If you’re new to Seasons, we’ve included everything you need to know, including the Elo reset and tier rankings in our breakdown below. 

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Season 25 – Rewards and Soft Elo reset! 

If you’re new to Seasons, here’s some information you should know. At the beginning of every new season you’ll have a soft Elo reset and receive Glory, the currency you earn by playing Ranked. You can use it in the Ranked section of Malhalla to get special Colors, Weapon Skins, Emotes, and Nameplates to show your dedication to your favorite Legend. We hope you enjoy your rewards and enjoy the New Season! 

Soft Elo Reset Formula 

Soft Elo Reset is based on your current Elo at the end of the season. 

1v1 and 2v2 Personal Rating 

  • Under 1400: New Elo = Old Elo 
  • Over 1400: New Elo = 1400 + (Old Elo – 1400) / (3 – (3000 – Old Elo) / 800) 
  • 2v2 Team and Legend Rating 

2v2 Team & Legend Ratings  have been brought closer to 750.

  • Under 2000: Elo = (Elo + 375) / 1.5 
  • Over 2000, we aggressively brought you back down as a way of resetting the top tiers. Diamond level players will be reset to high gold or low platinum. 

Glory Earnings Calculation 

Glory earned is based on a combination of your Highest Peak Rating (highest 1v1, 2v2, team, or Legend rating/Elo) and total Wins. This was designed in order to reward both skill and dedication for those who pursue Glory. 

You gain 20 Glory per win up to 150 wins, which gets you 3000 Glory. After 150 wins, each subsequent win gives you slightly less. 

Note: There is a minimum requirement of 10 games played to be eligible for Glory based on your rating. For help estimating your Glory Gained or New Elo after the reset go to: https://cms.brawlhalla.com/glory-calculator/ 

Ranked Borders from Season 24

If you placed Gold, Platinum, or Diamond in your best rating, you are given a ranked border that people will see in the match preview screen. These will last for one season and will be updated again after the new season comes to a close. 

Your border from any previous season does not carry over or have any impact on your current border reward. 

Ranked Avatars from Season 24

Ranked Avatars include prestigious versions for those who’ve placed in high ranks during previous seasons. For example, if you placed in Platinum last season and Gold this season, you’ll receive the upgraded versions of the Competitor’s Badge and Gold Emblem. You will still have your original Platinum Emblem avatar from previous seasons. 

You must play a minimum of 10 games to receive ranked avatars / borders at ANY rank.

  • Competitor’s Badge: Awarded to anyone who plays 10 Ranked Games or more. 
  • Gold Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Gold or above. 
  • Platinum Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Platinum or above. 
  • Diamond Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Diamond. 
  • Upgraded versions of Ranked Avatars are awarded to those who have earned the same Avatar in any previous season. 
  • 5th & 6th Tier Ranked Avatar Upgrade Information 

For players who have reached the 5th Tier of an avatar by reaching a certain rank or higher for five total seasons: the 5th Tier of that avatar will stay in your inventory permanently! Congratulations on your achievements! 

The 6th Tier Avatar, for those who have reached a certain rank or higher for six total seasons, will take on a brand new look! These avatars will grow more and more prestigious with each subsequent seasonal repeat up to Tier 10, at which point the Tier 10 avatar will remain in your inventory permanently. 

In short, every 5 Tiers of avatars, you’ll keep the most awesome, most decked out version permanently, and then start work on a new version for subsequent tiers for 6-10, 11-15, and so on. 

Exclusive Ranked Rewards – Skyforged & Goldforged! 

Beyond glory there is immortality! In Mallhalla, in the “Ranked” tab, players may spend their hard-earned Glory to purchase Skyforged Colors, Weapons, Nameplates, Emotes, and Sidekicks. Skyforged Colors are only usable on Legends that have reached level 5 or greater. 

Players can also purchase Goldforged items, which require the purchase of the Skyforged version of the same item. Show your strength with these exclusive Ranked items!

New Ranked Game Mode – 3v3 Stock

Introducing 3v3 Stock available in the Seasonal Ranked Queue! 

Form a tactical trio with two other players and jump into an epic 3v3 Stock battle. Battle an equally combat-ready team, and knock out all 9 of their Stocks first to win!

Players can continue to earn Glory mid-season and earn exclusive Title Rewards. With every new season, the Seasonal Ranked Queue’s Elo will do a full reset. 

Grab your sandals, beach chair, Spike Balls, and join the fun! Surf’s up as we celebrate the hottest event in Valhalla with new Skins, a new Podium, and many more summertime goodies available in Mallhalla for a limited time.

See the list below for all the Heatwave items:

Exclusive Seasonal Skins

Vraxxy Jones

  • “He’ll stuff your Stocks in his locker”
  • With a “Lobster Lance” & “Flint-Locker” Blasters, Lord Vraxx sets his sights of conquest on the seven seas!

Deep Sea Lucien

  • “Bluuublublubb!”
  • Lucien’s ready to pull his most daring heist yet. He’s diving into the Abyss armed with his “Anchor Shanks” and “ASM Blasters”.
  • Featuring animated FX!

Riptide Petra

  • “Surf’s up, Gauntlets out.”
  • With “Wave Breaker” Gauntlets and her “Whitewater Gem” Orb, Petra hasn’t seen a high tide she couldn’t conquer.

Beachside Zariel

  • “It was never this hot in Elysium.”
  • Even angels learn to DJ! Zariel is no exception with their “Disc Beatdown” Gauntlets and “Coastline Pulse” Bow.

Thor by the Shore

  • “Don’t forget the sunscreen!”
  • Even the god of thunder takes days off! Thor lounges by the beach with his “Flamingo” Hammer and “Piña Collider” Orb.

Brawl Dad Isaiah

  • “Grillin’ in the name of…”
  • With his “Grilled Smoker” Cannon and “Ketchup & Mustard” Blasters, these burgers aren’t the only thing “well-done” at this barbeque.

Wipeout Nix

  • “Sharks aren’t the most dangerous thing in the water anymore.”
  • The deadly freelance reaper never takes a vacation from stealing souls. Watch out for her “Sharkbite” Scythe and “Signal Flares” Blasters.

Pool Party Diana

  • “Ever seen a vampire at the pool? Didn’t think so.”
  • Diana is ready for the water wars. Don’t mess with her or she’ll get you with her “Hydro-Bow” and “Splish Splash” Blasters.

Water Wars Cross

  • “No lifeguard on duty.”
  • Cross has made the beach a battle zone. Watch out for his state of the art water weapons including his “Aqua Blasters” and “H2-KO” Gauntlets.

Island Azoth

  • “This summer is sure to sizzle to your bones.”
  • The skeleton king of the islands protects his domain with a “Koa Wood Axe” and “Carved Precision” Bow.

Hotshot Vector

  • “The Maverick has arrived.”
  • Vector soars through the sunlit skies armed with his “Sidewinder” Rocket Lance and “Skybound” Bow.

Dog Days Mordex

  • “Every dog has its day… at the beach!”
  • Even on the hottest days of summer, Mordex is ready to brawl with his “Tropic Breeze” Scythe and “Coco-knuckles” Gauntlets.

Atlantean Orion

  • “Fierce protector of deep sea mysteries.”
  • Armed with “The Conch” Spear and “Speaker of the Sea” Rocket Lance, Orion will stop at nothing to defend his city.


Heatwave 2022 Podium

  • “Celebrate the Summer Heatwave in the newest tiki tower style!”
  • An animated Podium with new colors, sound fx, and tiki design!


“Heatwave” Colors

  • Feel the summer fun with these bright blue, orange, and yellow colors.
  • Available for every Legend with hard-earned Gold!

KO Effect

“Hot Lava” KO Effect

  • “Melt your opponents with this hot KO!”
  • An exclusive KO Effect for this event.


“Endless Heat Wave” Avatar

  • An animated Avatar!
  • “Catch a wave and cruise through the heat!”

“Ice Kor-eam” Avatar

  • “You were expecting Rocky Road?”
  • Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold!

Heatwave also features:

  • New Title Reward: Heat Warrior
  • Water balloons that replace snowballs!
  • +250 bonus Gold per login!
  • A summer fun UI Takeover with new main menu music.
  • A summer themed Brawl of the Week called 3v3 Beachbrawl.

Enter the Fangwild and discover 85 tiers exclusive rewards. Unlock them by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. All players are granted access to the Weekly Missions to unlock even more items! The Battle Pass season will last 12 weeks.

This Battle Pass season features new Skins for Dusk, Arcadia, and Scarlet, an animated Epic Skin for Ember, and a Progression Skin for Ragnir. Complete the progression missions to level up Ragnir and reach his final animated form.

Battle Pass Season 6 also features:

  • A free track extending through all 12 weeks of the Battle Pass.
  • A purchasable Gold Track with additional exclusive rewards like the new Fabled Overgrowth Progression Podium.
  • All players are granted access to all the Weekly Missions!
  • The first ever Battle Pass themed Emojis, including animated Emojis!
  • Two new Maps that include the first ever animated backgrounds!
  • Brand new Brawl of the Weeks called Fangwild Switchcraft and Fangwild Scuffle.
  • For all the completionists, a special Avatar and Title Reward await you if you make it through all 85 tiers!

Players can unlock over 100 new rewards during the Fangwild Battle Pass season, so grab your favorite Legend and start brawling. Players can also use Mammoth Coins to increase progress along the track while the season is active. For more information, check out brawlhalla.com/battlepass.

Time for a Beachbrawl party! What better way to beat the heat than throwing water balloons at beach balls to score goals in a 3v3 Summer throw down? Get 1 point for each beach ball you get past the opposing team’s goal. Most points at the end of 2 minutes wins!

  • 3v3
  • Queue alone or with a friend
  • 2 minutes
  • Most points at the end wins!

Let the Heart herself be your guide into the forest! The Grovewarden Bundle continues the Fangwild festivities. This limited-time pack will include:

  • Grovewarden Ember Skin
  • Ember Legend Unlock
  • Drake Sidekick

This promotion is available to all Amazon Prime members. Claim your loot at brawlhalla.com/prime.

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week includes: Mirage, Sentinel, Zariel, Petra, Jaeyun, Isaiah, Barraza, Scarlet, and Ember.

  • Mirage – An occultist, martial artist, and spy, this agent uses the powers of magic and time-travel along with her Scythe and Spear to take down her foes.
  • Sentinel – The first and greatest costumed superhero in America has come to Asgard, finding those who need protecting and vanquishing injustice with his Katars and Hammer.
  • Zariel – The Celestial, a warrior deity of Holy Justice, who abides in blessed Elysium. Zariel uses Gauntlets and Bow to take down both Demon hordes and any warrior participating in the Grand Tournament.
  • Petra – Having been set free from Terminus, Petra sets her eyes on Valhalla with her Orb, Gauntlets, and Darkheart powers.
  • Jaeyun – The legendary mercenary who has traveled across the Old Kingdom on the back of his dragon turtle companion Imugi, Jaeyun has discovered new riches and sights in Valhalla! He brings the Greatsword and Sword to battle in the Grand Tournament.
  • Isaiah – Major Isaiah Marshall, OEL’s special forces commander is at your service.  He utilizes Cannon and Blasters with the help of his drone, equipped with a cloaking device and rockets at its disposal!
  • Barraza – A feared man in the wastelands with his Blasters and Axe, Barraza is the ultimate survivor and will do what it takes to be at the top in Valhalla.
  • Scarlet – A former female boxing champion of England and head of the Royal Airship Navy, this Legend uses her ingenuity and steam power to build her own Rocket Lance and Hammer to take into battle.
  • Ember – This quick and dexterous elf does battle in Valhalla with Bow, Katars and her two companions: a wolf named Ash and her raven named Yarra.

Legend splash