All Hell is about to break loose with Hellboy joining the fight in Valhalla! We’re celebrating this Epic Crossover event with characters from the new Hellboy movie, including Nimue, Daimio, and Gruagach. With the event, we’ve also added a whole new Horde game mode, a new Hellboy themed map, Apocalypse, bonus login Gold, and more! Thor also has had his price reduced to 5400 Gold and debuts on the Legend Rotation for the first time. Additionally, we made some game improvements, tweaked test features, added balance changes, and fixed a handful of bugs.

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Hellboy, Nimue, and Daimio are new Epic Crossovers, alongside Gruagach as a Crossover! Epic Crossovers will feature Signature FX Swaps, Custom Lock-in Animations, Legend Name Swaps, Icon Swaps, and two new Weapon Skins.

Gruagach will also feature a Custom Lock-in Animation, Legend Name Swap, Icon Swap, and two new Weapon Skins.

In Brawlhalla, Hellboy, Nimue, Daimio, and Gruagach are an alternate costume for Cross, Dusk, Mordex, and Teros, respectively, and will be staying in Mallhalla after the event ends. Hellboy © 2019 Summit Entertainment, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.



  • Hellboy as a Cross Epic Crossover Skin – “Beast of the Apocalypse or lawful King of England? His destiny awaits.”
  • Daimio as a Mordex Epic Crossover Skin – “A curse or a powerful blessing?”
  • Nimue as a Dusk Epic Crossover Skin – “This queen will create a new world.”
  • Gruagach as a Teros Crossover Skin – “Seeking revenge on Hellboy, he’ll stop at nothing to regain his full powers.”


  • Beast of Apocalypse
    • “Unleash the Right Hand of Doom.” 


  • Crown of Flame
    • An animated Avatar!
    • “Unlock your full potential.”


This Hellboy event also includes:

  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate the Hellboy Epic Crossover event!
  • A new Hellboy themed map, Apocalypse, for 1v1 and 2v2. 
  • A new Hellboy themed Game Mode and Brawl of the Week – Horde!
  • A Hellboy UI Takeover!



Team up with 3 friends and defend the gates of the Great Hall against an army of demons! How many waves can you hold off? Do well enough and Gruagach might join the fight against you!

  • New Horde Game Mode
  • 4 players
  • Fight the waves of demons!
  • Survive and defend as long as you can!



  • Follow the crowns to find all the Hellboy Epic Crossover treats.
  • The Outlaw and Forgeborne Chests are available with exclusive Skins for a limited time!
  • Check out the new Sale items!



Warshuttle Map has now graduated into the newest Hellboy themed map, Apocalypse! We also have made a couple of changes to test features:

  • We’ve added a dust cloud for touching the wall. We’d love to hear from you about any issues this creates or adjustments to how it is implemented.
  • The Test Features panel has been updated to include information about the wall touch dust cloud feature.



We’ve revamped the training and replay UI as we continue to upgrade the quality of life in Brawlhalla. This includes updated HUD/UI art in training and replay mode, adding a widget to count frames while frame stepping, and more. We’ve listed some details about this upgrade below:

  • Frame stepping is now controlled by the right analog stick for controllers. Clicking the stick in will activate frame stepping in training mode. Tilt to the right to step forward and to the left to go backward. Hold in that direction to begin scrubbing.
  • In Training Mode, the hotkeys will show for frame stepping. A widget has also been added to count frames while frame stepping.
  • In Replay Mode, hotkeys are now displayed for all replay functionality. Camera mode hotkeys are now shown, as well as an option to hide the UI buttons.
  • We’ve also fixed an issue with frame stepping and replays not working together.



User Interface

  • Sale items in the Store and the description for the Brawl of the Week now both have countdown timers until they change instead of static end dates.


Map and Item Spawns

  • Fixed the camera for Apocalypse to fit better on standard ratios and brought in the left and right kill walls slightly.
  • Adjusted item spawn rates so that it’s based on the number of players that are still playing instead of how many began the game. This means the item spawn rate in Stock games will decrease as players become eliminated.



  • Pushed Cross’ Side Gauntlets Signature visuals to appear behind other players instead of in front.
  • Reduced clipping of certain skins with low hanging fabric (such as skirts and tassels) on the following taunts: See Ya!, Photo Op, Come At Me, Deal With it, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Be a Hero!, and The Reads.



  • Thanks to Comesa for the help with improving our German translations!



User Experience

  • Fixed a crash when loading corrupt save data.
  • Fixed a rare crash at the end of matches.
  • Fixed a Xbox One crash due to having many local players.
  • Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch.


User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the user could not navigate the promo code redemption screen with the keyboard (‘Enter’ and ‘Esc’ will work while entering a promo code).
  • Fixed a bug causing the UI background to not display properly moments after leaving a matchmaking queue from the pause menu on Nintendo Switch.


Animation and Art

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Orb to flicker between states during an Orb Legend’s hit launch animation.
  • Flipped a hand that was backwards during Wu Shang’s Side Gauntlet signature.
  • Fixed frames in Blaster’s hit launch animation where there would be two left hands.
  • Fixed a missing forearm asset for Shogun Jiro.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the back of Love Laced Ada’s head to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Enchantress’ spinning orb to not play all of its frames.



  • Ada Side Blasters: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit.
  • Hattori Side Spear: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: Piox)



Several Legends have received balance adjustments based on the intense action we have seen during the first major tournaments of the year. While a few Signatures have been reined in on either reward or speed, we have enhanced those aspects on other notably rare attacks. Some Legends and weapon attacks have also received quality of life improvements to assist with their general gameplan and pacing during a match.



Aerial string routes with the Orb often lead the user to expend their jumps early during an engagement, so we have shuffled some power within the Orb Recovery attack to better fit this avenue of play. The Orb Recovery now sends the user slightly further vertically for better use when returning to the stage, but its Force slightly decreases over the course of its travel. This brings the knockout potential of the Recovery closer in line with other similar options on other weapon kits.


  • Orb Recovery: Force changed from 75 Fixed/44 Variable to a range of 75~65 Fixed/44~40 Variable; Slightly increased vertical travel speed.



We have slightly increased the final Hit Window of Ada’s Side Blasters to afford greater consistency in knockback from different initial hit locations.



  • Ada Side Blasters: Increased Hit Window of the final shot from 2 to 3.


Diana’s Bow kit has received some reductions in rear threat coverage to open up clearer areas for spacing against these Attacks. We have also reduced the Force of her Neutral Bow, similar to previous balance passes on anti-air Signatures that spike their target downward. This applies to not only the grabbed target, but also secondary targets struck by the final arrow burst.


  • Diana Neutral Bow: Decrease Force on the primary target from 55 Fixed/48 Variable to 55 Fixed/45 Variable; Decreased Force on secondary targets from 55 Fixed/51 Variable to 55 Fixed/45 Variable.
  • Diana Side Bow: Decreased rear threat coverage during the first swing of the attack.
  • Diana Down Bow: Decreased rear threat coverage during the attack.



Fait’s Neutral Orb has proven too quick for its Force and coverage, so we have slightly increased the Minimum Charge and Recover time to allow for more time to answer this attack. Fait’s Down Orb has also received increased Recover time for greater opportunities to respond to this attack. 


  • Fait Neutral Orb: Increase Recover time from 13 to 15; Increase Minimum Charge time from 7 to 8.
  • Fait Down Orb: Increased Recover time on miss from 10 to 14.



Given the substantial duration of Isaiah’s Side Cannon, we have increased its knockout potential. This attack also sends targets farther even at low health ranges for greater stage control on hit.


  • Isaiah Side Cannon: Increased Force from 50 Fixed/54 Variable to 65 Fixed/55 Variable.



We have greatly increased the knockout potential on Jiro’s Side Sword due to its long duration and relatively low movement and now more closely matches the reward on his other Signature attacks.


  • Jiro Side Sword: Increased Force from 52 Fixed/50 Variable to 55 Fixed/54 Variable.



We have increased the Recover time of Mordex’s Neutral Scythe to allow more opportunities for counterplay and grant commensurate risk for its utility. This attack has also received a reduction in Force to more closely match other similar anti-air Signatures. For his Gauntlets kit, we have shifted some power from the Down Gauntlets’ Minimum Charge and knockout potential into the Neutral Gauntlets speed and utility. Player’s will now have more time to dodge the Down Gauntlets attack, while also having more opportunities to recover when struck by this attack. The Neutral Gauntlets decrease in Minimum Charge time allows for not only a faster attack, but slightly more forward reach when used uncharged due to leaping sooner during its backward arc during the charge.

  • Mordex Neutral Scythe: Increase Recover time on miss from 14 to 17; Decreased Force from 72 Fixed/56 Variable to 72 Fixed/52 Variable.
  • Mordex Neutral Gauntlets: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 13 to 11.
  • Mordex Down Gauntlets: Decreased Force of the upward version from 60 Fixed/52 Variable to 60 Fixed/50 Variable; Decreased Force of the downward version from 60 Fixed/49 Variable to 60 Fixed/47 Variable; Increased Minimum Charge time from 14 to 15.


While Rayman’s Neutral and Side Gauntlets have excellent reward when charged for their enhanced strength and range, the shorter tap versions often came out too slow for their relatively low range. We have decreased their Minimum charge time for a snappier response on use.


  • Rayman Neutral Gauntlets: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 10 to 8.
  • Rayman Side Gauntlets: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 12 to 9.



Thor debuts on the Legend Rotation! The new Legend rotation for this week also includes: Cross, Mordex, Dusk, Teros, Cassidy, Asuri, and Mirage.

  • Thor – Finally entering the ring, Thor, God of Thunder, makes his appearance in the Grand Tournament with his trusty Hammer, Mjölnir, and his powerful Orb.
  • Cross – For years he has owned New York City, but can he do the same in Valhalla? This charismatic mobster steps into Valhalla with Blasters and Gauntlets.
  • Mordex – Wielding Gauntlets and Scythe, this lycanthrope steps into battle!
  • Dusk – Wielding his Spear and a powerful Orb, carved from stone and magic, Dusk seeks to spread chaos throughout Valhalla.
  • Teros – This Minotaur is indifferent to the rules or intent of the Tournament, and instead, takes savage joy in all the battles while crushing his opponents with Axe and Grappling Hammer.
  • Cassidy – The Marshal of the Old West is ready to instill justice into Valhalla with both Hammer and Blasters!
  • Asuri – This Night Stalker has claimed the Tournament as her territory and sets upon challengers to her domain using Katars and Sword!
  • Mirage – An occultist, martial artist, and spy, this agent uses the powers of magic and time-travel along with her Scythe and Spear to take down her foes.