Jhala – Patch 2.13

Jhala – Patch 2.13

It’s patch 2.13. The Barbarian, blind picking, stances in free for all, improved ranked UI, and a bunch of savvy new skins are here. Oh yeah, and some additions to the training room some of you have been asking for. We hope you enjoy!

New Legend Release!


New Legend: Jhala
Weapons: Sword + Axe
Stats: 7/7/3/5

New Skins

Speedmetal Jhala
Warlord Jhala
Orc Raider Jhala

Darkheart Axe
Darkheart Blade

Stances now Active in Free For All

We’ve decided that to move forward with feedback on Stances  we need to expand our testing parameters. After a lot of urging from the community we’ve decided that the Free-For-All queue is the best place to start! There’s been conflicting opinions about stances in the past, and we hope this will provide more players to experiment with using and fighting against stances in a setting outside of custom lobbies. As always, let us know what you think.

  • Stances are now available in Free-for-All matchmaking.
  • In Match preview Stances 2-5 now clearly show the stat differences from the default stance. (This also shows up in custom games)

Community Request

  • Blind Pick has been added for custom lobbies! When Blind Pick is selected in the Lobby options all players will appear as having selected ‘Random’ to one another until after map select.
  • Added a Training mode feature that allows the auto – resetting of bot hp to the target hp amount after not being attacked for a short period of time.
  • Added another feature to the “Show Stun” option in Training mode. Entities will now flash a color on the frame that recovery and cooldown ends. (Blue for recovery, orange for cooldown)
  • If you purchase the Collectors DLC after already owning All Legends DLC, you will get 540 coins added to your account (This has been applied retroactively as well).

Ranked Changes

  • We have changed the account rating display to work the same way it worked last season (Based off your MMR renamed back to ELO, doesn’t, start at Tin).
  • You continue to get individual legend ratings per legend (Still start at Tin and go upward).
  • Your display on the leaderboard will continue to be the greater of A) Account Rating and B) Best Legend Rating
  • Post match you will see both account and legend rating changes.
  • Updated the interface to be simpler and add clarity to the new system.
  • Legend rating is now displayed on the podium inside the character select when playing Ranked 1v1 games

UI Changes

  • Improved error message when you try to redeem a steam key in the in-game store.
  • Legend podiums are now slightly raised in Strikeout so that you can see Legend level better.
  • Shown hitboxes during replays and training mode are only visible while active.
  • Simplified the display of your Account Rating.


This single change is to accommodate Jhala’s high dexterity. Previous Axe legends should feel exactly the same.

  • Axe Neutral Air: On Hit Recover Time changed from 2 fixed, 20 variable to 6 fixed, 15 variable. Stun advantage should be unchanged for all pre-existing Axe Legends.

New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Azoth, Bodvar, Brynn, Ember, Hattori and Lord Vraxx.

Weapons: Bow & Axe
Stats: 7/5/6/4
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Azoth

Weapons: Sword & Hammer
Stats: 6/6/5/5
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Bodvar

Weapons: Axe & Spear
Stats: 5/5/5/7
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Brynn

Weapons: Bow & Katars
Details: http://wiki.brawlhalla.com/w/Ember

Weapons: Sword & Spear

Lord Vraxx
Weapons: Rocket Lance & Blasters

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where once in diamond, it would prioritize that rating no matter what even if you had a much higher rating on another legend (slight change in functionality too).


Legend splash