Mordex & Yumiko Shadowbox in Bubble Tag!

Mordex & Yumiko Shadowbox in Bubble Tag!

Last week we released two new Skins for Mordex and Yumiko, added the Shadowboxing Taunt, and reduced Volkov’s price to 5400 Gold in Mallhalla. We’ve also updated a number of changes in the base Cannon kit to try out in Test Features! 

Additionally, this week we’ve changed the Brawl of the Week to Bubble Tag – battle like the Crystal Gems! We’ve also updated the free-to-play Legend Rotation and changed items on sale.

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Battle like the Crystal Gems! Strike your opponents to capture them in Gem Bubbles. Bubbled players can’t attack and have limited movement, but you can save the day by tagging your teammates to free them. Capture the entire enemy team to score a point. The first team to 5 points wins!

  • Bubble Tag Game Mode
  • 3v3 Teams
  • Capture your opponents in Gem Bubbles by striking them!
  • Free your teammates by attacking or running into them.
  • Bubbled players can even dash to their teammates or away from opponents!
  • First team to 5 points wins!

  • New Store Items:
    • Black Diamond Mordex – “Climb your way to the top!”
    • Arctic Fox Yumiko – “How about we break the ice? Bonus: Aurora emotes with Yumiko’s actions!”
    • Shadowboxing Taunt – “Visualize the win.”
  • Volkov’s price has been reduced to 5400 Gold!
  • We’re currently rapidly rotating through chests. See the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Check out the new Sales items!

In the Experimental queue, we updated several attacks in the base Cannon’s move set to be more intuitive, feel more explosive, and maintain the current flow of the kit. You can even check out these test features by enabling them in Custom Lobby options. Please let us know your experience with this test feature on Twitter and Discord! Check out for more information.

Neutral Light

Neutral Light’s first hit is now a standing cannon blast with slightly increased priority and time to hit




Side Light

Side Light is now an arcing cannon swing that favors horizontal threat at the beginning of the attack and vertical threat at the end.




Down Air

Down Air is now a downward cannon  blast that rebounds forward when performed close to the ground.




Last week we added a new map to the Free-for-All queue! The test map “Circus” has now become “Big Miami Dome.”

  • Features three soft platforms with one moving.
  • A FFA design to bring the Miami Dome map into more queues.
  • Same entrancing Miami Dome music and art!

This week’s free-to-play Legend rotation includes: Azoth, Cassidy, Lucien, Thor, Xull, Artemis, Val, and Mirage.

  • Azoth – Devoted acolytes bring this brilliant and ruthless lich lord to life as he comes into Valhalla to do battle with Bow and Axe.
  • Cassidy – The Marshal of the Old West is ready to instill justice into Valhalla with both Hammer and Blasters!
  • Lucien – This mysterious highwayman is always scheming for gold, and now has come to Valhalla to take part in the tournament wielding Katars and Blasters!
  • Thor – Finally entering the ring, Thor, God of Thunder, makes his appearance in the Grand Tournament with his trusty Hammer, Mjölnir, and his powerful Orb.
  • Xull – With legendary physical strength, this Axe and Cannon wielding Orc Warlord is ready to challenge everyone and everything in Valhalla!
  • Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla. Armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe, she is ready to fight!
  • Val – An android assassin with terrifying strength and quicker-than-light cognition, Val is a force to be reckoned with when utilizing her Sword and Gauntlets.
  • Mirage – An occultist, martial artist, and spy, this agent uses the powers of magic and time-travel along with her Scythe and Spear to take down her foes.

Legend splash