New Cosmetic Items and Advanced AI – Patch 4.04

New Cosmetic Items and Advanced AI – Patch 4.04

We’re excited to add a bundle of new items to Mallhalla and introduce new Advanced AI bots! In Mallhalla, players can find new Skins for Lucien and Scarlet, a new Butterscotch Sidekick, Smooth Moves Emotes, and seven new Avatars. Jaeyun’s price has also been reduced to 5400 Gold!

We’re also proud to introduce new Advanced AI bots! Players can now increase bot difficulties to Extreme and Chosen in custom lobbies for advanced practice in offline play. The addition of these two bot difficulties gives players additional challenges to improve their overall gameplay.

In this patch update, we’re adding another Legend to our free-to-play Legend rotation, creating nine total Legends to try out and play weekly! We’re also continuing to feature the Solidarity Emote for Campaign Zero and can be found in Mallhalla for a limited time. Lastly, Jaeyun debuts on the free-to-play Legend Rotation, we’ve made a balance pass, added game improvements, and more.

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  • Raven Rogue Lucien – “Dark and mysterious, he swiftly travels in the night.”
  • Steam Faction Scarlet – “Ready for the charge!”



Smooth Moves

  • “A little dance number for your victory!”
  • Animated emote with sound effects to show off during battle!


Butterscotch Sidekick

  • “Fait’s feline companion comes to your aid!”
  • The floating clouds animate as Butterscotch brings you back to the battlefield.


  • Bulgaria
  • The Bahamas
  • Albania
  • Egypt
  • Dominican Republic
  • South Korea
  • Transgender Pride

This update welcomes new bot difficulties: Extreme and Chosen! These new and challenging bots function as a hybrid Test Feature and Live Feature that are intended to help a player improve their gameplay. Players can increase the bot’s difficulty in custom game lobbies to fight against the new bot logic, Extreme and Chosen. If Test Features is enabled, though, bots on the Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties will utilize the new bot logic as well.

  • With Test Features on, pre-existing bot difficulty settings such as “Easy”, “Medium”, and “Hard” use a new system that adds behaviors and makes them more aware of how their attacks and recovery options work.
  • The new difficulty settings “Extreme” and “Chosen” use this logic regardless of whether Test Features are enabled.
  • Pre-existing bot difficulties still use the old logic for the time being, but can be tried with the new logic by turning on Test Features.
  • In addition to being more challenging, the new Extreme difficulty setting adds Dashes and Throws to gameplay, and the Chosen difficulty setting mixes in Gravity Cancels and Chase Dodges on top of that.
  • Let us know your experience with the new bot logic and difficulties! More information can be found at

We’ve added another Legend to our weekly, free-to-play Legend rotation! 

  • We have expanded our free-to-play Legend roster from eight to nine total Legends for more brawling fun!
  • Players can now enjoy more Legends in the weekly rotation and an opportunity to try a bigger variety of Legends.

For a limited time, we are continuing to feature the Solidarity Emote for Charity. All proceeds from this Emote will be donated to Campaign Zero. To find out more information about this non-profit organization, check out

Battle like the Crystal Gems! Strike your opponents to capture them in Gem Bubbles. Bubbled players can’t attack and have limited movement, but you can save the day by tagging your teammates to free them. Capture the entire enemy team to score a point. The first team to 5 points wins!

  • Bubble Tag Game Mode
  • 3v3 Teams
  • Capture your opponents in Gem Bubbles by striking them!
  • Free your teammates by attacking or running into them.
  • Bubbled players can even dash to their teammates or away from opponents!
  • First team to 5 points wins!

Check out all the new items that have been added!

  • Raven Rogue Lucien and Steam Faction Scarlet
  • Butterscotch Sidekick
  • Smooth Moves Emote

New Avatars

  • Bulgaria, The Bahamas, Albania, Egypt, Dominican Republic, South Korea, and Transgender Pride

Jaeyun’s price has been reduced to 5400 Gold!

Solidarity Emote

  • Limited time Emote for charity! All proceeds will go to Campaign Zero.

Looking for a certain chest?

  • We’re rapidly rotating through chests, so check out the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.

Find the new Sales items!


We have reduced the knockout potential for a number of the Greatsword’s final Chain attacks, known as Closers, to better match the likelihood of landing a full attack Chain. Many of the Side Closers and Down Closers have had their expected knockout ranges recalculated with more weight on the total damage done from a full Chain and less weight on their ability to be used from delayed strings in the neutral game. The Down Closer (from Neutral Bridge) has also received a minor Damage increase to better spread the roles and potential rewards of each Closer from a Neutral Bridge.

  • Greatsword Side Closer (from Side Opener): Decreased Force from 90 Fixed/38 Variable to 90 Fixed/36 Variable.
  • Greatsword Side Closer (from Gravity Cancel): Decreased Force from 90 Fixed/38 Variable to 90 Fixed/36 Variable.
  • Greatsword Side Closer (from Side Bridge): Decreased Force from 90 Fixed/45 Variable to 90 Fixed/42 Variable.
  • Greatsword Side Closer (from Down Bridge): Decreased Force from 90 Fixed/46 Variable to 90 Fixed/44 Variable.
  • Greatsword Side Closer (from Neutral Bridge): Decreased Force from 90 Fixed/46 Variable to 90 Fixed/44 Variable.
  • Greatsword Down Closer (from Neutral Bridge): Decreased Force from 100 Fixed/44 Variable to 100 Fixed/38 Variable; Increased Damage from 18 to 19.
  • Greatsword Down Closer (from Side Bridge): Decreased Force from 90 Fixed/40 Variable to 90 Fixed/38 Variable.


Jaeyun’s Neutral Sword has received a reduction in Force to better match the distance it carries a target before the final send, as this could score knockouts too quickly when Gravity Canceled or performed on top of platforms. We have also increased the Recover time for more reliable counterattacks when properly evading this Signature. Jaeyun’s Side Sword now has increased Recover time on miss and Cooldown on miss to better match its overall coverage, while creating a greater window for counterattacks when properly evading this Signature.

  • Jaeyun Neutral Sword: Increased total Recover time from 17 to 20; Decreased Force from 54 Fixed/49 Variable to 54 Fixed/47 Variable.
  • Jaeyun Side Sword: Increased total Recover time on miss from 21 to 23; Increased Cooldown time on miss from 22 to 24.


User Experience

  • Added an option to select the training bot’s Skin in Training Mode, including Crossovers.


  • Added a visual indicator to the start up frames of Greatsword Recovery for better communication.
  • Greatsword Down Air: Improved edge cases when determining whether to use the landing behavior.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where player names would sometimes not show up when pressing the TAB key on PC.

User Experience

  • Fixed an issue where Jiro and Jaeyun did not qualify for 2v2 matches as Legends that knew each other before Asgard.
  • Fixed a bug that could incorrectly award the “To Hell and Back” achievement.
  • Fixed a rare crash on consoles.
  • Fixed a rare crash on character select.


  • Greatsword Down Air: Fixed a bug that prevented chase dodge out of a grounded hit. (Credit: Jaximus)
  • Greatsword: Fixed a sequence of inputs that could allow turning around and attacking out of a stance faster than intended. (Credit MrCyanGaming)

We’ve expanded our Legend rotation from eight to nine Legends! Jaeyun also debuts on rotation for the first time! The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week also includes: Bödvar, Brynn, Cassidy, Fait, Lord Vraxx, Orion, Onyx, and Ember.

  • Jaeyun – The legendary mercenary who has traveled across the Old Kingdom on the back of his dragon turtle companion Imugi, Jaeyun has discovered new riches and sights in Valhalla! He brings the Greatsword and Sword to battle in the Grand Tournament.
  • Bödvar – He is the Protector of the North and dreams of endless battle. Bödvar has broken down the doors to Valhalla himself and is ready to take down his foes with Sword and Hammer!
  • Brynn – Competing for the pure joy of it, this Valkyrie has seen many victories due to her skill with the Axe and Spear.
  • Cassidy – The Marshal of the Old West is ready to instill justice into Valhalla with both Hammer and Blasters!
  • Fait – Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!
  • Lord Vraxx – This feared warlord dominates his opponents with Rocket Lance and Blasters!
  • Orion – A revered warrior and champion, the mysterious armored knight uses Rocket Lance and Spear to battle his foes in the halls of Valhalla!
  • Onyx – The powerful Guardian and Protector of Castle Batavia, Onyx has been offered a place in Valhalla and now defends it ruthlessly with her Cannon and Gauntlets.
  • Ember – This quick and dexterous elf does battle in Valhalla with Bow, Katars and her two companions: a wolf named Ash and her raven named Yarra.

Legend splash