New Legend and the Brawlhallidays! – Patch 3.54

New Legend and the Brawlhallidays! – Patch 3.54

Volkov, the newest Legend, will be joining the roster permanently! The Vampire King of Batavia has unexpectedly found Valhalla and has brought his Scythe and Axe to battle.

‘Tis the season for the Brawlhallidays! Celebrate with a new exclusive Cassidy Skin and a new Podium, along with nine seasonal Skins – as well as other limited-time items like the Winter Holiday Colors, Frostbite KO Effect, bonus login Gold, and many more.

For those in the pursuit for Glory, the new Ranked Season 15 will start on January 8th. Additionally, we’ve graduated the interrupted recovery effect from Test Features, made some game improvements, bug fixes, and other updates.  

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  • Volkov – “The Vampire King”
  • Weapons: Scythe, Axe
  • Stats: 4 Strength, 8 Dexterity, 6 Defense, 4 Speed
  • “Creating a kingdom is not a task for mere mortals.”

Volkov enters with 3 new Skins:

  • Blood Moon Volkov – “Is it just me or are things getting a little batty around here?”
  • Blue Virus Volkov – “Watch out: he bytes.”
  • Huntsman Volkov – “Who hunts the huntsman? Nobody.”

It’s the most joyful time of the year in Valhalla! We’ve decked The Great Hall with Brawlhalliday cheer with a new Skin for Cassidy, a new Podium, and other limited-time items.

See the list below for all the exclusive Brawlhalliday goodies:


  • Nutcracker Cassidy – “Ready to lead the cavalry this holiday season.”
  • Santa Wu Shang – “He’s making a list and KO-ing you twice!”
  • Future Spirit Artemis – “The ghost of knockouts yet to come.”
  • Nutcracker Val – “Exterminator. No job too big, or small, or seven-headed. Open holidays and nighttime.”
  • Nutcracker Bödvar – “Neither mouse nor king can stand against true bravery.”
  • Snowman Kor – “Don’t put rocks in snowballs. Someone could get hurt.”
  • Krampus Cross – “He’s got this in the bag.”
  • Holly Jolly Ember – “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Stock.”
  • Wreck the Halls Teros – “Who’s the most famous now?”
  • Secret Santa Thatch – “Yo ho ho ho!”


  • Winner Wonderland’19 Podium
    • “Arriving at The Great Hall station.”
    • Exclusive Podium being featured only for 2019!

Weapon Skin

  • Winter Daggers – “Watch out for frostbite!”
    • A Weapon Skin for Katars!


  • Winter Holiday Colors
    • These colors are filled with festive glee with their red, green, and white colors.
    • Available for every Legend!

KO Effect

  • Frostbite
    •  “Hope you brought a coat.”
    • Chill your foes with this limited-time KO Effect!


  • Bomby the Snowman Avatar
    • An animated Avatar!
    • “And he waved goodbye
      Saying don’t you cry
      Stand a safe distance away.”
  • Mjolnir Snowflake Avatar
    • “Only Thor can catch this on his tongue.”
    • Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold!

Brawlhallidays will also feature: 

  • Snow across several Maps in Valhalla.
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold!
  • Stay Frosty featured as the Brawl of the Week.
  • A snowy Brawlhalliday UI Takeover! Find the snowflakes in Mallhalla for all the Brawlhalliday items.

The Interrupted Recovery FX has graduated from Test Features into the live game! When a player’s Recovery attack is interrupted early in its duration, it can be difficult to register that the resource was spent. We have added a visual and audio cue that highlights such situations, enabling both players to better respond. 

  • After testing this feature in Experimental and several major tournaments, the extra information it provides was found to be a great benefit to the game for players on either side of the exchange.
    • If your Recovery attack was interrupted you can quickly try to adjust your path back to the stage, but if you interrupted the opponent’s Recovery attack this is your signal to press the advantage! Stay alert for this flair especially during edgeguards to improve your combat prowess.

Celebrate the holidays and get your Snowbrawl on at 150% damage! Face off against 3 other Legends in this 3 minute FFA. Score 1 point for hitting someone with a snowball, 3 points for getting a KO, and lose 1 point for being KO’d. Most points at the end wins!

  • FFA Snowbrawl
  • Unlimited Stocks
  • 150% Damage
  • 3 minutes

  • Let it snow! Follow the snowflakes to find all the Brawlhalliday items.
  • We’re currently rapidly rotating through chests. See the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Check out the new Sales items!

User Experience

  • For 144hz monitors, UnlockFPS now caps at 62 as higher numbers seemed to cause too frequent of garbage collection. Still remains a beta feature accessible on PC only by command line (-unlockfps).


  • We’ve adjusted the level list for Snowbrawl by adding Lost Labyrinth, Enigma, Fangwild, and Small Fangwild, as well as remove regular sized Titan’s End and Small Grumpy Temple.
    • If you would like to play on other maps, start a custom game of Snowbrawl and switch to the “All” map listing.
  • Big Crystal Temple has been added to the Free-for-All Queue and the “FFA,” “Big,” and “All” map sets.

User Interface

  • Fixed a display bug on consoles where certain attacks would show the wrong hurtbox at the end of their animation in Training Mode and Replays.
  • Fixed the names for the level lists of “Big” and “3v3.”

User Experience

  • Fixed a bug where it would sometimes take an extra game to see updated progress for some missions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause network issues in large groups of Bubble Tag.
  • Fixed a crash in the “Inspect” menu for PS4.
  • Fixed a bug on PS4 where sometimes it would crash when leaving the post game screen quickly.
  • Fixed a crash that could result from going to the “Controls” screen, leaving, removing the last device that was viewed on that screen, and going back to the “Controls” screen.


  • Fixed a rare bug in Bubble Tag that could change your hurtbox shape while in a bubble.


  • Fixed an issue where Kaya’s hit effects would result in bubble effects instead of ice effects when brawling against a Pearl.

The new Legend rotation for this week includes: Gnash, Teros, Vector, Cross, Ada, Fait, Val, and Lin Fei.

  • Gnash – In the darkness before the dawn of history, this Legend was raised by the harsh jungle itself. This Super Hunter uses Grappling Hammer and Spear in battle.
  • Teros – This Minotaur is indifferent to the rules or intent of the Tournament, and instead, takes savage joy in all the battles while crushing his opponents with Axe and Grappling Hammer.
  • Vector – Transforming into a jet with his Rocket Lance and wielding his Bow to fight, Vector travels through time and space to battle crime!
  • Cross – For years he has owned New York City, but can he do the same in Valhalla?  This charismatic mobster steps into Valhalla with Blasters and Gauntlets.
  • Ada – Armed with Blasters and Spear, this nano-tech, elite combat hacker aims to win in the Grand Tournament.
  • Fait – Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!
  • Val – An android assassin with terrifying strength and quicker-than-light cognition, Val is a force to be reckoned with when utilizing her Sword and Gauntlets.
  • Lin Fei – A defender of the innocent and teacher of the lost ways.  She is a great teacher who has developed her own fighting style, the ‘Way of the Iron Dragon,’ which utilizes her Cannon, Katars and an ancestral dragon-spirit.

Legend splash