New Legend, New Items & More in the 7.09 Patch Preview

New Legend, New Items & More in the 7.09 Patch Preview

Today, June 9th, Brawlhalla revealed details for the upcoming 7.09 Patch including the launch skins for Brawlhalla’s newest legend Red Raptor, new features, and more!

Red Raptor

Red Raptor enters with 3 new Skins:

  • Emerald Raptor – Mighty armor only worn by the greatest warriors.

  • Rocket Raptor – Ready to take flight!

  • Fallen Raptor – Loki sees immense power in this soul.

New Items

  • New Nightmare Weapon Set – From the darkest conjurations of your subconscious.
    • Available for all 13 Weapons!

  • Existing weapon sets get new Boots added to them

New Avatars

  • Pride – “The progress pride flag.”

  • Doodleklydea – “Adorable Thea doodle.”
  • Raptoodle – “Adorable Red Raptor doodle.”

  • Esports Colors v4 – Coming soon to viewership rewards, starting at DreamHack Valencia.

Experimental Update

  • Platform cancel dash improvements is graduating

Players will always get a forward dash when performing a platform cancel dash

  • Backdash buffs test feature is being updated

Increased startup frames of forward dash and backdash during dash dancing from 2 frames to 3 frames (still down from the original 6 frames on live).

This does not affect the initial backdash startup time of 1 frame in test features which allows players to immediately attack out of a backdash, and which matches the forward dash startup time on live.

  • New test feature: “Downward Aerial Attack Consistency”

An attempted Down-Air or Ground Pound will no longer result in a platform canceled Down-Light Attack or Down-Signature Attack when performed near a soft platform if the “down” input has been held for 4 or more frames before the “attack” input.

This results in much fewer accidentally grounded downward attacks on soft platforms when an aerial downward attack was intended.

New Features

  • Cross-Inventory

For more information about account linking, cross-inventory, and cross-progression, please visit:

  • Damage Indicator Icons

New “Damage” preference setting for Team Icons will dynamically color code Team Icons based on the player’s damage. This allows you to see a player’s health status without having to look at the HUD in the top-right corner.

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