New Rank: Valhallan

New Rank: Valhallan

Valhallan is a brand new rank above Diamond coming with Season 26. The Valhallan rank is distinctly different from the other ranks; how you become Valhallan, the rewards you earn for being Valhallan, and how you fall out of Valhallan all work in brand new ways compared to the other ranks in Brawlhalla.

  • How do I become Valhallan?

To become Valhallan, you must be ranked in Diamond, have 100+ wins during the ranked season and rank amongst the top players in your region.

The following top players earn the Valhallan rank in each region when meeting the qualifications above.

  • US-E / EU – Top 150
  • BRZ – Top 100
  • SEA / US-W – Top 50
  • AUS / JPN – Top 25

These numbers are based on each region’s population and will be adjusted on a seasonal basis.

  • What do I earn for becoming Valhallan?

After ranking up, you will immediately receive a unique Valhallan avatar, loading frame, and season title.

  • How does the Valhallan Loading Frame work?

Unlike other ranked loading frames, the Valhallan Loading Frame can only be used while the player is currently in the Valhallan rank.  You are granted it immediately upon achieving Valhallan and it is revoked if you are out of Valhalla Rank when the daily reset occurs (9 am UTC/5 am EDT/2 am PDT).

  • How does the Valhallan Title work?

You are awarded a title immediately upon achieving Valhallan. Each season will have a unique Valhallan title. The title is never revoked, regardless of rank, and you own it forever.

  • How does the Valhallan Avatar work?

Instead of an avatar that upgrades at the end of each season, the Valhallan avatar is awarded immediately upon achieving Valhallan.

The Valhallan Avatar has two states: active and inactive. The active avatar is rewarded immediately upon achieving the Valhallan rank, but can be downgraded to an inactive state if you fall out of Valhallan. To reactivate the avatar, you need to earn the Valhallan rank again. You will retain ownership of the avatar between seasons, but it will be in the inactive state at the start of every season.

  • What happens if I fall out of Valhallan rank?

If you fall out of Valhallan rank, your loading frame will be revoked and your avatar will downgrade to the inactive state. Both of these changes will occur during the daily reset (9 am UTC/5 am EDT/2 am PDT). The title reward will stay with your account forever.

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