2.15 Patch Notes

2.15 Patch Notes


Hey everyone welcome to another great patch. We’ve been working long and hard on one of our most requested features and it’s finally ready to get into your hands. Clans are ready and waiting! We’ve also got a few new items in the store and some bug fixes to pave the way for the Golem next week. We are taking an extra week of soak time on the Golem and Gauntlets to make sure everything is just right for our first new weapon since the Bow! Stay tuned for what should be a fantastic release next week.

New Feature – Clans!

You’ve been asking for them and now you’ve got them! Create, organize, name, join, chat, and have a blast with your friends. Try out our first installment of Clan features and let us know what you think while we plan the next round of improvements.

Create and name your Clan
  • Invite from Friends List or Lobby
  • Promote/Demote: Recruit, Member, Officer, Leader
  • /c Clan chat
  • /o Officer chat
  • /motd Message of the Day (officers and higher)
  • Earn Clan XP to increase Clan levels and grow roster limit
  • Easily join/spectate games of your fellow clanmates


New Skins!

  • Pteranodon Gnash – Whatever you do, don’t tell him it doesn’t actually make him fly.
  • Cinderguard Brynn – The Valkyrie notion of firefighters is a little… different.
  • Ammit (Sidekick) – No one takes care of you better than your own mummy.


UI Improvements

  • Room number inside character select now correctly draws over the roster icons.
  • Chatbox base has been darkened for legibility.
  • Pick Up with Light Attack is now saved separately for keyboard and each type of controller (any players using the same type of controller will still share the setting for the time being). Your old Pick Up with Light Attack preference will still be saved for your keyboard/mouse and for any controllers you plug in during your first session after downloading this patch.



  • Grey and Community colors are now conflicting colors in 2v2 matchmaking.
  • New test feature: If you cancel a chase dodge into an attack you will stay invulnerable until a hitbox comes out.
Controller Support
  • PC support for Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where if a spectator was still on the end of game scoreboard screen when the group went into level select, their UI would bug out.
  • The Controls screen will no longer hide duplicate Xbox 360 controllers, but changing the bindings for one will still change the bindings for all of them. This change addresses an old bug that never really hid duplicate controllers correctly and could also lead to showing and editing the bindings for the wrong controller.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the rendering system from freeing a portion of memory (was worst in 8 player games).


New Legend Rotation

  • This week’s rotation features Asuri, Cassidy, Gnash, Koji, Lord Vraxx, and Queen Nai!
Lord Vraxx
Queen Nai
Legend splash