Patch 2.22

Patch 2.22

In Patch 2.2 Wu Shang has traveled to the free weekly Legend Rotation for the first time. Trust me when I say this is a martial arts master you want to play. We’ve also added a new taunt and sidekick, optimized the performance of Brawlhalla even more, added a Randomize button to character select, and a bunch of other goodness. Enjoy!


New Sidekick and Taunt!

  • Come At Me! (taunt) – Seems subtle. Totally isn’t.
  • Drake (sidekick) – Because everyone should be able to ride into battle on a Dragon.


Community Request

  • “Randomize” option has been added to each picker menu category in the character select.
  • Friends and clan list now distinguish players who are in couch party, training, and tournament mode.
  • You can hold down F5 and F6 to step backwards and forward rapidly in replays.
  • Personal rating in ranked 2v2 now shows your ELO and banner tier

Upcoming Rankings Improvements + Brawlhalla ID

It won’t be up quite yet, but this patch contains some background programming magic that will allow for season rankings, and improved search functionality on the Rankings webpage. Additionally, the Brawlhalla ID is just a small step in some of the future plans we have concerning Rankings API, tournaments, and ensuring players are properly identified throughout. More details to come in the future!

  • User account specific Brawlhalla ID has been added to the account drop down tab in the top-right corner menu.
  • Your Brawlhalla ID is based on when you started to play. If your ID is 3,000,000 you’re our 3 Millionth player!

Upcoming Website Changes

  • Best Season Ranking viewable on the website
  • Improved search capabilities (such as ignoring clan tags)
  • Search available for 2v2!
  • Reminder: This will come later this week.



  • Improved startup time and animation system performance.
  • Reduced memory footprint of animation system.
  • Improved client rendering performance.
  • Improved client startup time.
  • Fixed texture memory leak.


Controller Support

  • PC support for Rock Candy gamepad for PS3


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Ada, Cassidy, Ember, Koji, Ulgrim and Wu Shang.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would not save room descriptions in games list when interacting with the software keyboard.
  • Fixed bug allowing the mouse user to use any other users picker menu to change their own personal options in the character select.
  • Footer tooltip text in the store no longer gets cut off on certain tabs.


Legend splash