Welcome to Patch 2.23! We’ve uncovered a brand new Treasure Chest, added new test features, implemented some awesome new gameplay changes and ran through a batch of balance improvements to keep making Brawlhalla better and better.

The Ancient Treasure Chest Has Been Uncovered!

Chest Exclusive Skins

  • White Fang Gnash
  • Fangwild Fawn Ember
  • Winged Serpent Nai


New Test Features

While we’ve created a huge list of features we’re testing internally, there’s some ideas we wanted to get into your hands to try out as soon as possible.

  • Signature Jumping: allows you to hit the jump button while charging a signature for an aerial Signature attack. This currently does not consume your dodge.
  • You can now charge a Gravity Canceled signature by up to 25 frames.
  • Jumping off the wall is no longer a grounded jump, it is now treated as your first aerial jump.
  • Remove the strength then damage tiebreaker and just have moves clash.


Gameplay Changes

A change to thrown weapons disappearing sooner should make players think twice before utilizing a weapon throw. We’ve also made a number of changes to soft platforms so you’re able to fight more fluidly around and through them.

  • Thrown weapons will disappear much sooner after becoming inactive.
  • Holding down while doing an aerial attack will allow you to travel through soft platforms.
  • Snap to the ground attack distance cap lowered by 30%.
  • Snap to the ground attack additionally lowered by 50% on soft platforms to prevent accidental platform cancels.
  • Jump ledge canceling distance tightened on light attacks by 30%.


User Interface

  • “Randomize All” option added to podium picker menus inside the character select screen
  • Randomize option command for the picker menu has been moved to left trigger / left bracket
  • You can now see your teammates’ picks while Blind Pick is active.
  • Exclusive items now appear first in the list of the grid of possible items for the chest



  • Added personal contributions to the clan page.
  • Increased clan leader board from Top 3 to Top 10.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Free Legend Rotation includes Brynn, Diana, Kor, Queen Nai, Sir Roland, and Teros.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where spectators would not update the ELO of the players.
  • Fixed a bug when joining a 2v2 ranked lobby would not update your ELO immediately.
  • Fixed a bug where the server could get in a weird state when clients disconnects early in the start game process.
  • Fixed bug where noskull mode was active for everyone regardless of setting on the main stage platform in Shipwreck.
  • Fixed bug where a character would remain move locked for what would have been the duration of the dodge if they were interrupted during the two frame dodge startup. This mostly affected moves with very little stun (such as throws or sigs done on characters with low damage).
  • Fixed a display bug where the color picker in Ranked 2v2 would sometimes display a selected color icon rather than the intended “locked state” for the partner.
  • Fixed a bug where the randomize costume/color picker would return the currently selected item.
  • Fixed a bug that let the combat broadcast overlap the HUD in 8 player FFA games.


Balance Changes



The Sword Recovery has quite a bit of time built in to the attack that gives it quite a lengthy recover time, so we are bringing it closer in line with other Recovery powers.

  • Sword Recovery: Decreased Variable Recovery from 15 to 14.



The Axe Side Light is a great set-up tool with good range. We are slightly decreasing the Damage to fall in line with its utility.

  • Axe Side Light: Decreased Damage from 16 to 15.



The Neutral Light and Neutral Air both provide quick coverage and solid Damage, so we are shifting power away from these attacks into the Recovery attack. This should further differentiate the Neutral Light and Neutral Air, while making the Recovery feel a bit more impactful.

  • Bow Neutral Light: Increased Variable Recovery on Miss from 19 to 23.
  • Bow Neutral Air: Decreased Damage from 21 to 20.
  • Bow Recovery: Increased Variable Force from 46 to 48.



The Hammer is receiving a couple changes to its overly strong vertical power in the air. The Ground Pound hitbox better follows the animation, resulting in less horizontal threat during the attack. The Recovery is now slightly easier to punish on miss, as it was relatively easy for a Hammer user to cover their mistake.

  • Hammer Ground Pound: Rehitboxed to better match the animation.
  • Hammer Recovery: Decreased Hit Window from 7 to 5; Increased Fixed Recovery on Miss from 1 to 3.



The Gauntlets Side Light’s Damage could feel a bit underwhelming, particularly when used toward the end of its range. We are slightly increasing the Damage for this approach tool.

  • Gauntlets Side Light: Increased total Damage from 11 to 13.



Sentinel’s kit is currently a bit too strong in certain areas; Sentinel’s Side Hammer has very high Damage and Force with great range, while his Neutral Katar does relatively low Damage. We are shifting some power between these two to balance out the kit. We are also increasing the maximum charge time available on the Side Hammer to be similar to other Signatures.

  • Sentinel Side Hammer: Decreased Variable Force from 58 to 56; Decreased Damage from 32 to 30; Increased maximum charge duration from 47 to 74. (The standard value on most Signatures)
  • Sentinel Neutral Katar: Increased Damage from 15 to 18.


Queen Nai

Queen Nai is a bit too powerful at the moment, so we are trimming one of her clear outliers to fall in line with other similar attacks.

  • Queen Nai Side Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 61 to 59; Increased Damage from 18 to 20.



Scarlet is slightly over-performing expectations, so we are shifting some power within her Neutral Lance to be a little less threatening at medium damage ranges, while feeling a bit more rewarding throughout.

  • Scarlet Neutral Lance: Decreased Variable Force from 53 to 51; Increased Damage from 15 to 17.



Thatch’s Side Blasters has not seen much use during play, as it has a slightly longer than average Time to Hit with a medium amount of horizontal range. We are decreasing the Minimum Charge for a slightly faster Time to Hit.

  • Thatch Side Blasters: Decreased Minimum Charge from 18 to 16.



Scarlet’s Down Lance and Ada’s Neutral Blasters now follow the proper rules and are no longer able to jump during their recover time.

  • Scarlet Down Lance: No longer able to jump during recovery.
  • Ada Neutral Blasters: No longer able to jump during recovery.