Patch 2.24

Patch 2.24

Welcome to Patch 2.24! In this patch we’re adding a huge number of test features that we would love to get your feedback on. To enable test features just create a custom lobby and turn test features on in the lobby settings menu. Check them out and give us your feedback! Hit us up on reddit, Twitter, or Facebook with what you think.



After a long back and forth with the Allfather himself we’ve decided to return Odin’s Chest to its original owner.

  • Odin’s Chest is no longer available.  

We did however find Ulgrim working on a pair of new weapon skins in his spare time. We were able to get them into Mallhalla  for you before Lucien absconded to the black market with them.

  • Morning Maul (Hammer) and Nightmare Claws (Katars) are now available!


Community Request

  • /cls or /clear clears chat.
  • Improved bot behavior on Big Thundergard Stadium.

More Test Features!

The new test features this week are aiming at making weapon spawning more strategic in the way it affects the start of each game and weapon swapping. Additionally we’re looking at making chase dodge more powerful as an approach tool by providing attack startup invulnerability and giving it its own cooldown. Let us know what you think of ALL the test features. We want to hear from you!  

  • Weapon spawns will now alternate weapons on pickup.
  • Item spawning will not spawn more than two gadgets in a row.
  • First spawn is a weapon and always spawns in the middle.
  • Second spawn is always a weapon.
  • Chase Dodge Forgiveness: Landing a hit will allow you to chase dodge even if your dodge is cooldown. Getting this chase dodge cannot lower your current cooldown. e.g., you can’t use it to get rid of extra cooldown from a gravity cancel. You can only get Chase Dodge Forgiveness once per cooldown period.
  • Canceling a Momentum Dodge into an attack grants 8 invulnerability frames during the attack’s startup frames.
  • Added a 14 frame delay after being hit before dodges are eligible to be momentum dodges. This will prevent players from activating chase dodge from the velocity of being hit.

Previous Test Features Remain. They are as follows:

  • Signature Jumping: allows you to hit the jump button while charging a signature for an aerial Signature attack. This currently does not consume your dodge.
  • You can now charge a Gravity Canceled signature by up to 25 frames.
  • Jumping off the wall is no longer a grounded jump, it is now treated as your first aerial jump.
  • Removal of the strength then damage tiebreaker: moves clash more frequently.
  • Directional Influence is now possible on hits with Variable Force when the target is still stunned from a previous attack. (Such as during black hole combos)



It’s not quite Brawlhalla Movie Editor Pro Action MXI, but we think all of the GIF and Video creators out there will love these new replay tools.

  • You can now use your controller to leave replays
  • Added the ability to lock the camera during replays.
  • You can zoom and pan while the camera is locked in replays.


Default controls on Xbox 360 controller:

  • X/Y: Toggle camera locked/unlocked
  • A/RT/RB: Zoom in
  • B/LT/LB: Zoom out
  • Left stick/d-pad: Pan


Default control on Keyboard:

  • Enter: Toggle camera locked/unlocked
  • C/J: Zoom in
  • X/K: Zoom out
  • Arrows/WASD: Pan


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Bodvar, Ember, Gnash, Jhala, Lord Vraxx, and Orion,



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing Snake Goddess Nai’s head details to change color in certain poses.
  • Fixed a color swap bug with Winged Serpent Nai.
  • Fixed a bug where the lobby list would not hide the room number after checking “hide room number”
  • Fixed a bug where closing and opening the settings menu really quickly results in a blank settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Is Typing” text lingers after leaving a matchmaking game.


Legend splash