Patch 2.26

Patch 2.26

Welcome to patch 2.26! We have new items, a number of bug fixes, six new maps added to the testing ground, and more. Expect more awesome things as we move towards the end of Season 1 on September 21st!


New Items in Mallhalla

  • Astral Prison (KO) Locked away forever in the fabled Third Dimension. They’re probably fine.
  • Shadow Casters (Blasters) Arguably dishonorable. Proven effective.
  • Imperial Rocket (Lance) Completely undetectable if kept under 5kph.


New Test Maps

  • Pillars: Back by somewhat popular demand, Pillars has returned as a test map!
  • Wheel: Constantly moving platforms for 4 players!!
  • Small Big Kings Pass: BMG is great at naming things!
  • Icecream Edge: A delicious new competitive map.
  • Chute: We’re liquidating test maps. All maps must go!


Community Request

  • In the Manage Party menu when setting up a custom game, the left trigger & bumper on the controller will remove a bot and the right trigger & bumper will add a bot.


Art / Animation

  • Optimized Vals in world Sword fx animations.
  • Optimized Vals in world Fist fx animations.
  • Improved performance issues caused by Val’s signatures.



Originally, we put a two frame recovery period after non-speed dodges so that the defensive player didn’t have the upper hand coming out of dodge. This lead to jumping after a dodge generally being a safer decision. To prevent that, we are also disallowing jumping after dodge for two frames to leave more of an opportunity to punish predictable dodges.

  • During the 2 frames after a regular dodge where you can’t attack, you now can no longer jump as well.


Aerial jumping had a momentum boost so that jumping back and forth different directions felt more responsive. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of making a retreat + jump + side air overly effective. We have decided to remove this logic and make aerial jumps have no influence on your x velocity. Grounded jumps will still maintain some of this logic.

  • Aerial jumping a different direction than your current movement will no longer boost your momentum in the direction of your jump.


Drop Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with how drop prevention interacts with custom hurtboxes. Should fix some reported cases of Val Down Gauntlets and Val Down Sword drops, and may fix a number of other drops. (Credit: Quivscor, CederoBH, Ephi)
  • Val Neutral Sword: Fixed some cases where targets could be dropped before the final hit when attacking through a soft platform.(Credit: GraverageGaming)


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue that could cause matches to desync right at the beginning, making it seem like the match is over instantly.
  • Fixed an issue with the maps sets for DodgeBomb where there were two sets named “All” and one set just had the smaller map and the other just had the larger map. There are now three sets: “FFA”, “Big” and “All”. “FFA” just has the smaller map, “Big” just has the larger map, and “All” includes both. DodgeBomb still defaults to the “Auto” set, which will choose either the larger map or the smaller map based on how many people are playing.
  • Fixed a bug where player-controlled bots in Training Mode could pick up thrown weapons after switching to a character that doesn’t use them. Sorry.
  • Fixed Val’s color swapping teeth.
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