Patch 2.28

Patch 2.28


We’ve completely overhauled the Legend Pages and added career stats, lore, and skin previews all in a single area. Additionally we’ve changed the way actions work with while wall clinging to start addressing the issue of wall camping. We’ve also redesigned the training room menus, improved performance, added a new test feature and even more things in patch 2.28!


New Legend Skins in Mallhalla

  • Marauder Bodvar – The historical basis for heavy metal album covers.
  • High Noon Cassidy – This town is a reasonable size for both of us, but I still don’t want you in it.


Overhauled Legend Pages and Stats

  • New Legend Pages are now live!
  • Career Statistics per Legend are now available on each Legend page.


Training Room

  • The Training Menu has been completely revamped to use the same UI as the Game Settings Menu. It should be much more intuitive and easy to use now.
  • You can now go straight into Catch Bombs Training in Training Mode through the Game Settings menu in the training lobby.


Wall Changes

We’ve been looking into the issue of players who like to spend more time on the wall than on the stage itself. We’re taking small steps to ensure that the player who is edge guarding has the advantage, while keeping the person on the wall on the backfoot.

  • You can no longer Dodge, Throw, or use Gadgets while Wall Sliding.


This next proposed change is a little more intense, and we’d like to get your opinion on this one. With this change all dodges will end immediately when you come into contact with a wall. Play with this one in test features and let us know what you think.

  • Added to Test Features: Dodges will end when touching a wall.


Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance on Rocket Lance’s base kit special effects


Controller Support

  • PC support for smart phones and tablets that use Monect.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Azoth, Lucien, Queen Nai, Sir Roland, Teros, Val!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a small bug where you had to move the mouse to toggle the Powers Viewer in training mode if you had just toggled it.
  • Fixed a bug that could show targets slightly offset from the position where they were hit on frames where a hit took place. (Credit OhMyraa)
  • Improved handling of edge cases when grabs attempt to place a target through a wall. (Credit Zeloxory)
  • Changed the on hit throw sound for the gauntlets to match most other weapons
  • Fixed a bug where Lance Side Air would fire too many sound effects on hit. (Credit KeithKush)


Legend splash