Patch 2.30

Patch 2.30

Hello and welcome to patch 2.30! We’re excited to be introducing Ragnir, who will be taking on humanoid form for a while in order to compete in the Brawlhalla tournament. We’ve also added Avatars this week! See, I told you they were coming soon. We’ve also added a brand new Experimental 1v1 queue that will allow you to queue up against opponents who want to test out all of the potential new gameplay mechanics we have in store. Check out all the notes below!

New Legend!

Ragnir the Dragon has Entered Brawlhalla!

Weapons: Katars / Axe
Stats: 5/6/6/5
Skins: Ashen Ragnir, Celestial Ragnir, and Mecha Ragnir. 


  • Alpha, Closed Beta, Founders, Collectors, and Season 1 avatars.  
  • More avatars coming soon!

Experimental 1v1 Queue

The goal of the 1v1 Queue is to get more feedback from more players where the stakes are higher. While you won’t be losing or gaining elo, we do hope that the 1v1 environment will allow you to test out everything and provide us with better feedback than playing in customs with friends or clanmates. Let us know what you think!

  • Test Features
  • Test Maps
  • Stances are ON

List of Existing 1v1 Test Features

  • Dodges will end when touching a wall.
  • Same Move Directional Influence: gives a player some Directional Influence when hit by a combo that uses the same power more than once.
  • Signature Jumping: allows you to hit the jump button while charging a signature for an aerial Signature attack. This currently does not consume your dodge.
  • You can now charge a Gravity Canceled signature by up to 25 frames.


New Test Features

    Added to Test Features:

  • Throws: Increased Recover Time when throwing a Weapon or Gadget from 14 to 18; Increased Stun Time of thrown Weapons and non-explosive gadgets from 17 to 21; Throws that hit a target that is not already stunned have their Stun Time reduced from 17 (now 21) to 16. Snowball and Water Balloon throwing is unaffected.
  • Upward Chase Dodge: Can now Chase Dodge upwards after a hit or with the upward momentum from a jump. Canceling an upward Chase Dodge into a downward attack does not apply the standard post-chase-dodge invulnerability frames.


User Interface

  • Opening up the preview of a KO Effect in the store will now play the sound it makes.
  • Increased the number of rows in the inventory from 5 to 7.
  • Tooltip primer added to the ranked tab in the store to better explain level requirements for Skyforged Colors and how to obtain Glory.
  • New settings option to show/hide Season 1 loading frame in the match preview.
  • Loading frames no longer get clipped when viewing match preview information for the ranked 2v2 queue in a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Platinum and diamond loading frames no longer overlap each other in the match preview information for the ranked 2v2 queues
  • Reduced the size of the stat meters and weapon icons to help better fit the new loading frames when viewing information on the match preview screen.
  • New avatar equipment slot has been added to the inventory screen.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Asuri, Barraza, Ember, Orion, Scarlet and Wu Shang!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing the text display for legend level 100 to get cut off in the character select
  • Fixed display bug causing ranked UI to still show “SEASON 1” for the headers instead of “SEASON 2”
  • Fixed a bug where the third digit of the score in the HUD would get cut off (could really only happen in Snowbrawl).
  • Fixed a number of Skyforged color exclusions to lower the amount of similar colors in game, especially in Ranked 2v2.


Legend splash