Patch 2.32

Patch 2.32


Hello and welcome to Patch 2.32! In this patch we’re graduating chain dodging to live. Meaning you can now close the gap to your opponent with more speed and finesse than ever before. We’ve also added new test features, and discovered The Imperial Chest!


Mallhalla – New Skins and Chest!

  • The Imperial Chest has been discovered and added to Mallhalla!
  • New Death Adder Hattori skin can be found in the Imperial Chest.
  • New Warrior Spirit Kor skin can be found in the Imperial Chest.
  • New Yakuza Koji skin can be found in the Imperial Chest.
  • Ragnir’s gold price has been reduced to 5400


Promoted Test Features

Chain Dodging is here so you can close more distance and really chase down your opponents!

During a Speed Dodge that begins on the ground, you may press the dodge button to perform an additional Speed Dodge in any forward direction, including diagonally. You may chain up to three Speed Dodges together in this fashion. Dodging in a vertical, neutral, or backwards direction will result in a normal dodge and end the chain. A chained Speed Dodge that begins and ends in the air will also cause the chain to end.

  • Chain Dodging has been promoted from a test feature to live!
  • You can chain up to three chase/speed dodges in a row as long as the first one started on the ground and with a maximum of one aerial chained dodge.


New Test Features

The jump startup and landing recover changes are intended to experiment with toning down evasive and ‘floaty’ gameplay by adding a cost to some of the safest movement options in the game. We hope that by making attacks an exception to standard jump startup, we’ll avoid damaging more aggressive aerial play and that the punishable Recover Time on aerial moves will prevent jump + attack from becoming a loophole.

Community feedback for Jump Sigs so far has been greatly appreciated. (Thanks in particular to Lithium43 and everyone who contributed to that thread) Individual balance on problematic signatures is still being worked on, but the added delay and telegraphing of jump startup may help address some of the core concerns with the feature.

  • Startup Time for jumping increased from 0 to 2. Attacking during a jump startup will cause the jump to happen immediately. Jump Sigs also have a 3 frame delay before jumping. Minimum charge is increased by 3 frames when performing a Jump Sig.
  • Recover Time when landing on the ground increased from 0 to 5. Aerial powers will have this duration added to their Recover Time when landing unless the power cancels into a grounded behavior (Ground Pounds, Unarmed Down Air, etc).
  • Aerial Jump height decreased to match Grounded Jump height.
  • If you’re on the ground and have been holding a certain left/right direction for at least 27 frames when you try to dodge, you’ll get a full speed dodge whether you’re at max run speed or not. This should have no effect on higher speed characters, but allow slower speed characters to get a full speed dodge after turning around at about the same speed a faster character can get one.
  • Previous unmentioned Test Features remain the same.


Small Grumpy Temple

  • Small Grumpy Temple is now in Ranked 2v2!
  • Small Grumpy Temple is a version of Grumpy Temple where the two large platforms are pushed closer together and have shorter walls on the outsides, the middle tier of smaller soft platforms has been removed, and the top soft platform with the wedge has been slightly lowered.
  • Small Grumpy Temple will replace Grumpy Temple in the 2v2 list but not the Free-for-All list. It will also appear alongside the standard Grumpy Temple map in the FFA list for Snowbrawl.


New Legend Rotation

  • This week’s Legend Rotation features Brynn, Cassidy, Ember, Kor, Thatch, and Ulgrim.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where collectors pack users were not getting founder’s avatar
  • Fixed a bug where powers that repeatedly hit a target with Variable Force would allow the target to use DI without having to be hit by two instances of the power.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies where getting dodge forgiveness after a hit wouldn’t always allot the correct number of available chained dodges.


Legend splash