Patch 2.35

Patch 2.35

Brawlhalloween continues for its last week in Patch 2.35. We’ve added six new country flags, improved a number of animations, added controller support and more in this patch. If you think it’s on the smaller side, it’s because we’re busy prepping for The Brawlhalla World Championship! In less than 10 days, the best Brawlhalla players in the world will be heading to Atlanta to compete for $50,000! For now, enjoy the last week of Brawlhalloween, and we’ll see you soon at BCX.

New Flags!

  • Country Flag Avatars for Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Romania, Poland, and Switzerland, have been added to Mallhalla!

Community Request

  • Lowered volume on Rocket Lance’s Side Air and Down Air attacks.

User Interface

  • You will now be notified if/when your controller gets disconnected or reconnected mid-game.
  • You will also receive a notification if your controller disconnects while in a lobby and it causes you to back out of the lobby.

Animation / Art

  • Optimized SFX performance
  • Decreased texture usage on SFX that had empty frames.
  • Brought Bow’s wall jump animations closer to their hurtbox.
  • Brought Sword’s running animations closer to their hurtbox.
  • Brought all character animations while holding a gadget closer to their hurtbox.


  • When gadgets are turned off in a normal game mode, the max number of items allowed to be in play is now reduced from (2 * numberOfPlayers) to (1.5 * numberOfPlayers).
  • The rate at which items spawn when gadgets are turned off is lowered by 25%.

Controller Support

  • PC support for Saitek PS1000
  • PC support for Genius MaxFire G-12U
  • PC support for Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad PRO for PS4
  • PC support for 8bitdo SFC30

New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Bodvar, Brynn, Ember, Lord Vraxx, Lucien and Val!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where KO FX were sometimes pixelated.
  • Fixed bug causing avatar to cover personal rating banner icon in the ranked 1v1 character select view.
  • Fixed a bug with some controllers where both right and left (or up and down) on the D-pad can both be considered held at the same time if you switch directions without ever fully letting up on the D-pad.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some animations to be missing parts. (ex: A portion of Hattori’s.austr smoke cloud on her sword n-sig)
Legend splash