Patch 2.37 – Cross

Patch 2.37 – Cross

Welcome to Patch 2.37! In this patch we’re introducing our newest Legend Cross! The Brawlhalla World Championship was this past week, and it was absolutely incredible! Hundreds of Brawlhalla players met up with us in Atlanta for a weekend of games, top tier play, and other community goodness. We hope you enjoy the new Legend, while we start spooling up bigger and better things for upcoming patches and the future of Brawlhalla.


New Legend – Cross!

  • Cross – The Dealmaker, has entered Brawlhalla!
  • Weapons: Gauntlets + Blasters
  • Stats: 7/4/6/5

Cross Skins

  • Devil Cross – “Some deals are better than others.”
  • Boss Cross – “You gotta dress the part.”
  • Sergeant Cross – “No Soldier or Soul left behind.”


Congratulations to the Brawlhalla World Champions!

The first annual Brawlhalla World Championship concluded this week, and the best Brawlhalla players in the world have been declared! The championship tournament took place in Atlanta Ga., Nov. 11-13 at the Cobb Galleria. Hundreds of players from around the globe competed for their share of a $50,000 prize pool and the glory of being the first ever Brawlhalla World Champions.

After a hard fought battle against top 2v2 teams, Diakou of Eanix, & Twilight of 3sUP Enterprises came out on top, taking home $15,000 and becoming 2v2 Brawlhalla World Champions.

On the 1v1 side of the tournament, long time favorite LDZ rose through the bracket above powerhouses like Diakou, Maltimum, eggsoup, and Pugsyxd. LDZ earned $10,000 in prize money, and has become the first 1v1 Brawlhalla World Champion.

“Our first Brawlhalla World Championship exceeded all our expectations.” said Matt Woomer, creative director and co-founder of Blue Mammoth Games. “The level of play, sportsmanship, and energy from our competitors was amazing. We are very lucky to have such a great community. We’ve already started planning next year’s Championship, and we already know it’s going to be bigger and better.”

Stay tuned to for more announcements about Brawlhalla esports in 2017.

New Legend Rotation

  • This week’s new Legend Rotation features Asuri, Cassidy. Diana, Orion, Ulgrim, and Wu Shang.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Gravity Canceled taunts to charge for additional frames, causing them to fall early. Gravity Canceled attacks are unaffected.
Legend splash