Patch 2.45

Patch 2.45

Welcome to Patch 2.45! In this patch we’re revealing the new Sunken Chest, improving our test feature environment, while squashing bugs and fixing a few rare drop cases. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you on the ladder!

New Sunken Chest!

Recently retrieved from the the depths of the sea off the sunken shores of Atlantis, the Sunken Chest enters Mallhalla with a treasure trove of skins and three new skins to obtain:

  • Atlantean Ada
  • Dreadnought Lucien
  • Dark Depths Ragnir


Community Request

  • You can now use the right stick on a controller to cycle skins on the Legends Page.
  •  Players can now view the list of current test features in the Experimental 1v1 Queue.

Test Features

  • Increased Acceleration and Friction to make physics more consistent with live values.
  • Feedback for the test map Danger Zone has not been very positive. The biggest issue players tend to have with it is that it always feels too boxed in. The side wedges on the test map Danger Zone now move in opposite directions instead of together.
  • Removed the moving platform from the bottom of the test map Ice Cream Edge.

Removed from Test Features

  • Introduced a 6 frame delay to attacking or dodging when turning around.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s free Legend Rotation features Barraza, Koji, Queen Nai, Scarlet, Sentinel and Val.



  • Hammer Down Air: Improved Hurtboxing to better follow the animation.
  • Hammer Recovery: Improved Hurtboxing to better follow the animation; Improved Line of Sight restrictions. (Credit: Jaximus)
  • Val Neutral Gauntlets: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: eggsoup)
  • Cassidy Side Blasters: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: DRG-Piox)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a graphics bug where hurtboxes were being drawn as ellipses rather than capsules.
  • Fixed rare bug where a keyboard player returning to the lobby after a custom game could sometimes get reassigned to a disabled controller. 
  • Fixed a bug where rejoining a game with guests would leave the guests unable to play.
  • Fixed a bug where going into Training mode, backing out, and then going into the inventory to set a default Sidekick would let a player set any default Sidekick whether they owned that sidekick or not. Fixing this bug also prevents players from getting into a state where they can’t lock in their character in an online game because of trying to use a Sidekick they don’t own.
  • Fixed memory leak that was causing poor performance/lag.
  • Disabled region settings when offline.


Legend splash