Patch 2.46

Patch 2.46

Welcome to Patch 2.46! We’ve made a number of improvements to client performance in this patch and are looking forward to your feedback! We’ve also added two new skins, our first Legend Rotation featuring Mirage along with some balance changes to the Scythe and Mirage herself. We hope you enjoy this patch and we’ll see you this weekend at the Brawlhalla Winter Championship!


  • Goblin Thatch –  Scurvy is the least of his problems.
  • Mecha Teros  – And the bull forms our rage!


Test Features

Added To Test Features

Decreased the travel distance of certain moves when the user has momentum in the opposite direction:

  • All side lights.
  • Unarmed Down Light.
  • Sword Down Light.


Client Performance

  • Reworked rendering to hopefully be less CPU bound and perform better. Let us know how your experience changes!
  • Improved main menu UI performance
  • Decreased memory usage for the rendering system.
  • Decreased memory usage for online play, spectate, and replays.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s free Legend Rotation features Mirage (for the first time!), Asuri, Bodvar, Diana, Ragnir, and Wu Shang.



We have made some minor adjustments to Mirage and the Scythe from all of your feedback; thank you! Before going into the Winter Championship this weekend, we have reduced some of Mirage’s substantial KO potential while still remaining true to her high Strength.



With the Scythe’s ability to redirect an opponent, there are plenty of great setups for the Recovery attack. Considering this utility and the angle of knockback, we have decreased the amount of force to give the target a better chance at recovering.

  • Scythe Recovery: Decreased Force from 48 Variable/65 Fixed to 46 Variable/65 Fixed.



Mirage’s Down Signature attacks have great utility in their coverage and time to hit, but can KO slightly too early. We have decreased the Variable Force on both her Down Scythe and Down Spear to be in line with other similar powers.

  • Mirage Down Scythe: Decreased Force from 54 Variable/72 Fixed to 50 Variable/72 Fixed.
  • Mirage Down Spear: Decreased Force from 55 Variable/72 Fixed to 51 Variable/72 Fixed; Increased Recovery Time from 16 Fixed/0 Variable to 17 Fixed/0 Variable.


Legend splash