Patch 2.51

Patch 2.51

Welcome to patch 2.51! In today’s update we’re adding new skins for Wu Shang and Asuri, and adding, promoting, and removing a bunch of gameplay mechanics from Test Features based on your feedback. The Salute Taunt is also back in the store for this week only! Nix is also in the free Legend Rotation for the first time. Enjoy!


New Malhalla Items!

  • Perfect Wu Shang – There is no Wu Shang. Bonus: Inner Eye sees all with Wu Shang’s expressions.
  • Mecha Asuri  Battle stations, Blue Laser defense activate!



The Salute Taunt Returns!

For one week only, the Salute Taunt will be available in Mallhalla! All proceeds from Salute Taunt purchases will go directly to Operation Supply Drop, a nonprofit charity organization that benefits veterans around the globe. To find out more about OSD visit their website at

  • The Salute Taunt is back in Mallhalla for one week only.


Last Week of Ranked Season 3

Just a friendly Brawlhalla neighborhood reminder that Season 3 ends and Season 4 will begin next week!


Test Features

Promoted from Test Features

As we mentioned last week, this change should make weapon and gadget availability more predictable and keep choices between them more intentional. The longer spawn in change that accompanied it needs real art assets before it can go into ranked, but will likely follow soon.

  • Weapon and Gadget spawns now use separate timers and item limits.


This is a smaller change to give some extra priority when punishing a cancelled Speed Dodge on a hard read. Since Signatures win a clash with light attacks, this should mostly serve to make the window more forgiving. Depending on how feedback goes, larger changes to Chain Dodge are coming soon.

  • Signatures ignore the invulnerability period after a Speed Dodge is canceled into an attack.


Added to Test Features

With Season 4 coming next week, we’re looking to make a decision on all current Test Features. We’ll also be bringing the changes to PAX this weekend to get more in-person testing.

We’ve reworked and added back the increased fall speed changes. They now preserve jump height so that most map designs still work as intended. (The soft platforms on Grumpy Temple will need to be lowered) To keep this from making jumps better as an escape option, jump startup has increased.

  • Increased Fall and Fastfall speeds by 15%
  • Increased upward Jump Impulse from 59 to 62.5.
  • Increased jump startup from 2 to 4.


As a different approach to the concerns with Chain Dodging, we’re lowering the number of possible dodges in a chain to reduce how long a player can keep themselves out of play and limit their options some after they’ve committed to a chain.

Adding vertical chains gives the attacker more options for pursuing players that try to disengage, as well as creating strong options for engaging around corners.

  • Number of consecutive dodges when performing a Chain Dodge reduced from three to two.
  • Chaining a Speed Dodge directly upwards or downwards no longer slows to a normal dodge like chaining backwards does.


User Interface

  • The navigation buttons on the left side of the Controls menu no longer changes the highlighter position when you mouse over one of the them. The highlighted button now always represents which controls are currently being shown in the main panel.


New Legend Rotation 

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Brynn, Cross, Koji, Nix, Sentinel and Sir Roland!


—- PREVIEW —- 

COMING SOON – MultiKeyboard Launch Option

We’ve got one final round of live testing to do, but we were so excited about this we wanted to let you know a week early. If all goes well this weekend, we should be able to have this live in the game next week!

Legend splash