Patch 2.53

Patch 2.53



Welcome to Patch 2.53! We have a number of new items, user interface improvements, controller support, multikeyboard improvements, and bug fixes in this patch. While you enjoy this week we’re working hard on preparing Mordex and a number of other huge updates to next week’s patch! Don’t forget to swing by our Dev Streams on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1PM ET on to get a preview on what’s coming up with Brawlhalla.



  • Imperial Chest is now available to open in Mallhalla with three exclusive skins.
    • Death Adder Hattori
    • Warrior Spirit Kor
    • Yakuza Koji
  • Space Dogfighter Vraxx – “The lore is strong with this one.”
  • Dark Heart Scythe – “The harvest has begun.”
  • Bragnarok East Avatar –  “Brawlhalla: 1514. PAX East: 295. Stock count enshrined!”



Gameplay Improvements

We’ve heard feedback from several players asking us to reconsider the loss of mobility when a dodge is canceled into a wall. Movement from the dodge has been added back.

  • When a dodge is canceled on wall collision, it now keeps the movement of the dodge and only loses invulnerability.


Animation Improvements

  • Adjusted Teros Down Axe charge up pose to improve individuality and identification when compared to his other Axe signatures.
  • Animation adjustments to Teros Down Axe Sig.
  • Smoothing adjustments to Vraxx Select Screen animations.


User Interface

  • Main menu now retains cursor memory instead of always resetting back to the “Online” option.
  • Casual online options view has been updated to a new visual motif.
  • Updated the Report Bug screen to include a link to the Brawlhalla support website (
  • Main menu button options and tiles scaled up to better fit the empty space in the initial main menu view.
  • The scoreboard screen at the end of online games now shows your room number.
  • Updated UI menu background art to closer match the original aesthetic.


Controller Support

  • Dual analog controllers with sticks that click (e.g., Xbox and Playstation controllers) can now frame step in Training Mode and Replays.
    • Clicking both sticks at the same time will pause/play.
    • Clicking the left stick while paused will step back.
    • Clicking the right stick while paused will step forward.
  • The old way of frame stepping with a controller in replays will also still work (right stick up or down to pause, right stick left to play backwards, right stick right to play forwards).


Multikeyboard Support

  • Chatting now works properly with Multikeyboard enabled.
  • Added frame-stepping support for Multikeyboard (same as normal: F5 step back, F6 step forward, F7 play).


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Ada, Asuri, Azoth, Cassidy, Scarlet, and Wu Shang.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing color swaps on Darkheart weapon set.
  • Fixed bug where screen shake was too intense on a thrown Proximity Mine hit.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting your keyboard controls while in Training mode would leave you unable to use the frame stepping commands.
  • Fixed a bug where colors were not always what you’d expect when either switching from teams to FFA or when switching to or from Strikeout/Switchcraft to another mode where you select only one Legend.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would lock to the top of the screen instead of centering itself when playing a fixed camera game mode (Catch Bombs Training, Bombsketball, DodgeBomb, etc) with a screen ratio that is wider than 16:9.
  • Fixed a bug in training mode where any gadget given to a bot could not be picked up by the player if they knocked it out of the bot’s hands.
  • Fixed a bug where the host of a game that forces teams on (e.g., Brawlball) could never start the game if his or her team had one fewer player than the opposing team.


Legend splash