Patch 2.55

Patch 2.55


Welcome to Patch 2.55! In this patch we’re adding two new skins for Queen Nai and Lucien, improving the new test features based on your feedback, changing to a new Brawl Of The Week, and knocking out a small number of bugs. Enjoy!



New skins have been added to Mallhalla!

  • Galaxy X Nai
  • Bullet Diver Lucien


Modified Test Features:

Wall Slip

We’re continuing to iterate on the Wall Slip feature based on concerns raised, but thought we’d update Test Features with the current progress.

One issue this round of changes aims at is making sure players have enough warning to return to the stage. We’ve added a visual countdown to when options expire.

Another goal is making the system less gameable. Using elapsed time prevents players from rationing out wall touches, and avoids issues on maps like King’s Pass.

Keeping offstage play viable is important to us. Combat will now keep Wall Slip from triggering for longer, but we’re still working on options to preserve positive cases without undermining the system. Changes like extending the window when a player takes damage would risk punishing a player for engaging on a wall camper.

  • After landing on a wall, players have a 10 second window of not touching the ground before they start to enter a Wall Slip state.
  • When the 10 seconds have passed, touching a wall will only reset jumps and Recover 3 more times until the player lands on the ground.
  • Warning FX play to signify that these chances are being used up – “!”, “!!”, and “!!!”. The Wall Slip animation will still play on the final wall touch.
  • If the time limit has not expired, hitting another player will extend the time by 2 seconds. Weapon and gadget throws do not count as hits for this purpose, and multihit powers only count as one hit.


8 Player

  • All maps now have at least eight initial spawn locations so that players no longer spawn on top of each other when playing 8-player games on small maps.


Training Mode

  • When using Position Reset in Training Mode, the bot’s facing will now also reset to which way they were facing when Position Reset was toggled on.


New Brawl of The Week!

  • Mayhem!
  • Eight Players
  • 200% Damage
  • 3 Minutes Timed


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Koji, Nix, Orion, Ragnir, Teros, and Val.


Mordex is up for his post-release adjustments, and we have increased the recover time on miss for his Down Signatures based on your feedback. The Down Scythe in particular could be followed too quickly on miss with another attack when considering the potential reward of this Signature, while the Down Gauntlets has received a smaller increase to recover time due to its shorter range and one-directional movement.

  • Mordex Down Scythe: Increased total Recover Time on miss from 20 to 23.
  • Mordex Down Gauntlets: Increased total Recover Time on miss from 18 to 19.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing focus to not correctly return to the store screen when attempting to edit controls while browsing the store. Instead, the store will now close upon opening the controller device screen.
  • Fixed some rare cases of grabs using the wrong position to place their targets.
  • Fixed bug causing certain parts of the main menu UI to remain open after launching a replay.
  • Fixed Mordex Deal With It Shades placement. (HF 2.54.1)
  • Fixed all missing gauntlet views for Mordex animations. (HF 2.54.1)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Mordex Side Scythe’s hitboxes to become detached from the fx location on wall collision. (HF 2.54.1)
  • Fixed a client crash bug when a Mordex grab ended in a strange state. (HF 2.54.1)


Legend splash