Welcome to Patch 2.56! In this patch we’re introducing The Dragon’s Chest, adding some performance improvements and improving the Wall Slip test feature based on your feedback. This patch is somewhat smaller due to the balance lock put in place for CEO Dreamland. We’ve got players flying in from all over the world to compete in the first SS offline Brawlhalla Circuit event this year, and we’re excited to see who comes out on top!


The Dragon’s Chest

The glorious treasures long hoarded by a dangerous dragon are now available for purchase in Mallhalla! The Dragon’s Chest contains 18 Legend Skins total and three unique skins that are:  

  • Elven Ranger Diana
  • Lord Sentinel
  • Dragonslayer Val


Mordex Price Reduction

  • After his first two weeks of monstrous villainy across Brawlhalla, Mordex gold cost has been reduced to 5400!

New Brawl of the Week!

  • Switchcraft 1v1! Choose your three favorite legends and enjoy the chaos.


Performance Improvements

  • Improved client rendering performance slightly.
  • Improved memory usage and performance of the Blasters kit.


Modified Test Features

Wall Slip

In testing, we feel that the changes in 2.55 still have false positives that harm fun offstage play. It also seems like a player intent on stalling the game out on the wall can adapt and continue to reset their state indefinitely without much added risk.

This version of Wall Slip attempts to improve distinction between players fighting offstage and a stalemate (or resets that immediately return to a stalemate). The tradeoff for that is complexity – the algorithm has too many moving parts to be a player-facing rule.

So, the question this time: If we could get to a point where the system only punishes abusive play, is it acceptable that the exact trigger conditions are unknown as long as there’s clear warning given?

The answer might be no, but we’re not confident any simple condition could tell the difference between a wall battle and wall camping enough to fully preserve one and sufficiently prevent the other.

  • After spending too much time out of combat offstage, a player will start to enter a Wall Slip state.
  • Once the conditions have been met, the player has three wall touches before all of their recovery options are removed – aerial jumps, Recover, and Dodge will be disabled until returning to the stage.
  • Warning FX play to signify that these chances are being used up – “!”, “!!”, and “!!!”.
  • The player is locked into an animation for 23 frames on the final wall touch.

Mordex Balance

We have a few more adjustments for Mordex’s new-release time period, primarily focused on the reward of Signatures with a high degree of built-in movement. The Force on his Side Gauntlets and Down Scythe have been reduced to better match other similar powers, and a larger difference has been created between the directional options of the Down Scythe to emphasize map location when choosing between the two.

  • Mordex Down Scythe: Decreased Force on default behavior from 51 Variable/60 Fixed to 47 Variable/60 Fixed; Decreased Force on forward input version from 50 Variable/60 Fixed to 44 Variable/60 Fixed.
  • Mordex Side Gauntlet: Decreased Force from 57 Variable/72 Fixed to 54 Variable/70 Fixed.

New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Asuri, Azoth, Brynn, Cross, Scarlet and Thatch.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Ready to Brawl’ banners to not display when quickly re-readying after backing out.
  • Gauntlets Neutral Light: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: Dobrein)
  • Scythe Recovery: Fixed a case where soft platforms could cause the target to be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: Ephi)
  • Fixed a bug where the match preview for the Strikeout queue would show the normal preview cards instead of the special Strikeout cards.