Brawlhalla Patch 2.67.1

Brawlhalla Patch 2.67.1


Welcome to Patch 2.67.1!  We’re back from the summer holidays with a minor patch this week. Meanwhile we’ve been working excitedly behind the scenes on some updates we can’t wait to share with you once they’re ready! We hope that you’ll stay tuned for more Brawlhalla goodness, and that you’re enjoying the Summer fun. 

New Brawl of the Week – Water Balloon Fight!

When it’s too hot for snowballs break out the water balloons! Two teams of 3 face off in this 3 minute 150% damage showdown! Score 1 point for hitting someone with a water balloon, 3 points for getting a KO, and lose 1 point for being KO’d. The team with the most points at the end wins!

  • 3v3
  • 3 Minutes
  • 150% Damage


New Legend Rotation

  • Artemis is free to play this week for the first time!
  • This week’s new Legend Rotation features Artemis, Asuri, Azoth, Cross, Gnash, and Queen Nai!


Legend splash