Brawlhalla Patch 2.69 – Camera options and Dash in test features

Brawlhalla Patch 2.69 – Camera options and Dash in test features

Welcome to Patch 2.69! In this patch we add camera options, the new dash mechanic goes into test features, plus new skins for Wu Shang and Hattori arrive in Mallhalla. We are working hard to get the dash mechanic in a good place, and  eagerly anticipate your feedback. Enjoy the patch!



  • Djinn Wu Shang – “Your Wish is his KO”
  • Kabuki Hattori – “Deadliest actor on the stage.”
  • The Summer Championship 2017 Pack is live on Steam! This limited-time pack is available until August 2nd, and includes an animated Avatar, Rocket Lance Weapon Skin, and 300 Mammoth Coins. – Get it before the Summer Championship begins!


New Brawl of the Week

  • Brawl Together – 2v2 Casual Queue
  • Queue solo or as a team!
  • Casual 2v2 ruleset: No team damage. Three stocks. Eight minute timer.


Graduated from Test Features

Camera Changes

We really like how the “Action Camera” in Test Features both shows more detail in the characters and makes the game more entertaining to spectate. It has graduated from Test Features to a System Setting. While it is not the default option now, the goal is for it to become the default option later down the road, but we’re giving people a chance to lock themselves into the old camera before the change is made.

A new Camera Mode setting has been added to the System Settings. Options:

  • Default: A temporary option that simply points to the “Classic” Camera Mode.
  • Action: The new camera that gets in closer and spends less time zoomed out.
  • Classic: The old camera that’s been in place since Alpha.
  • Fixed: The camera starts with the whole level in view and doesn’t pan or zoom.


Added to Test Features


Dash is still in a very early state. Animations, fx, and sounds are placeholders. There are a number of changes to moveset balance, the Speed stat, and existing mechanics like Dodge that may be needed before it can graduate to Ranked.

However, it’s something that many players have wanted for a long time, so we’re putting it in test a little early to get the conversation started on how it affects play and what needs to change to ensure that impact is positive.

The primary goals of Dash are:

– Adding depth to the neutral game by giving tools for approach and footsies that don’t rely on invulnerability.

– Making a player on the ground more dangerous to a player that’s airborne.

– Implementing a system where we can more strictly limit its use for avoiding combat without making general movement in the game feel worse.

– Making the edges of the stage more meaningful so that a player who has to take to the air in a runaway situation feels like they’re forfeiting some map control and can be more easily be caught up to.

– Creating room to pull some power, mobility, and complexity away from Dodge.

It’s unlikely that we’re fully accomplishing all of these, but please let us know if you see ways to improve the feature or if you notice it creating new problems.

  • Dash is a burst of speed with no invulnerability frames that can be performed by pressing down or down-diagonal and Dodge while standing on the ground.
  • Forward Dash has a low startup and no recover so you can jump or attack as soon as you start moving, but your facing is locked in for a duration. You can hold against the direction of movement to decelerate, but can’t turn and attack immediately after a Dash.
  • Dashing in the opposite direction of facing or immediately after a turn is a Backdash that functions differently from a normal Dash. You maintain facing in the opposite direction of movement and the Backdash does have recover time.
  • You can chain Dash and Backdash into each other as much as you want.
  • You cannot chain Backdash into Backdash.
  • Forward Dash can chain into forward Dash, but with a longer startup and reduced speed. Holding run after a Dash will put you in a run state with increased movement speed.
  • Forward Dash can chain into a forward Speed Dodge, but otherwise there’s a delay before dodging after a Dash or dashing after a Dodge.
  • Jumping after a Dash will result in a faster jump that’s lower to the ground.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Barraza, Cassidy, Ember, Kor, Mirage, and Sir Roland.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the left side of the screen had a black line 2 pixels thick where the background failed to reach to right side.
Legend splash