Patch Notes 2.11

Patch Notes 2.11


New Legend

Diana The Hunter has entered Brawlhalla!
Weapons: Bow & Blasters
Stats: 5/6/5/6

New Skins

  • North Wind – Bow Skin
  • Survivor Diana
  • Bitten Diana
  • Wyrmslayer Diana

New Weekly Legend Rotation

Asuri, Barraza, Cassidy, Hattori, Lucien, Orion

Weapons: Sword & Katar

Weapons: Axe & Blasters
Stats: 6/4/8/4

Weapons: Blasters & Hammer
Stats: 6/8/4/4

Weapons: Sword & Spear

Weapons: Katars & Blasters
Stats: 3/5/6/8

Weapons: Rocket Lance & Spear

Season 1 Adjustments

Thanks for the feedback so far on the system. One piece that really stuck with us was how players who use multiple legends didn’t seem to get a fair shake in this new system. Because of that, we reworked how the Season Rankings work.

To help explain it, you can think of yourself as having the following rankings:

  • Legend Rankings – This is on the left side of the rankings. You have one of these per legend.
  • Account Ranking – This is calculated based on MMR and games played. The resulting number will be similar to how your ELO worked last season. AccountRanking = CalculateRank(MMR, TotalWins). After 75 wins, it will be tracking your MMR pretty closely.
  • Season Ranking – This is what the leaderboards will be based on, and what you will now see on the right side of your screen. It will be the greater of your highest legend ranking and your account ranking. (Ex: Cassidy 1400, Account 1200 => Season 1400, Ex2: Cassidy 1500, Account 1600 => Season 1600)

Hopefully that helps improve things and frees you up to play whatever legend you like, while at the same time allows you to have the freedom to play different legends without having to fear losing your season ranking.

  • Changed matchmaking rules slightly. Will try to look for close matches a little longer before giving up and going with a larger MMR spread. Also, more granularity in the small MMR ranges to hopefully find even closer matches.


  • Made it slightly easier to throw object straight up or down (which means throwing diagonally got slightly harder, but it should feel better overall).

UI / Art

  • You can now access the store without leaving your current lobby!
  • The buy All Legends button on the purchase mammoth coins page will now correctly hide itself if the user already owns that pack.
  • Revised Season 1 ranked and summary UI
  • Revised artwork and layout of the match preview screens
  • Offline friend icons and text will no longer appear desaturated, but a muted translucent blue instead
  • 8-Player support for level voting roulette animation
  • Next and back buttons during the legend rating and rewards screens have been updated to match those found in the scoreboard screen
  • New headers have been added to the legend rating and rewards screen to be a little more obvious about which screen the user is on
  • Fixed a handful of color swap and katar hand issues. <Credit CharlesDoofus>
  • Ulgrim, Azoth, and Koji default costumes are now called “Classic ..” <Credit DJC-Chronic>

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where standing on a moving hard platform (one you can’t drop through) that moving upwards diagonally would cause players and items to slide along the platform. This was most apparent during the first transformation of Enigma or on the moving wedge on Wally.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a dodge into a recover move would not consume a jump if you’d already used up your free recover move resulting in waaaaaay too many recoveries.
  • Fixed a bug where the launched anim was sometimes playing for too long and/or overriding other animations that are important for communicating what a player is doing (e.g., charging a throw).
  • Fixed a bug where if you tried to return to the spectate lobby after watching someone play and they (and any other players) had already left the lobby, you would get stuck on the scoreboard screen.
  • Fixed a bug where you would be inadvertently placed into bronze 0 and not tin 5 (silver, gold, plat as well)
  • Fixed a bug where multiple players on the same computer picking random in strikeout in a custom lobby could always fail to let the second person lock in.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the heads in the HUD to disappear when resizing the window.
  • Fixed bugs where large games of Strikeout would run out of texture space and crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the lobby list count would show 0 players or nothing.
  • Fixed a bug where 2v2 ranked shows each player on different teams in podiums and spectate screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the kick and ban options show up in post-game when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed a visual bug on Big Kings Pass where the pillars at the bottom appeared detached from the platforms they were holding up.
  • Fixed a bug where if you chose to spectate a custom lobby that had one or more bots in it, the bots wouldn’t show up and instead you’d see the join prompt without the box around it.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t get server announcements while spectating.
  • Fixed bug causing the social and options bar to cover up the next and back buttons during the rewards and legend rating screens
  • Fixed a bug where the MMR would display as 100 if you never played a game.
  • Fixed a bug where you would get queued to the wrong region if spectating someone from a different region and began queuing from that same lobby after they left.


Legend splash