Patch Notes 2.12.2

Patch Notes 2.12.2

Patch 2.12.2

New Skins


  • Sawed Off Barraza – “Good as new.”
  • Rift Dweller Teros – “Dwell long within the abyss, the abyss dwells within you.”
  • Grovewarden Ember – “She’s not from the heart of the Fangwild. She IS the heart of the Fangwild.”

Community Request

  • You can now see your global rank if you are Diamond or in the top 250 (1v1 and 2v2)
  • You can now buy skins for Legends you don’t own (After a very verbose warning).
  • The camera now continues moving during that moment of pause between the end of the match and the post-game scoreboard screen.

UI / Art

  • Sidekicks are now chosen inside the podium menu and can be different for each local player!
  • Skins are followed by colors now in the Legend select menu.
  • You can now change what playlist your lobby will go into or you can switch from custom games to matchmaking and back. No more having to restart your party.
  • The Main Menu in the top right shows up while spectating if you bring up the pause menu.
  • Smoothed recovery of Teros Down Axe animation.

Controller Support

  • PC Support for Moga Power Pro
  • PC Support for PDP PS3 Versus

New Legend Rotation
This week’s Legend rotation features, Ada, Azoth, Ember, Orion, Scarlet, and Thatch.

Weapons: Blasters & Spear
Stats: 6/7/3/6

Weapons: Bow & Axe
Stats: 7/5/6/4

Weapons: Bow & Katars

Weapons: Rocket Lance & Spear

Weapons: Rocket Lance & Hammer
Stats: 8/5/5/4

Weapons: Blasters & Sword
Stats: 7/5/3/7

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a networking issue for players on some college campuses having connection issues.     
  • Fixed a rare bug in the store that would prevent inputs from happening.
  • Fixed a bug where a change in a friend’s online status wouldn’t get reflected in the Join, Spectate, Invite list if it was already open and that friend was at the top of your friends list.
  • Fixed a bug where a friend could join your private game with friend joining disabled if your friend already had your name selected in their friend list when you changed the setting.     
  • Fixed a bug that let you set a matchmaking lobby to public and set a room description even though matchmaking lobbies can’t show up in the public games list.
  • Fixed a bug where changing your privacy settings while in a matchmaking lobby would cause your friends to see you as being in a custom lobby instead of a lobby for whatever playlist you were set to enter.
  • Fixed a bug where dying while actively doing the Don’t Leave Me Hangin’ taunt (you gotta slide taunt off a ledge to do it) would cause your sidekick to be invisible while he brought you back on stage.
  • Fixed a bug where picking Stance 1 when that Legend defaults to a different stance for you could result in the stance picker being off if you went back to picking stances before locking in or backing out.
  • Fixed a bug where fully charging your throw caused you to always throw directly forward.
  • Fixed bug causing picker menu backings in the character select to be offset and incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where changing direction on the exact same frame as releasing throw could result in your character facing the wrong direction during the throw.          
  • Fixed bug where Strikeout servers were unavailable.


Legend splash