Patch Notes 2.18

Patch Notes 2.18



Hello and welcome to Patch 2.18! We’ve got a lot of goodies in this patch. I’m personally excited about more traning room tools but we also have increased clan sizes, improved visibility for Thundergard Stadium, balance adjustments, and Treasure Chests kicking off with one belonging to Odin himself. Thatch is probably freaking out somewhere. But we’re not worried about him. We hope YOU enjoy the patch! 


Odin’s Chest!


In today’s update we’re introducing Odin’s Chest. This is a fun new way you can pick up some of the most popular Skins in the game for a great price. Every time you open Odin’s Chest you’ll get a skin that costs more than the chest, and best of all: no duplicates!

  • Opening Odin’s Chest costs 100 Mammoth Coins
  • Never get a duplicate reward
  • Each Chest grants you one reward from
    • 2 Exclusive Skins
    • 14 Existing Skins ranging from 140-200 Mammoth Coins in value each
  • Even chance at every item you don’t already own in the Chest
  • You can get Skins for Legends you don’t own
    • These can be used when Legend is on free rotation
    • Item Skins from these Skins can be used across Legends
  • Available for a limited time, but may reappear later
  • The first Odin’s Chest is appearing with two new skins

Each time you open Odin’s Chest you get a random Legend Skin you don’t own. Odin’s Chest contains sixteen Legend Skins total. Two of the sixteen Legend Skins are exclusive to Odin’s Chest. Your odds of getting any particular Skin are even across all available Skins in the Chest. Because the reward is randomized, opening Odin’s Chest isn’t refundable. We have taken extra precautions to make sure it is hard to open a Chest accidentally. You will never get a duplicate reward from Odin’s Chest.

Chests are available for a limited time, but may reappear throughout the year. Opening the Chest costs less than any of the individual items inside it, so no matter what you get it’s always a great deal!


Community Request


  • Clan max size has been increased to 50. Once your clan hits level 6, every additional clan level adds 4 more member capacity up to 50 at level 11.
  • In Open Striking, there is now a ‘Strike Others’ option that will choose the highlighted map (By striking all other remaining options). This option defaults to ‘V’ on keyboard and X/Square on Controller, and can also be performed by right-clicking a map with mouse.


Art / UI


  • Asgardian Weapon Skins color swaps changed slightly to make their gems pop more.
  • Brightened Thundergard background art for character visibility.
  • Reworked black color scheme for increased visibility.


Training mode update!


  • Added “Attack” and “Jump” on the Bot React Options page.
    • Attack options are: neutral, side, down, n-heavy, s-heavy, d-heavy, random.
    • Jump options are: up, right, left, random.
  • Added new page “Practice Options”.
    • Added “Training Room” and “Catch Bombs” on the Practice Options page.
  • Renamed Bot Options to Bot Set Options.
  • Renamed Bot Options 2 to Bot React Options.
  • Position Reset will now instantly reset when the Bot gets KO’d.
  • Renamed “Player” to “Bot Control” and moved to the Training Options page.


Client Performance Improvements

  • We’ve made a number of adjustments to improve client performance and memory usage of Brawlhalla. Let us know if performance has improved for you if you’ve experienced issues in the past!


Balance Adjustments



The Sword has a great overall kit, however the Side Air’s lengthy Hit Window can create situations that feel out of flavor for the weapon. We’ve shortened the Hit Window to reduce interruptions in the pace of play for both players.

  • Sword Side Air: Decreased Hit Window of first swing from 3 to 2, and second swing from 5 to 4.


The Lance can be one of the more difficult weapons to use off-stage, so we’ve slightly reduced the Time to Hit of Lance Recovery. Use of the move in aggressive situations is more responsive, while still retaining room for counter-play.

  • Lance Recovery: Decreased Minimum Charge from 15 to 14.


The risk/reward is slightly off for on-stage use of the Ground Pound. We’ve decreased the amount of Variable Recovery for missed Ground Pounds that connect with the stage.

  • Katar Ground Pound: Decreased Variable Recovery on ground collision from 22 to 20.


The Bow has a fantastic air kit, although certain attacks rotate a little too quickly. We’ve opened up the time between some of these rotations by increasing the Fixed Recovery on miss for the Side Air. We’ve also decreased the Time to Hit of the Neutral Light to bolster the ground game.

  • Bow Neutral Light: Decreased Time to Hit from 10 to 9.
  • Bow Side Air: Increased Fixed Recovery on miss from 0 to 1.


Now that the Gauntlets have had a bit of time to settle, we’ve made a few slight adjustments for key situations. The risk/reward seems to be slightly off for certain strings, so we’ve shifted some power from the Neutral Air to other moves in the kit. Players will find some situations easier to escape and increased reward from other options.

  • Gauntlets Neutral Air: Increased Time to Hit from 9 to 10.
  • Gauntlets Down Air (air ver.): Decreased Time to Hit from 10 to 9.
  • Gauntlet Recovery: Increased Minimum Variable Force from 30 to 35.

Sir Roland

Sir Roland has received a number of hitbox adjustments to better match his animations. Users may find an increase in range due to these changes, so we’ve decreased the Variable Force on the Down Lance to compensate.

  • Roland Side Lance: Rehitboxed to match animation; Adjusted animation timing to match the hit window of the initial charge.
  • Roland Down Lance: Rehitboxed to match animation; Decreased Variable Force from 62 to 58.
  • Roland Down Sword: Rehitboxed to match animation.


Like many of Roland’s signatures, Orion’s Side Lance is a common hitboxing complaint. It has been adjusted to more closely follow the lance head, losing some height and stacked coverage in exchange for more range throughout the power.

  • Orion Side Lance: Rehitboxed to better match animation.


We’ve avoided adjusting Sentinel for a while. He infrequently comes up among reported player concerns and has a fairly low use rate. However, we’ve decided the low startup, high damage, and possible true combo into Katar Recovery of Sentinel’s Down Katars made for too dominant of an option and needed some toning down.

  • Sentinel Down Katar: Decreased Damage from a range between 38 and 34 to a range between 32 and 28; Decreased Stun Time from 40 to 31.


Diana’s Down Blasters and Down Bow are a little too strong for their utility. We’ve decreased the Variable Force some to bring these powers in line. In exchange, we’ve sped up the Time to Hit of Neutral Bow for increased reliability as an anti-air.

  • Diana Down Blasters: Decreased Variable Force from 53 to 48.
  • Diana Down Bow: Decreased Variable Force from 48 to 45.
  • Diana Neutral Bow: Decreased Minimum Charge from 8 to 7.


We are giving Jhala’s Down Sword a slight increase in Damage to bring the appeal in line with other options of similar ranges.

  • Jhala Down Sword: Increased Damage from 24 to 26.


We’ve rehitboxed Kor’s Neutral Hammer to better match the animation during the initial launch, resulting in some increased horizontal range for more reliable use.

  • Kor Neutral Hammer: Rehitboxed to better match animation during the rock’s initial launch.


  • Blasters Neutral Air: Adjusted animation timing to match hit window of first shot and recovery frames on miss.
  • Bow Down Air: Adjusted fx location to better match hitboxing.
  • Orion Side Lance: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit TheRealDespair)
  • Ada Neutral Blasters: Shots that hit a wall will now use the aerial spike behavior. Should fix some related drop cases.
  • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Fixed some cases where targets could be hit away from Vraxx and still affected by the grab behaviors.
  • Vraxx Down Lance: Fixed some cases where targets could be hit away from Vraxx and still affected by the grab behaviors.
  • Teros Neutral Hammer: Fixed some cases where targets could be hit away from Teros and still affected by the grab behaviors.
  • Diana Down Bow: Fixed some cases where targets could be hit away from Diana and still affected by the grab behaviors.
  • Diana Down Blasters: Diana’s tether shot now functions as part of the grab. Should prevent some drops and other unintended behaviors. (Credit Juvar23, Master-Silver-Elite)

New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Thatch, Diana, Scarlet, Teros, Orion and Queen Nai.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Control Bot would move both players.
  • Fixed a bug where Control Bot wouldn’t work with controllers.
  • Fixed an animation bug where running off a platform wouldn’t play the correct transition into the aerial animation, and would instead immediately and awkwardly freeze you in the aerial animation.
  • Fixed a bug where dodging into a wall would cause the dodge animation to face the wrong direction.
  • Fixed a bug in Open Striking where hitting the “Done Striking” button wouldn’t always lock you in or show that you were done striking. This happened most frequently if you were the first player.
  • Fixed a bug with Position Reset where bots would teleport inside walls. Credit: Killakan
  • Fixed an issue keeping Roland The Hooded’s Rocket Lance from color swapping correctly during some moves.
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Online where guests would always see timed as the game mode (whether it was correct or not) if the first time they opened the game settings menu was in another person’s custom online game.



Legend splash