In Patch 2.27 we’ve added new skins, improved the custom lobby UI, and have adjusted a number of moves that needed a little attention. We hope you’re excited for this patch as we draw near to the end of Season 1!


New Items in Mallhalla

  • First Edition Sentinel
  • Silver Age Jhala

Community Request

  • When two powers attempt to grab the same target on the same frame, ones attacking a teammate have lower priority.


Test Maps

  •  Cave has been added as a test map.

Client Performance

  • Client memory usage and performance improved for online games.
  • Fixed client performance leak bug that occurred with some UI components.
  • Cut down memory usage used for replay state tracking during all games.

Controller Support

  • Added PC support for Thrustmaster T Mini.

User Interface

  • The Max Players option is now on the Game Rules tab in the Game Settings menu.
  • Room Type is now the header of the Lobby tab in game settings.
  • The header for the Lobby tab in Game Settings now shows what type of online lobby you’re in.
  • Test Maps and Test Features are now two separate settings.
  • The game settings screen will now completely hide options that are irrelevant for the current game mode or lobby type instead of graying them out.




The Katars have gained a lot of great utility and an increased ability to pressure opponents due to some of the recent additions to game mechanics, so we are making certain options a bit more vulnerable on miss to compensate.

  • Katars Down Air: Increased Fixed Recovery Time on miss for the ground collision version from 0 to 2.
  • Katars Down Light: Increased Fixed Recovery Time on miss from 1 to 3.



The Axe commands a great deal of respect when fighting in the air due to its large swings, but it can be a bit too stifling, so we are increasing opportunities to contest and/or punish the Axe user from below.

  • Axe Ground Pound: Decreased Hit Window for the ground collision version from 8 to 6.
  • Axe Down Air: Increased Time to Hit from 13 to 14; extended the backward acceleration reduction that is present during the Recovery Time to apply during the entire power, comparable to other similar powers.



We are pulling some Damage from the Neutral Light in order to give the Side Air a slight boost in Variable Force, as the Blasters have no trouble racking up Damage, but a harder time converting into a knockout.

  • Blasters Neutral Light: Decreased Damage from 28 to 26.
  • Blasters Side Air: Increased Variable Force from 35 to 37.



The Hammer is a slow powerful weapon, but the Down Air is a fast knockout attack that deals very little Damage, so we are shuffling some power within the move to better fit the flavor of the weapon, as well as opening some counterplay from below the Hammer user.

  • Hammer Down Air: Increased Time to Hit from 8 to 10; Increased Damage from 14 to 15.



Sentinel’s Side Katars was knocking out players at relatively low Damage values, so we are reducing the Variable Force to be in line with other similar powers.

  • Sentinel Side Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 62 to 60.



Orion’s Down Lance can be difficult enough to connect with for the moderate Damage it does, so we are adding some more reward in the form of slightly increased Variable Force.

  • Orion Down Lance: Increased Variable Force from 50 to 53.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Ada, Barraza, Ember, Jhala, Kor and Orion.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when someone left a game while you had your picker open with a random legend selected.
  • Fixed a crash caused by getting an insanely high number of knockouts in the same multi knockout.
  • Fixed bug where the hyper-sensitive profanity list would sometimes get used for the regular chat.
  • Fixed a fatal error on startup that occurred with bad connections.
  • Fixed a bug where the text box for entering a lobby description in the Lobby settings wasn’t showing the “Enter a lobby description” prompt when the lobby didn’t have a name (and you were high enough level to set one).
  • Fixed a bug where holding down a direction in the UI would do the normal thing where it start slowly and speed up the scroll, but it’d start over after about a second. It no longer does that.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had the settings screen open when the host moved to level select, the settings screen would stay open on top of the level select screen.