Patch Notes 2.31.1

Patch Notes 2.31.1

Throw Changes

We’ve heard your feedback and decided to make a few more adjustments to throws in this patch. 

  • Decreased the hitbox for some of the larger weapons.
  • Change throw startup to two frames (four frames vertically), but if you were not hit during those frames, and the item is still on top of you, you stay immune until it passes through you.
  • Changed it so there are no throw startup frames if your target is stunned.
  • Moved the starting position of throws lower by about 50 pixels to normalize where throws come out vertically and horizontally.

Bug Fixes

  • In Test Features: Fixed a bug that allowed Gravity Canceled signatures to jump.
  • Fixed bug causing hotkey tooltip to constantly redisplay each time the users moves the cursor to a new avatar item in the store
  • Fixed bug causing avatar page count to visually exceed the maximum amount when sometimes changing tabs with the mouse
  • Fixed display bug causing the controller hotkeys to not correctly display on the avatar tab in the store
  • Fixed display causing pages to sometimes not reflect the correct page number for avatars when paging with a controller
  • Fixed client crash when attempting to purchase an avatar with the quick buy option using a controller
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Azoth to display the default costume at the end of side axe sig
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