This is a bug fixing patch that went live earlier today on PS4 only. Thank you to all of our Closed Beta testers who have helped us track these down so we can get Brawlhalla on PS4 cleaned up and improved for a full release! 

Bug Fixes


  • Added “Say GG” button to the scoreboard screen for PS4.
  • Added better crash detection and logging.
  • Ranked PvP banners now correctly render before and after a ranked match.
  • Removed grey borders from appearing on certain display settings.
  • PS4 builds will now show the correct version number in the corner instead of showing the PC build number.
  • Replays now show the local date and time that the match ended.
  • Fixed a bug where the offscreen indicator would point in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed a bug where when your ELO changed it would show decimals while spinning to your new ELO.
  • Fixed bug causing the random token to not display during level select.
  • Fixed crash bug for some machines where PS4 uth could fail at startup or tournament completion.
  • Fixed bug causing XP bars to not correctly display.
  • Fixed bug causing account ELO rating to scroll twice and legend rating to not scroll at all on the ranked match results screen.