Scythe Update! – Patch 2.43

Scythe Update! – Patch 2.43

Hello and welcome to patch 2.43! In this patch we’re introducing the new weapon Scythe, and our first Scythe wielding Legend: Mirage.


New Weapon – The Scythe!


The Scythe is a new weapon that features “Active Input” on a number of its attacks. By inputting a new direction before the second hit of these attacks, you can change the final attack’s damage, force, direction of force, and follow up potential. (Note, you can input the second directional input immediately after the first.)


Side Light

  • Active Input: Return Direction to Neutral – The ender becomes a kick that pops your opponent up close for follow ups.
  • Active Input: Hold Forward – Hit with the scythe a second time for more damage and force.

Down Light

  • A far reaching attack that grabs the opponent and sends them behind and above you for air followups.
  • Active Input: Hold Forward – The second hit becomes a kick that sends your opponent forward horizontally and low to the ground.

Neutral Air

  • A diagonal attack that sends your opponent up and away with a final kick
  • Active Input: Hold Left or Right / away from the attack. – Change direction of the final hit and kick your opponent away low and horizontally.

Down Air

  • A grab attack that sends your opponent down and away.
  • Active Input – Hold Left or Right / away from the attack. – You can choose the horizontal direction you send your opponent. Damage and force remain unchanged.


New Legend & Skins!

Mirage has entered Brawlhalla!

  • Weapons: Scythe & Spear
  • Stats: 7/6/4/5

Mirage enters Brawlhalla with three additional skins.

  • Hand of Horus Mirage
  • Undying Mirage
  • Mirage The Cleaner


Odin’s Chest Now Available in Mallhalla!

Odin’s Chest, first discovered early last year has made a return to Mallhalla! This chest contains two exclusive skins:

  • Warchief Bodvar
  • Forgeheart Teros


Server Improvements

  • Improved chat relay system performance.
  • Improved core server matchmaking performance.
  • Improved core server performance.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Asuri, Bodvar, Brynn, Diana, Kor and Ulgrim

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where using the stick and dpad simultaneously on one controller could lead to unintended behavior. The stick will now override the D-Pad when both are being used. (Active since 2.42.1)
  • Fixed a bug where holding away from a wall when landing on it would not leave the wall on the following frame. (Active since 2.42.1. Credit: Ephi)


Legend splash