Season 2 – 2.29

Season 2 – 2.29


Hello everyone and welcome to Season 2! With this patch we’re closing the doors on Season 1 and adding in a bunch of the ranked rewards you’ve been looking for.


Season 2 Has Begun!

  • Season 1 is over. Season 2 is here!
  • Season 2 will last until early/mid December.


Skyforge Weapons and Colors!

  • You may now purchase exclusive items with Glory.
  • Skyforge Weapons have been added to Mallhalla.  
  • Skyforge Colors have been added to Mallhalla.


Glory Earnings Calculation

Glory earned is based on a combination of your Peak Rating (highest 1v1, 2v2, team, or Legend rating/elo) and total Wins. This was designed in order to reward both skill and dedication for those who pursue Glory.


Glory from Wins

You gain 20 Glory per win up to 150 wins which gets you 3000 Glory. After 150 wins, each subsequent win gives you slightly less.


Glory from Peak Rating

There is a minimum requirement of 10 games played to be eligible for Glory based on your rating.


Glory from Previous Seasons

If you participated (5+ games) in any seasons prior to Season 1, you will received an additional 2500 Glory.


Ranked Borders from Season 1

If you placed in gold or better in your best rating, you are given a ranked border that people will see in the match preview screen. There is a ranked border for gold, platinum, and diamond tiers. These will last for one season and will be updated again after Season 2.


Elo – Soft Reset

  • Personal Elo has been soft reset for all ranked modes.
  • 1v1 Elo and Personal Elo for 2v2 have been brought closer to 1200.
  • All season data has been saved for stats, api, and future leaderboards.



  • Under 2000: Elo = (Elo +1200) / 2
  • Over 2000, we aggressively brought you back down as a way of resetting the top tiers. Diamond level players will be reset to high gold or low platinum.

2v2, Legend Rating

  • Legend Rating and Team rating have been brought closer to 750.
  • Under 2000: Elo = (Elo + 375) / 1.5
  • Over 2000, we aggressively brought you back down as a way of resetting the top tiers. Diamond level players will be reset to high gold or low platinum.
    Your tiers (gold, platinum, etc) and your best rating have been adjusted accordingly.

Avatars Coming Soon

We are working on finishing the avatar system that will be available soon!

  • Avatars will be displayed on your Legend Select podium, account list, friends list, in lobbies, post game podium, and pre-match loading screens.
  • If you played 10 or more games you’ll get the competitor Avatar.
  • Peak rating of gold or higher gets you the Gold Avatar.
  • Peak rating of platinum or higher gets you the Platinum Avatar.
  • …Wait for it…Peak rating of Diamond gets you the Diamond Avatar.
  • You will receive all avatars you qualify for.
  • In future seasons if you qualify for an avatar you already received it ‘ranks’ up.

Matchmaking Adjustments

  • The Matchmaker will no longer match people if the resulting Elo gain for the winner will be 0.
  • The Matchmaker has increased how long the server will wait to match you if the Elo gain will be 3 or less.

Community Request

  • Single player Tournament scores have been saved and reset. Rankings page coming soon.
  • You can now close the Training Menu by pressing the ‘Tab’ key.
  • The Training Menu will now open to last tab you were viewing (assuming that tab is still available) instead of always defaulting to the Player Settings tab.


Map Banning

  • You may now ban a single map in each matchmaking queue. You can set it in the Lobby Settings in the character select screen. You must play at least one game in the queue before you may ban a map. If two players enter a queue (like in FFA or 2v2), only the leader’s ban will count.


Gameplay Mechanics

  • Added a small amount of buffer so that if you pass a horizontal KO line while no longer stunned, you can still recover to prevent the trying to recover, seeing yourself jump, then still dying issue.
  • Mines no longer explode automatically on timeout.
  • Removed the effect of Dex on the travel speed of certain powers. Travel speed multiplier changed to 1.113 from a range between 1.05 and 1.155. Dex no longer affects travel speed on any power.  Affected powers:  
    Unarmed Recovery, Unarmed Down Air, Unarmed Ground Pound, Unarmed Side Light, Unarmed Side Heavy, Sword Side Light, Sword Recovery, Sword Ground Pound, Lance Down Air, Lance Ground Pound, Lance Side Air, Lance Recovery, Hammer Recovery, Hammer Ground Pound, Hammer Side Light, Blasters Recovery, Blasters Ground Pound, Spear Neutral Light, Spear Side Light, Spear Recovery, Spear Down Air, Spear Ground Pound, Katar Side Light, Katar Recovery, Katar Down Air, Katar Ground Pound, Axe Neutral Light,  Axe Recovery, Axe Ground Pound, Bow Down Light, Bow Ground Pound.
  • Signatures whose travel speed was affected by Dex retain their current travel speed but are no longer affected by stances: Cassidy Down Hammer, Orion Side Lance, Orion Side Spear, Gnash Down Hammer, Nai Down Spear, Nai Neutral Katars, Nai Side Katars, Hattori Side Sword, Roland Neutral Lance, Scarlet Down Hammer, Ada Down Blasters, Ada Neutral Spear, Sentinel Neutral Katars, Sentinel Side Katars, Lucien Side Katars, Lucien Down Katars, Asuri Side Sword, Ember Neutral Katars, Ember Side Katars, Ember Down Katars.


Controller Support

  • Additional PC support for Retrolink SNES controller
  • PC support for Logic3 controller.


New Legend Rotation

This week’s Legend Rotation features Koji, Diana, Ulgrim, Brynn, Sentinel and Cassidy.  


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where stance changes affected certain signatures more than intended: Azoth Side Bow, Ulgrim Neutral Axe, Ulgrim Side Axe, Ulgrim Down Axe, Ulgrim Neutral Lance, Ulgrim Side Lance, Ulgrim Down Lance,  Koji Neutral Bow, Koji Side Bow, Val Side Gauntlets.
  • Fixed an online strikeout bug where clicking on a character after locking in random wouldn’t clear out the first two random characters.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving training mode while in Catch Bombs mode would put you back into normal training mode. It will now leave you in Catch Bombs mode.
  • Sword Recovery: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit.




We have removed the Minimum Charge scaling based on Dexterity that only existed for Unarmed Heavy attacks to make it consistent with every other moveset.

  • Unarmed Side Heavy changed to 21 Time to Hit from a range between 21 and 23.
  • Unarmed Neutral Heavy changed to 17 Time to Hit from a range between 16 and 18.



The Sword Recovery attack does a bit too much Damage for the moderate but versatile nature of the weapon, so we are slightly reducing it to be more in line with the weapon design.

  • Sword Recovery: Decreased Damage from 26 to 24.



The Spear side light attack is too rewarding at low damage ranges, but very undesirable at high damage ranges. We are shifting some of the utility around so it is a more consistent string starter throughout, while tempering the Spear’s lengthy combos.

  • Spear Side Light: Decreased Variable Force on the second hit from 32 to 25; Slightly lowered the angle of knockback; Decreased Stun from 33 to 21; Decreased Time to Hit from 13 to 12.



The Katars have received a great deal of benefits from recent game mechanics changes, so we are adjusting some of its attacks given the new state of the game. The Down Air is now a more consistent string starter when not landing on the ground, and will also have a consistent dodge window off stage.

  • Katar Down Air: Decreased Variable Force from 32 to 13 for the final hit in the air; Decreased Fixed Force from 61 to 50 for the final hit in the air.
  • Katar Neutral Air: Increased Time to Hit from 8 to 10; Decreased Fixed Recovery on Miss from 1 to 0.



The Blasters Down Light attack feels too stiff, so we are reducing the Recovery Time on Miss at the cost of some of its generous Damage.

  • Blasters Down Light: Decreased Variable Recovery on Miss from 22 to 16; Increased Fixed Recovery on Miss from 0 to 1; Decreased total Damage from 24 to 22.



The Axe Recovery can feel a bit too difficult to contest or punish, so we are adding a bit more Recovery Time. We have also rehitboxed the air attacks to not only better match their animations, but also create a bit more space in which to combat Axe users.

  • Axe Recovery: Increased Fixed Recovery from 1 to 3.
  • Axe Neutral Air: Rehitboxed to better match the animation.
  • Axe Side Air: Rehitboxed to better match the animation.
  • Axe Down Air: Rehitboxed to better match the animation.



The Bow Neutral Light is receiving a bit more Recovery Time on Miss to bring it in line with other similar attacks. We have also softened the angle on the side air attack to better differentiate it from the down air attack.

  • Bow Side Air: Softened angle of Force to be slightly more horizontal.
  • Bow Neutral Light: Decreased Variable Recovery on Miss from 23 to 20; Increased Fixed Recovery on Miss from 2 to 6.



Hattori’s Down Sword’s duration is fairly front-loaded, but it recovered a bit too quickly for such a useful power, so we have Increased the Recovery Time accordingly.

  • Hattori Down Sword: Increased Fixed Recovery from 15 to 18.



Thatch’s Side Sword can feel great to land, but missing felt very stiff, so we have slightly reduced the Recovery Time.

  • Thatch Side Sword: Decreased Fixed Recovery from 24 to 22.



Brynn’s Side Axe is relatively punishable, but also had a fairly lengthy Time to Hit. We are reducing the Minimum Charge for a slightly faster attack.

  • Brynn Side Axe: Decreased Minimum Charge from 9 to 7.



Asuri’s Neutral Katar scored knockouts a little too early, so we are decreasing the Variable Force to be more in line with other similar powers.

  • Asuri Neutral Katar: Decreased Variable Force from 61 to 57.



Ember is receiving a number of upgrades to her Bow kit, primarily in the form of more Damage to the Neutral Bow, and Increased Range and Force on the air version of her Down Bow power.

  • Ember Neutral Bow: Increased Damage from 22 to 24.
  • Ember Down Bow: Increased minimum Variable Force for the air version from 35 to 40.
  • Ember Down Bow (air version): Rehitboxed at the end of the power to better match the animation, resulting in slightly increased vertical Range.



Koji’s Down Bow was a bit too difficult to punish on Miss, so we have Increased the Recovery Time, and shifted some of that power to the Down Sword in the form of slightly faster Time to Hit.

  • Koji Down Bow: Increased Fixed Recovery from 15 to 22.
  • Koji Down Sword: Decreased Minimum Charge from 15 to 13.



Held throws could be fairly difficult to react to, so we are moving some of the Time to Hit around within the power so the release is not so sudden.

  • Throw Charge: Moved 2 frames of Time to Hit from minimum charge time to post-release time such that the total startup time stays unchanged at 10, but minimum time to release an already charged throw is increased from 4 to 6.


Legend splash