Summer Update – 2.19

Summer Update – 2.19

We are excited to usher in our first Summer celebration in Brawlhalla. After many many many community requests for a new color to be added (our last were the Love Struck colors in February) we’ve landed on some fun summer colors for everyone!  On top of that we’ve got Daily Login bonuses for the next two weeks, a new game mode, improved spectator support and a number of other good things in today’s update.

Brawlhalla Summer Celebration!

  • Heat Wave Colors have been added to Mallhalla
  • 1500 Gold per Legend OR 10 Mammoth Coins per Legend.
  • Daily Login Bonus of 250 extra coins each time you log in during the Summer Event.


New Game Mode – Beachbrawl

Beachbrawl is a new, team based game mode just in time for the summer season. In Beachbrawl the goal is to knock beachballs into the opposing team’s goal. The catch is that you can’t touch the beachballs with anything but water balloons. Don’t worry, you have an infinite supply of ammo, so get to it! It’s a wet n’ wild splash fest on the shimmering shores of Shipwreck Falls, so go have some fun in the sun and prove which team can get the Beachbrawl victories done!

  • Beachbrawl is now available for play in Custom Lobbies


New Skins


Achievement Hunter enters the halls of Valhalla with fierce barbarian Mogar and the power hungry Mad King leading the way!

  • Mogar Gnash
  • Mad King Roland


Improved Spectator Support

We’re still looking at how to improve the spectator experience, but for now we’re removing the old spectating screen that felt too confining to create a proper viewing experience. If you have suggestions for how we can improve the spectator experience in the future let us know!

  • Spectators now see the same lobby screen as players.
  • A large “SPECTATING” banner across the middle will appear when spectating to avoid confusion.


Client Performance

  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Decreased memory footprint and garbage collection frequency.
  • Fixed some performance issues with rocket lances.


User Interface

  • Updated redeem promotional code UI in the store
  • Redeem code can now be accessed with the controller
  • Redeem code button now visually looks disabled if the user is disconnected from the servers
  • Buy Coins can now be accessed with the controller by moving up and pressing confirm
  • Error screen can now be closed with the Escape key when using a keyboard
  • Added DodgeBomb to the filters for public games


New Legend Rotation

This week’s rotation features Asuri, Bodvar, Brynn, Lord Vraxx, Sentinel and Ulgrim.

Drop Fixes

  • Teros Side Axe: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final. (Credit rel00p)
  • Hattori Side Sword: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit Logic)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug for Ammit and The Shade sidekicks.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t edit controller settings with a controller if you used the mouse to enter the binding menu.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t pick the default colors for Legends that were used by a bot in the previous game.
  • Fixed bug where blank messages were getting sent in chat when you tried to close chat.
Legend splash