Synthwave Battle Pass Season 2 – Patch 4.06

Synthwave Battle Pass Season 2 – Patch 4.06

Feel the Synthwave vibes as Brawlhalla’s Battle Pass Season 2 is here! Take a cruise in Sun Drive City as Nix warps through time and space to reach her full potential. This second season of Brawlhalla’s Battle Pass features 85 tiers of new exclusive cosmetic content unlockable by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. 

All players are automatically granted access to the Battle Pass track with an option to purchase the Gold track for more content. More details about the Battle Pass can be found below or at

Lastly, the Solidarity Emote for Campaign Zero is still available for a limited time in Mallhalla, we’ve added new Test Features, made adjustments to Greatsword’s animations, made a few other game improvements, and much more.

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Brawlhalla’s second Battle Pass has landed! This second season features 85 tiers of new exclusive rewards unlockable by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. The Battle Pass season will last 12 weeks.

This Battle Pass will also feature:

  • A new UI takeover featuring an animated splash art of Retro Reaper Nix,
  • New main menu, character select, and post-game theme music matching the flair of the Synthwave era.
  • A newly themed Synthwave Kung Foot featured as the Brawl of the Week!
  • A new Free-for-All map called Sun Drive City.
  • A separate Battle Pass tab for easy access when navigating the main menu.

New Exclusive Battle Pass Items

There are over 100 new rewards in this Battle Pass, including an exclusive Nameplate and even a special Avatar for players who complete all 85 tiers. 

All players are automatically granted access to a Battle Pass track to unlock unique Colors, Avatars, Taunt, Sidekick and Weapon Skins. 

  • Players can also unlock the Gold track to immediately unlock some exclusive items, like the newest Progression Skins and Podiums.
  • Unlocking the Gold track also grants boosters and additional weekly missions to help level up through Battle Pass faster for more rewards.
  • More items than ever before available to unlock!

New Option: Collapse Upgrades

A new feature has been added into this Battle Pass that allows players to select which level of the Progression Skin and Podium to equip! 

  • “Collapse Upgrades” is a new system setting that will be enabled on default.
  • When disabling “Collapse Upgrades,” players will be able to see all three versions of the Progression Skin and Progression Podium separately.
  • This enables players to choose their preference in Progression Skin and Podium when equipping their inventory!

New Missions for Battle Pass

This Synthwave Battle Pass comes with new missions!

  • Daily, Weekly, and General missions are available throughout the season.
  • Earn Battle Gems by completing missions to earn rewards!
  • Battle Gems measure a player’s progress toward the next reward tier.
  • Unlocking the Gold track will grant more missions for more opportunities to earn Battle Gems and rewards.

Earn Battle Gems to Level Up 

Each week, new missions will unlock, granting new opportunities to earn more Battle Gems while still allowing previous missions to be completed. 

  • Battle Gems are earned by completing missions in matchmaking games except for Brawl of the Week.
  • Players can get even more Battle Gems just by playing Brawlhalla. Any matchmaking game rewards Battle Points that advance the Earn Battle Points mission.
    • Completing the mission gives players Gems and a new more challenging Earn Battle Points mission.

Players can unlock over 100 rewards during the Battle Pass season, so grab your favorite Legend and start brawling. Players can also use Mammoth Coins to increase progress along the track while the season is active. For more information, check out

Numerous animations on the Greatsword base kit previously contained individual poses that were held for a longer duration than those in most other powers. We have created additional in-between posing to these animations. While this results in purely visual changes for several attacks, some have received updates in the hurtboxing of the character or Hit Windows to match the new smoother animations.

  • Improved animations for Side Closer (from Down Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Neutral Closer (from Down Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Down Closer (from Down Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Down Closer (from Down Opener)
  • Improved animations for Down Closer (from Gravity Cancel)
  • Improved animations for Neutral Air Recover time
  • Improved animations for Side Air Recover time
  • Improved animations for Down Air Recover time
  • Improved animations for Neutral Closer (from Neutral Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Neutral Closer (from Neutral Opener)
  • Improved animations for Neutral Closer (from Gravity Cancel)
  • Improved animations for Down Closer (from Neutral Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Side Closer (from Neutral Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Side Closer (from Side Opener)
  • Improved animations for Side Closer (from Gravity Cancel)
  • Improved animations for Neutral Closer (from Side Bridge)
  • Improved animations for Down Closer (from Side Bridge)
  • Updated hurtboxing of Side Air, Side Closer (from Down Bridge), Side Closer (from Side Bridge), Side Closer (from Gravity Cancel), Side Closer (from Side Opener) to match improved animations, resulting in less forward priority.
  • Greatsword Neutral Closer (from Side Bridge): Increased Hit Window from 6 to 9 to match dissipation effect.
  • Greatsword Side Air: Added a Hit Window of 2 to the landing splash; Decreased ground detection window from 10 to 8.

We have added some new Test Features regarding Unarmed Clashes and Throw Clashes aimed at accentuating armed combat. 

Unarmed now loses all clashes with armed attacks, giving players with the Weapon advantage more reliable approaches not only on stage, but also when edge-guarding or recovering back to the stage.

The feature for Throw Clashes is directed at improving the reliability of multi-hit attacks against a late close-range thrown object. It is possible for such throws to interrupt attacks that have long animations or multiple setup hits, whereas single hit attacks always deliver their full effect. 

Striking an opponent grants momentary protection from their thrown objects to allow multi-hit attacks to deliver their full effect, however this does not grant protection from objects thrown by other players to preserve team saves and interrupts. Protection also does not apply to thrown objects that have already been active for a moderate duration to preserve calculated setups.

We have also temporarily removed the Soft Platform QoL feature while we continue to iterate on it internally, to allow room for other Test Features to cycle more rapidly.

Let us know your thoughts about these newly added Test Features! For more information, visit

Added to Test Features:

  • Unarmed Clashes:
    • Unarmed attacks will always lose to armed attacks if they hit each other on the same frame.
    • This takes precedence over the existing rules for Signatures vs Light Attacks and Grounded vs Air Attacks.
  • Throw Clashes:
    • Hitting an enemy gives some protection from recently thrown Weapons.
    • If an enemy is stunned from your Light Attack or Signature and you would be hit by their thrown Weapon, the hit is ignored.
    • This does not apply to thrown Weapons that have been active for over 25 frames, the Sidekick Gadget attack, or explosions from Bombs or Mines.

We’ve added a new option in Training Mode called “Use Certain Attacks” to aid players in practicing against specific attacks.

  • This option forces the AI bot to use a subset of their kit, like only Signatures or only Side Light, to make it easier to practice against certain attacks.
  • The option is only available when the AI Setting is set to Easy through Chosen.
  • The selected difficulty impacts how the moves are used. The AI bot will mix in Dash attacks on Extreme and above and Gravity Cancels on Chosen.

For a limited time, we are introducing the Solidarity Emote for Charity. All proceeds from this Emote will be donated to Campaign Zero. To find out more information about this non-profit organization, check out

Compete in stellar Rayman formation in a retrowave neon landscape! In Kung Foot anything goes as you kick, bash, and slash the ball through the opposing team’s goal in this 2v2 digital sports scene. First team to score 5 goals wins!

  • 2v2
  • 5 goals
  • 100% Damage
  • 5 Minute Timer

  • Solidarity Emote
    • Limited time Emote for charity! All proceeds will go to Campaign Zero.
  • Looking for a certain chest? We’re rapidly rotating through chests, so check out the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Find the new Sales items!

User Experience

  • New System Setting called “Collapse Upgrades,” where players can toggle on and off to enable other levels of progression items that have been upgraded to appear on the option lists.

Game Mode

  • Kung Foot now has Team Damage OFF by default. This is to bring the default game options closer to both the casual and tournament rules.


  • The “Win 2v2 matches as Legends that knew each other before Asgard” mission now counts a number of additional pairings.

Advanced AI

  • Slightly improved determination for whether an attack can be evaded by jumping or needs to be dodged.
  • Increased the likelihood that the advanced AI bots actively go to pick up a Weapon.
  • Tweaked new AI bots behavior when leaving stun. Increased the chance of panic dodging and decreased the chance of performing their last used attack.

Power Rankings

  • Power Rankings updated for Midseason 2020.

Art and Animation

  • For Rocker Volkov, readjusted the Axe handle art to avoid clipping through the Legend’s’ hands in character select.
  • Tweaked Greatsword Light Attack closer, Recovery, & Ground Pound swoosh color.
  • Fixed a leg layering issue in Lord Vraxx’s character select animation.
  • Fixed animation layering issues on Blasters’ idle, Neutral, Side, Down Light, and jump land to make Skins with coattails sort better.
  • Tweaked Greatsword Side Air & Down Air swoosh animations.
  • Smoothed Greatsword Side Air attack post-hit animation.
  • Smoothed Greatsword miss animation.

User Experience

  • Fixed a potential crash during network games when using Emotes.
  • Fixed a rare crash when playing Offline.
  • Fixed a rare crash on the character select screen.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the post-game scoreboard.
  • Fixed a rare crash when randomizing Weapons on PC and console.
  • Fixed a bug on Android that caused controller bindings to not be saved.

Game Mode

  • Fixed a visual bug in Kung Foot where the dust cloud FX that appears when the soccer ball hits a ceiling would be reversed.

Advanced AI

  • Fixed a bug with throw calculations for the new advanced AI bots.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the new bot logic to predict attacks based on the wrong move set when changing between Legends in Training Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Extreme and Chosen bots could get stuck trying to throw while playing Morph.


  • Greatsword Neutral Air: Fixed a bug that could prematurely shorten Recover time on miss.
  • Greatsword Side Air: Fixed a bug that could prematurely shorten Recover time on miss.
  • Greatsword Down Air: Fixed a bug that could prematurely shorten Recover time on miss.

The new Legend rotation for this week includes: Jhala, Mirage, Ragnir, Queen Nai, Jiro, Cassidy, Vector, Onyx, and Kor.

  • Jhala – Given the title “Exalted Lion” by Apollo himself, Jhala “The Unbroken” takes the glamor of Valhalla in stride while having fun slaying her foes with Axe and Sword.
  • Mirage – An occultist, martial artist, and spy, this agent uses the powers of magic and time-travel along with her Scythe and Spear to take down her foes.
  • Ragnir – This apex predator, whose home is in the Fangwild, now ventures outward using his Katars and Axe to take on the rest of the Legends in Valhalla!
  • Queen Nai – With each victory nourishing the gods of her people, Queen Nai has come wielding Katars, Spear, and her powerful sorcery.
  • Jiro – Trained as a child by a powerful and secret shinobi family, Jiro comes into the arena with not only Scythe and Sword but shadow clones as well!
  • Cassidy – The Marshal of the Old West is ready to instill justice into Valhalla with both Hammer and Blasters!
  • Vector – Transforming into a jet with his Rocket Lance and wielding his Bow to fight, Vector travels through time and space to battle crime!
  • Onyx – The powerful Guardian and Protector of Castle Batavia, Onyx has been offered a place in Valhalla and now defends it ruthlessly with her Cannon and Gauntlets.
  • Kor – Blackguard Keep’s left platform mover takes his place in the arena wielding both Gauntlets and Grappling Hammer.

Legend splash