The TMNT Event Continues!

The TMNT Event Continues!

Unleash your Turtle Power! Play as any of the four awesome members of the gang in this continuing event. Find all the Turtle-y awesome items by following the delicious looking pizza in Mallhalla.

We’re featuring Capture the Flag for Brawl of the Week. Protect your team’s flag while stealing the enemy team’s flag in this 3v3 game mode for control of Demon Island! 

The quest for Glory begins anew when Ranked Season 21 starts on July 14th. The new season also changes the game mode featured in the Seasonal Ranked Queue.

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The heroes in a half shell prepare to bring total Turtle Power in Valhalla in this mondo cool Crossover Event! Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are new Epic Crossovers featuring custom Signature effects, custom lock-in animations, dedicated Roster spots, and two new Weapon Skins each.

In Brawlhalla, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo mirror the abilities of Jiro, Ragnir, Mirage, and Val, respectively, and will be staying in Mallhalla after the event ends. ©2021 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Leonardo Epic Crossover – “We Turtles don’t know the meaning of defeat.”

  • With Casey Jones and Master Splinter by his side, this Turtle leads his team of radical dudes and is ready to show any bad guy what’s up with his Twin Katanas!

Raphael Epic Crossover – “You better talk or else I’m gonna get sarcastic.”

  • He might be seeing red but his attitude won’t stop him from brawling the bad guys with his iconic Twin Sai, explosive shurikens, and skateboard.

Donatello Crossover – “Give it all you got!”

  • The brainiac with the tech to solve any problem, this Turtle is ready to battle with his holograms, his Scythe invented from a M.O.U.S.E.R. head, and his Bo Staff.

Michelangelo Crossover – “Cowabunga! Let’s party, dude!”

  • This totally tubular Turtle is here to kick shell with his Nunchaku and eat pizza – and he’s all out of pizza!

KO Effect

Enter The Shredder

  • “The deadly leader of the evil Foot Clan will take you down!”
  • Shredder and his Foot Clan members are ready to help you KO any opponents.


Turtle Power

  • “The heroes in a half shell protect this city.”
  • Features animated FX and sounds! Players who are victorious in their matches receive an extra FX animation.


Share a Slice

  • “Mondo cool, dude! Pass me one! Bonus: Players can emote nearby to pose with you!”
  • Grab a friend and join in on the pizza party with this new Emote!



  • “The master brain from Dimension X!”

The Technodrome

  • “Krang’s fortress on wheels.”

The Foot

  • “The Foot Clan wants you!”

Turtle Power

  • “Heroes in a half shell!”
  • An animating Avatar that shows each of the four Turtles!

The TMNT Crossover event also includes:

  • A new TMNT themed Game Mode and Brawl of the Week – Crew Battle!
  • A new FFA and 1v1 Map called The Turtles’ Lair and Small Turtles’ Lair, respectively. These Maps also feature new level music.
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event.
  • A new TMNT themed UI Takeover with new main menu, character select, and victory theme music!

Map – Small Turtles’ Lair

During the TMNT Crossover Event, we will be featuring Small Turtles’ Lair, a TMNT themed 1v1 Map that shares the same geometry as Small Brawlhaven. To celebrate the event, Small Turtles’ Lair will be playable instead of Small Brawlhaven in the Ranked queue. While you’ll still be able to choose Small Brawlhaven in Custom Games, Small Brawlhaven will be returning to the queue after the event ends.

Protect your team’s flag while stealing the enemy team’s flag in this 3v3 game mode for control of Demon Island! Unite both flags at your base to score a point. Watch out! You’ll drop the enemy’s flag if you take damage. Players can return their flags to their base by touching it. First team to 3 points wins!

  • Capture the Flag Game Mode
  • 3v3 Team
  • Unite your flag with the enemy’s flag at your base to score points!
  • First team to 3 points wins!!

  • Follow the pizza to locate all of the awesome TMNT items!
  • The Solidarity Emote benefiting Campaign Zero is still available. To find out more information about this non-profit organization, check out
  • Looking for a certain chest? We’re rapidly rotating through chests, so check out the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Find the new Sales items!

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week includes: Koji, Teros, Kaya, Caspian, Jaeyun, Isaiah, Fait, Queen Nai, and Artemis.

  • Koji – Armed with his ancestral katana, Koji slices his way through the battlefield with Sword and Bow!
  • Teros – This Minotaur is indifferent to the rules or intent of the Tournament, and instead, takes savage joy in all the battles while crushing his opponents with Axe and Hammer.
  • Kaya – Using her bow, spear and spirit animals, she is ready to try her luck in the Grand Tournament!
  • Caspian – Led by his showmanship and thirst for danger, he has come to Valhalla armed with Katars and Gauntlets to put on a show!
  • Jaeyun – The legendary mercenary who has traveled across the Old Kingdom on the back of his dragon turtle companion Imugi, Jaeyun has discovered new riches and sights in Valhalla! He brings the Greatsword and Sword to battle in the Grand Tournament.
  • Isaiah – Major Isaiah Marshall, OEL’s special forces commander is at your service.  He utilizes Cannon and Blasters with the help of his drone, equipped with a cloaking device and rockets at its disposal!
  • Fait – Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!
  • Queen Nai – With each victory nourishing the gods of her people, Queen Nai has come wielding Katars, Spear, and her powerful sorcery.
  • Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla, armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe; she is ready to fight!

Legend splash