Tomb Raider Crossover Event continues!

Tomb Raider Crossover Event continues!

Last week we introduced the Tomb Raider Epic Crossover event featuring Lara Croft! This Epic Crossover comes with custom Signature effects, a dedicated Roster spot, and an additional Skin that has its own unique Weapon Skins and lock-in animation. 

This event also features an animated Podium, new Temple Climb game mode, a permanent addition to Brawlhalla’s custom games, a new FFA map called Temple Ruins, bonus login Gold, and more! We’ve also added a couple of new Test Features like adjusting the balance on the Cannon Update.

In addition, we’ve updated the Brawl of the Week to Temple Climb 2v2, changed items on sale, and updated the free-to-play Legend Rotation.

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Become extraordinary and rise up as a hero with Lara Croft! Lara Croft is a new Epic Crossover that features custom Signature effects, a dedicated Roster spot, and comes with an additional Skin, Survivor Lara Croft, featuring its own two unique Weapon Skins and lock-in animation.

In Brawlhalla, Lara Croft mirrors the abilities of Diana and will be staying in Mallhalla after the event ends.


Lara Croft Epic Crossover – “I make my own luck.”

  • This Epic Crossover features an additional Skin, Survivor Lara Croft! It also comes with two additional Weapon Skins and another unique lock-in animation.
  • Outsmart the competition with Lara’s Dual Pistols and fire arrows.
  • “The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.”


Tomb Stele

  • “Solve the mystery of this statue!”
  • An animated Podium featuring an ancient, mysterious statue said to grant KOs.


Temple Ruins

  • New Free-for-All Map!
  • Features three soft platforms, a large main platform, and two islands, each dangerously close to the knockout zone.
  • Dash and dash jump to weave quickly between the platforms!

This Tomb Raider event also includes:

  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event.
  • A Tomb Raider themed UI Takeover!

Walk the line between myths and truth like Lara Croft! Pick a teammate and survive the treacherous climb through this 3 minute, 2v2 match. Beware! The temple is filled with traps, so make your own luck by activating the pressure plates to turn them on the opposing team. The team with the highest score wins!

  • New Climb Game Mode
  • 2v2 Teams
  • Climb the map as you battle your opponents!
  • Beware: pressure plates activate traps.
  • Score the most points for your team to win!

  • Discover the ancient skulls in Mallhalla to find all the Tomb Raider treasures.
  • We’re rapidly rotating through chests. See the in-game timer to know when the next chest will rotate.
  • Check out the new Sales items!

Last week, we made some adjustments to the Cannon Update’s balance and are continuing to make adjustments for Soft Platforms. You can check out these test features by queuing the Experimental queue or enabling them in Custom Lobby options. 

Please let us know about your experiences with these test features on Twitter and Discord! Check out for more information.

Cannon Update

We have made several balance adjustments to the Experimental Cannon kit focused on giving an appropriate amount of risk to match the increased priority of these attacks, while also bringing the potential reward in line with its new utility and ease of use. This has resulted in slightly longer Recover time and slightly less Stun on these experimental attacks, allowing greater gaps for counterplay in the neutral game and more opportunities to escape extended strings.

  • Experimental Cannon Neutral Light: Decreased Stun from 27 to 25; Increased Recover time on miss from 1 Fixed/9 Variable to 2 Fixed/9 Variable.
  • Experimental Cannon Side Light: Decreased Stun from a range of 30~25 to a range of 29~24; Increased Recover time on miss from 0 Fixed/10 Variable to 0 Fixed/12 Variable.
  • Experimental Cannon Down Air: Changed Recover time on hit of the aerial version from 3 Fixed/0 Variable to 1 Fixed/6 Variable.

The attacks from left to right are as follows – Down Air, Side Light, Neutral Light

Soft Platform Quality of Life

In continuing to experiment with Soft Platform Quality of Life improvements, the startup of a Dash that snaps to a platform is now the same as a normal grounded Dash for consistent timing and quicker action. We have also added two new test features centered around Dash interactions. Previously, players could only drop down through a soft platform during a Dash by pressing Down with no other directional inputs. Players may now drop through soft platforms during a Dash without needing to let go of any other held directions. Diagonal inputs and rolling Down inputs will now trigger a platform drop during a Dash. The second feature we have added allows for greater air control when a Dash runs off of a platform and includes dropping through a soft platform during a Dash. These features should allow for more fluid interactions with soft platforms and grant players greater freedom of movement.

  • Added to Test Features: Made it easier to drop through a soft platform after dashing.
  • Modified Test Feature: Reduced the startup for a Dash that snaps up to a soft platform to be the same as a grounded forward Dash
  • Added to Test Features: Increased air control just after Dashing off of a platform

The new Legend rotation for this week includes: Hattori, Kor, Sir Roland, Lin Fei, Artemis, Dusk, Azoth, and Nix.

  • Hattori – A gifted ninja with unparalleled skill with the Sword and Spear has discovered Valhalla. Will she find any worthy challengers there?
  • Kor – Blackguard Keep’s left platform mover takes his place in the arena wielding both Gauntlets and Grappling Hammer.
  • Sir Roland – No one in Valhalla feels a greater thirst for victory in the tournament than Sir Roland, as he strikes down his opponents with Rocket Lance and Sword.
  • Lin Fei – A defender of the innocent and teacher of the lost ways.  She is a great teacher who has developed her own fighting style, the ‘Way of the Iron Dragon,’ which utilizes her Cannon, Katars and an ancestral dragon-spirit.
  • Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla, armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe; she is ready to fight!
  • Dusk – Wielding his Spear and a powerful Orb, carved from stone and magic, Dusk seeks to spread chaos throughout Valhalla.
  • Azoth – Devoted acolytes bring this brilliant and ruthless lich lord to life as he comes into Valhalla to do battle with Bow and Axe.
  • Nix – Led by a thousand year hunt, this reaper, armed with both Blasters and Scythe, has found herself a new bounty in Valhalla.

Legend splash