Test Features

Test Features are our way to try potentially large gameplay and balance changes with the entire Brawlhalla community.

There are two ways to access test features.

1: You can enable test features in custom lobbies or Couch Party by going into the game settings and turning ‘Test Features’ to on.
2: You can queue for the 1v1 Experimental Queue where all test features are on by default.

Current Test Features

Active Test Maps: DuplexArena

Double GC:
– Chase Dodge forgiveness after a hit can now be used as a Spot Dodge. This can be used to perform a second Gravity Cancel.
– Like other Chase Dodges, an attack cannot be cancelled into itself this way, but grounded and Gravity Cancelled versions of a power are not treated as the same attack.
– In other words, DLight -> GC DLight -> GC NSig is possible,
but DLight -> GC DLight – > GC DLight is not.

Feedback we’re looking for:

  • Does it feel good while you’re playing?
  • Were there any weird pops or jitters or did the camera feel smooth for you?
  • Additional feedback is good!

If you’ve taken video / GIF recordings you want to share hit up the Brawlhalla Twitter