Test Features are our way to try potentially large gameplay and balance changes with the entire Brawlhalla community.

There are two ways to access test features.

1 – You can enable test features in custom lobbies or Couch Party by going into the game settings and turning ‘Test Features’ to on.

2 – You can queue for the 1v1 Experimental Queue where all test features are on by default.

Current Test Features

Active Test Maps:


Soft Platform Quality of Life

Patch 3.51

Read the Patch Notes here

This test feature aims to reduce frustration with soft platforms by reducing accidental Ledge Cancels – where a Down Air or Ground Pound input snaps to a soft platform and fires a grounded attack – while providing players with a means of snapping to soft platforms more intentionally by Dashing.

  • When approaching a soft platform from above, if holding down for 4 or more frames, down attack inputs will always result in a Down Air or Ground Pound instead of a grounded attack.
  • When approaching a soft platform from below, down attack inputs will not result in a grounded attack.
  • When approaching a soft platform from below, increased the threshold where Dodge inputs will snap to the platform and result in a Dash.

Patch 3.57

Read the Patch Notes here

In continuing to experiment with Soft Platform Quality of Life improvements, the startup of a Dash that snaps to a platform is now the same as a normal grounded Dash for consistent timing and quicker action. We have also added two new test features centered around Dash interactions. Previously, players could only drop down through a soft platform during a Dash by pressing Down with no other directional inputs. Players may now drop through soft platforms during a Dash without needing to let go of any other held directions. Diagonal inputs and rolling Down inputs will now trigger a platform drop during a Dash. The second feature we have added allows for greater air control when a Dash runs off of a platform and includes dropping through a soft platform during a Dash. These features should allow for more fluid interactions with soft platforms and grant players greater freedom of movement.

  • Added to Test Features: Made it easier to drop through a soft platform after dashing.
  • Modified Test Feature: Reduced the startup for a Dash that snaps up to a soft platform to be the same as a grounded forward Dash
  • Added to Test Features: Increased air control just after Dashing off of a platform

Feedback we’re looking for:

  • Does it feel good while you’re playing?
  • Were there any weird pops or jitters or did the camera feel smooth for you?
  • Additional feedback is good!

If you’ve taken video / GIF recordings you want to share hit up the Brawlhalla Twitter