BCS Week 2 Recap

BCS Week 2 Recap



The Brawlhalla Championship Series continued this past Saturday, June 25th, with the first $1000 European 2v2 tournament. Many of the best players throughout the region competed for their share of the $1,000 prize pool with a total of 66 teams facing off. The European region is considered a powerhouse for incredible players and the event showcased that with winners Dobrein & Diakou only dropping three games during the whole event.

Dobrein & Diakou sat as the favorites to win the event with both players having impressive tournament records that would make any player nervous. Dobrein with his history of always taking first in any EU tournament, and Exo with over $2,000 in winnings and countless event wins. When these two players teamed up we expected the best and definitely got it. With their only loss during the event being a forfeit due to a tournament ruling, the two players fought up from loser’s bracket and claimed their first place prize. Both players are currently free agents and continue to stand as the top competitive Brawlhalla players in the world. We’re all very excited to see what will happen when they compete against each other in BCS 1v1 tournaments in the near future.

The organization BX3 made a strong showing for themselves during the event with three teams finishing in the Top 5 taking second place in an exciting set eventually losing 2-3 against the two favorites to win as well as taking the fifth place tie. Despite the good placement it took time for BX3|Zeloxory & BX3|Ephi to click as team mates. The two players seemed to get in each other’s way and had more team kills than any of the other Top 8 finishers. When asked about what was going on Zeloxory said “We are terrible together, but we found a flow.” The boys from BX3 found this flow just in time, taking victory through some clutch 1v2 situations and forcing a fifth game in the grand finals that could easily have gone one way or the other.

The third and fourth place players upset and outplayed several favorite teams on their way to Top 8. The duo Kirito & Asuna-chan took third place after a dominating showing only dropping two games before their matches against the eventual top two teams where they managed to go all five matches with the BX3 players and took a game off Dobrein& Diakou. Janus & q4r both surprised everyone with very strong play and very exciting matches despite being relatively unknown.

If you missed the BCS this past weekend you can catch the whole video on the Brawlhalla YouTube Channel.


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