Shine 2019 just finished up and it was an absolute blast! $20,000 was split between 1v1 and 2v2 and Brawlhalla players from all over the world came to compete for it. In two weeks another $20,000 will be up for grabs at DreamHack Montreal on September 6th, another one of the many offline Brawlhalla events in 2019. Here are the results of Shine 2019!

1v1 Grand Final


WC | wrenchd 3 – 2 WC | Sandstorm
Asuri L Mammoth Fortress W Mordex
Asuri L Mammoth Fortress W Mordex
Asuri W Mammoth Fortress L Mordex
Asuri W Mammoth Fortress L Mordex
Asuri W Mammoth Fortress L Mordex

1v1 Tournament Results


Place Player Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st WC | wrenchd
2nd WC | Sandstorm wrenchd wrenchd
3rd InC | Ethan Sandstorm Sandstorm
4th Tempo | Boomie Pugsyxd Ethan
5th Pugsyxd wrenchd Boomie
5th RCG | Lil Capped wrenchd Ethan
7th noeL Ethan Boomie
7th Simba Pugsyxd Lil Capped
9th LZR | Remmy Lil Capped noeL
9th HLC | Cosolix Sandstorm Boomie
9th N47 | Diakou Pugsyxd Lil Capped
9th eggsoup Lil Capped Simba
13th Parallel Phazon Remmy
13th ithrowow Khui Boomie
13th Khui noeL Daikou
13th Cake Cosolix eggsoup
17th Santy Fiend Remmy
17th Jezter wrenchd Parallel
17th Noble | Phazon Simba ithrowow
17th Betonic Remmy Boomie
17th Matt Ethan Diakou
17th Espejo Cosolix Khui
17th Cosmic noeL Cake
17th SV | Fiend Sandstorm eggsoup
25th MisT Boomie Santy
25th Mac! Cake Parallel
25th Righteousness wrenchd ithrowow
25th PHZ | Addymestic Matt Betonic
25th Temporal | Lynex Sandstorm Diakou
25th Scary Simba Espejo
25th vQ handuL wrenchd Cosmic
25th lynxie Ethan eggsoup

2v2 Grand Final


Boomie / Sandstorm 3 – 0 wrenchd / Cosolix
Rayman/Xull W Mammoth Fortress L Asuri/Scarlet
Rayman/Xull W Shipwreck Falls L Asuri/Roland
Rayman/Xull W Apocalypse L Asuri/Scarlet

2v2 Tournament Results


Place Team Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st Boomie/Sandstorm
2nd wrenchd/Cosolix Boomie/Sandstorm Boomie/Sandstorm
3rd Phazon/Remmy wrenchd/Cosolix wrenchd/Cosolix
4th Lil Capped/ithrowow wrenchd/Cosolix Phazon/Remmy
5th Cake/Addymestic Ethan/noeL Phazon/Remmy
5th Ethan/noeL Boomie/Sandstorm Lil Capped/ithrowow
7th Pugsyxd/Khui Boomie/Sandstorm Cake/Addymestic
7th eggsoup/Diakou Pugsyxd/Khui Lil Capped/ithrowow
9th Espejo/Fiend wrenchd/Cosolix Cake/Addymestic
9th Simba/Santy Jezter/Scary Pugsyxd/Khui
9th Matt/Parallel Cake/Addymestic Lil Capped/ithrowow
9th Jezter/Scary Phazon/Remmy eggsoup/Diakou

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