Brawlhalla Autumn Championship 2019 NA & EU Results

Brawlhalla Autumn Championship 2019 NA & EU Results

The 2019 Autumn Championship is the final online major of the year! Four seasonal championships were had throughout 2019 and all provided spectacular Brawlhalla action. As we get closer to the Brawlhalla World Championship, players will be fighting harder than ever to secure a better power ranking and increase their chances of winning big at the end of the year. Over the weekend, we had the 1v1 and 2v2 NA/EU events. If you want to watch the tournament in its entirety, you can visit the VODs by clicking on the links below. Here are the results of the 2019 Brawlhalla Autumn Championship!

NA/EU 1v1 Tournament VOD
NA/EU 2v2 Tournament VOD

We started off with the European 1v1 event. As the fourth season of Brawlhalla Esports progressed, the EU region was proving to be more volatile with each passing tournament. Nobody could have predicted what happened this weekend: a brand new seasonal champion was crowned. Blew was out at 13th, Macheeeete was out at 7th, and Acno was out at 5th. Pavelski had a wonderful performance, and many thought he was going to take the entire championship, but it was Neeze who ultimately came out on top and won the 2019 Autumn Championship without dropping a set.

wrenchd no longer has an issue when it comes to closing out tournaments. At the start of 2019, many would say that wrenchd could not do better than 2nd. After winning three offline tournaments in a row over names like Sandstorm and Boomie, now fans are just wondering who is going to be able to stop him. The 2019 North American Brawlhalla Autumn Championship was no different for wrenchd than any of the previous events that he has attended. He won, and he won convincingly, even three-stocking Sandstorm twice in the Grand Finals Reset, three times over all.

The European 2v2 event showcased nearly an entirely new roster of players compared to the previous days. It seemed as though players in Europe prepared specifically for the 1v1 or 2v2 event, because almost nobody from yesterday was recognized. The only name that mixed between the brackets was Neeze, and despite his amazing performance in 1v1s he wasn’t able to pull out two championships in on weekend. TheNinja729 and ErTito… with their unparalleled cannon play were able to take the entire tournament without dropping a set. Blaze/VipR3 came close, making the losers run of a lifetime, but after going up 2-0 at the beginning of Grand Finals their opponents proved to be too strong.

To close out the weekend was the North American 2v2 event. Top 16 began with a super surprising upset, as LDZ/Blood Diamond were able to take down Sandstorm/Boomie, the number one team in the world. This was just to qualify for top 8! We got to witness superstar teams like Isidroo/Cody Travis and Phazon/Remmy come back into fighting form and duke it out in the Winners Finals for a spot in Grands. Even though Boomie/Sandstorm were knocked out early on, they made an incredible losers run, adapting their play-style and team composition along the way. By the time they got into the Grand Final, their Xull/Thor was unstoppable, and they won the entire tournament, going 6-0 in the final set of the day.

The 2019 Brawlhalla Autumn Championship for NA/EU was an amazing event! With this tournament, wrenchd has won four major tournaments in a row, both offline and online. Will he continue to be victorious as we near the World Championship? What will happen during DreamHack Rotterdam 2019? Find out by catching it live on Friday, October 28th at!

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