This past weekend four regions competed in the Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2020. In SEA you got to watch players like Tiger and Ghoul. In AUS there was Kylar Alice, Shadoww and Goddess. In South America, the newest major region in Brawlhalla Esports, favorites like Fiend, Wesley, Power Ranger and StarDeath competed for glory. And finally, in EU was an epic showdown between players like Acno, hysen, Blew, M for Mini, Blaze, and the newcomer Swata. With $30,000 split between the four regions, there was plenty of reason to compete to the fullest on top of having the glory of being crowned the Brawlhalla Spring Singles Champion. Here are the results of the Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2020 Singles Tournament!

The Spring Championship NA Singles Tournament has been rescheduled to April 25th, 2020.
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Spring Championship Singles – AUS & SEA VOD
Spring Championship Singles – EU & SA  VOD

The Brawlhalla Spring Championship AUS Singles Tournament was dominated by Kylar Alice, the regions best player since competitive Brawlhalla began. Despite players like Shadoww and Goddess playing better than they ever had in the past, nobody could stop Kylar Alice as he tore through the Singles bracket. Kylar Alice played every single set of the day without dropping a single game, 3-0ing even Shadoww in Grand Finals. Kylar Alice is your AUS Brawlhalla Spring Singles Champion! 28AS9Y-CX4QDH

Brawlhalla Spring Championship AUS Singles Top 32 Bracket
Brawlhalla Spring Championship AUS Singles Top 8 Bracket

Much like the AUS bracket, the Brawlhalla Spring Championship SEA Singles bracket was of a similar story. Just like how Kylar Alice dominates his region, Tiger very much does the same for his. The difference between AUS and SEA is that in SEA there are challengers to Tiger’s dominance. In Winners Finals, Ghoul took Tiger to game five and ultimately won the set, making it into the winners side of Grand Finals. This only encouraged Tiger more, as he finished his next set with a 3-1 scoreline when jerryK met him in Lower Finals. Upon entering Grand Finals, Tiger did not drop a single game in his rematch against Ghoul, 3-0ing both the first set and the bracket reset. Tiger is your SEA Brawlhalla Spring Singles Champion! Z4DC2G-K6SNSK

Brawlhalla Spring Championship SEA Singles Top 32 Bracket
Brawlhalla Spring Championship SEA Singles Top 8 Bracket

The Brawlhalla Spring Championship EU Singles Tournament showcased familiar players rising to glory once again and a few new names. Blew made it into Winners Finals to fight against Acno for the first time in a few tournaments, beating out simpLe to make it that far. To make it into Winners Finals, Acno had to knock out Swata, a new face to the top 8 EU competitive scene. Swata was knocked out by hysen’s amazing Thor play and hysen continued to play amazingly all the way into Grand Finals. There, an amazing set was had, and Acno was able to win over hysen 3-1. Acno is your EU Brawlhalla Spring Singles Champion! MQ43VS-2XZ490

Brawlhalla Spring Championship EU Singles Top 32 Bracket
Brawlhalla Spring Championship EU Singles Top 8 Bracket

The Brawlhalla Spring Championship SA Singles tournament was full of decisive 3-0 victories! Top 8 began with Fiend fighting against Power Ranger, and the battle set the tone for the rest of the tournament. It wasn’t until Power Ranger and Lopes fought a grueling game five set that there was not a 3-0 to behold. After losing to Fiend 3-0 in the Winners Semi-Finals, Power Ranger got his rematch against Fiend in the Lower Finals, only to be knocked out 3-0 once again. The story was not the same for Fiend. When Fiend got his rematch against Wesley, he managed to just barely come out on top in a game five set and win the bracket reset. Fiend is your SA Brawlhalla Spring Singles Champion! 7ZZF7S-A124KY

Brawlhalla Spring Championship SA Singles Top 32 Bracket
Brawlhalla Spring Championship SA Singles Top 8 Bracket

That’s it for this weekend of Brawlhalla Esports results! The action never stops during the Brawlhalla Esports Year Five – next week will be the 2020 Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2v2 Tournament. There is still time to register for the event. The tournament will be taking place in five regions over two weekends so there will be plenty of Brawlhalla action for everyone, everywhere at anytime! You can register for the Spring Championship 2v2 Tournament at

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