Brawlhalla World Tour 2020 Kicks Off with the Winter Championship

Brawlhalla World Tour 2020 Kicks Off with the Winter Championship

The fifth year of Brawlhalla Esports begins this weekend with the Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2020! From February 22nd – 23rd you can watch five major regions across the world play in a singles tournament for a total prize pool of $20,000.

Check out this schedule to find out when you can catch all of the amazing Brawlhalla action we have to show each weekend!

In addition to our regular broadcast, we’ll be streaming the Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2020 in multiple languages! Here is a list of all the languages we have available this weekend.


Portugese + LATAM Spanish:

EU Spanish




February 29th – March 1st is the Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2020 doubles tournament. The same five regions will be participating in this tournament. This is the first time in Brawlhalla Esports that South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia will participate in official online 2v2 events!

The Brawlhalla Winter Championship 2020 is the first tournament of many in the Brawlhalla World Tour 2020.

The 2020 Brawlhalla World Tour is a hyper focused international esports program that is easy to follow for both players and viewers. Through its comprehensive but simple format it will organically create narratives and story lines that will culminate at the 2020 Brawlhalla World Championship.

All Brawlhalla World Tour tournaments are open-entry and include online and in-person events. Go to for more information about the Brawlhalla World Tour 2020!

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