CEO Dreamland – Tournament Preview

CEO Dreamland – Tournament Preview

CEO Dreamland is a few days away, and the whole community is gearing up for one of the most anticipated events of the year. As one of only a handful of occasions where EU players and NA players are going to get together to compete before BCX, there is definitely a lot of pride and expectations to go along with the event. Everyone still remembers how LDZ took 1st place at BCX last year, so the stage is set to see whether NA will maintain dominance or if EU is going to come back with a vengeance.

While we haven’t seen these players together since last year, we’ve certainly seen them put in work on the Brawlhalla Circuit. Most recently, we’ve seen determined players fighting for their fame in the Brawl League Open Cup series, and before that we saw them duking it out during the Winter Championship. Looking back on these events, we spoke with members of the top regions to get some insight into what we can expect next week in Florida.


The First Star We See Tonight

One of the most recognizable players in the game right now is Starlight. Between his constant Twitch streams, and presence at almost every tournament both offline and online, he’s easily one of the more visible players in North America. We caught up with him to get his feelings on the upcoming event:

“I’m super excited for CEO Dreamland because this is the first time that Brawlhalla will have a chance to show its competitive side to other established titles in the FGC,” said Starlight. “I came from playing Melee for four years before finding Brawlhalla, and for a near-national Melee tournament to also have Brawlhalla as a main event with main stage and stream time is a huge opportunity.”

This anticipation is felt by many in the community, as it’s a potential launch into a wider range of public awareness. It serves as a showcase for Brawlhalla’s vibrant competitive scene, as well as an entry point for new contenders.

When asked about how he felt he might do when the tournament begins, here’s what Starlight had to say:

“I think I’ve established myself as second best in NA and Top 5 in the world, so I’m thinking that my chances are looking quite good for a Top 3 finish here at Dreamland.”

After placing behind LDZ so often, Starlight is looking to establish himself as top dog in this event. It would send a message to everyone the world over, and may be the kind of confidence boost needed to help him power through the rest of the Brawlhalla Circuit.


The EU is Certainly Craving That Top Spot

On the other side of the world, EU’s warriors are gearing up for battle. While players like Starlight are looking to capitalize and crown themselves as king of the hill, players from the EU are trying to get their foot in the door. With North America having dominated BCX last year, many are looking to ensure they can prevent a repeat.

We talked about this with Diakou and got his feelings on Dreamland:

“I’m pretty excited about Dreamland; it’s the first time we all meet again since the world championship,” said Diakou. “I’m hoping it’ll be an experience to be remembered. I’m also hoping I’ll get to eat plenty of steak, as that’s probably my number one reason for coming to the US in the first place. Number two priority is the tournament.”

His good humor comes through, though it’s clear he’s given a lot of thought to the upcoming event.

“The players presented at Dreamland are quite good. This time we have the Russian player Dobrein coming as well, one of the contenders for 1st place. Competition is going to be fierce with Boomie and Maltimum present as well,” said Diakou.

We asked what he thought his chances for taking the event were as well. Here’s what he had to say.

“I think for 2v2 me and Dobrein have incredibly good chances and most likely will win, however for 1v1 it’s hard to say considering the meta has changed a fair bit. I’d probably bet on that either me, Maltimum, Dobrein, or Boomie will take it.”


And Many More In The Most Dangerous Pools To Date

There are many more players attending CEO Dreamland who also pose a serious threat. There is a lot of interest surrounding Final Round XX winner noeL, as well as players like Astronaut, Stevenator, and TB, to name a few.

In fact, if you look at the tournament pools for CEO Dreamland, the 60 man 1v1 bracket looks like the finals of many other competitive events. In each pool there’s at least four players who clocked in games on the main stage at the Brawlhalla World Championship in 2016. Players who are used to comfortable Top 8 finishes online, are going to have to fight with everything they have from the very beginning of Dreamland.

It’s also important to note that Offline LAN events are a very different environment from the bread-and-butter Online events to which the Brawlhalla community has grown accustomed. A lot can change in how these players matchup against one another when in a room with hundreds of impassioned players who may not necessarily be cheering on your match.

All eyes will be on CEO Dreamland this weekend, as it is shaping up to be significant for the game, the community, and the players themselves. Be sure to catch all the action on April 14-15, with Finals on April 16th.


Stream Schedule

April 14-16
Friday: 2v2 Tournament – 4PM-8PM ET. –
Saturday: 1v1 Pools – Top 8: 12PM-6PM ET –
Sunday: 1v1 Grand Finals – 11AM – 2PM ET –


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