Photo by Thomas “Tischio” Tisch

Welcome to the recap of this year’s offline tournaments at DreamHack! It’s been a fantastic season so far as we head towards BCX 2018, the Brawlhalla World Championship, in Atlanta, Georgia.

At DreamHack Austin, we saw a relative dark horse, Cosolix, take the win over wrenchd and Boomie. Until this tournament, Cosolix had not won an official Brawlhalla tournament, offline or online. He shut out all the doubt and won it all, in front of his parents and peers. This win was massive for Cosolix; utilizing a lance and incredible movement, he was able to stake his claim on the competitive scene. This energized him into creating a Toronto-based LAN environment for his local scene. In 2v2, we saw the return of the offline champions Boomie/Remmy. Boomie/Remmy are the most recent BCX 2v2 champions and look destructive in 2s offline, earning them the affectionate term of LAN-imals. We saw them beat out the power ranking favorites Addymestic/Cake in a clean 3 – 0 in Grands after a strong 3 – 1 in Winner’s Finals. In third, we saw Stevenator/Wilson, holding their own in Austin, Texas. Wilson famously after earning his spot in top 8, immediately went back to his hotel, hopped in the hot tub, and watched the rest of the tournament on his phone from the comfort of the tub.

Pictured; Doppey

Photo by Duc “DucXPham” Pham
Pictured: Cristian “Doppey” Cardoso (USA)

Photo by @toastbh
Pictured: Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz (USA)

Photo by @toastbh
Pictured: Daniel “Crockie” Coady (USA)

Photo by Duc “DucXPham” Pham
Pictured (from Left to Right): Robert “STTP Wilson” McKelvey (USA), Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz (USA), Zachary “wrenchd” Gundersen (USA), Cole “Cosolix” Bereskin (CDN)

Photo by @toastbh
Pictured: Noel “noeL” Rosario (USA)

Photo by @toastbh
Pictured: Arin “Blood Diamond” Eisagholian (USA)

At DreamHack Summer, in Jönköping, Sweden, we saw the continued North American offline dominance as all three of the North American competitors who traveled to Sweden earned Top 6 spots. Two taking 1st and 2nd, noeL and Boomie. noeL continues his title as one of the most consistent North American players, as well as the player with the most offline tournaments played under his belt, dating back to 2015. VipR3 took a respectable 3rd place closely behind them, with his now infamous Blasters play. In 2v2, we saw Boomie retain his offline domination teaming up with one of the 2016 BCX 2v2 champions, Diakou. They earned a commanding 1st place, shutting out Addymestic/Cake in 2nd and VipR3/Aerial in 3rd.

At DreamHack Valencia, the North American offline champions continued to reign supreme. noeL beat Dobrein, 3-1, and a 3rd place finish for Boomie, losing to Dobrein in a harrowing 3-2. Again, North America looks like the region to beat taking two of the Top 3 finishes. This also marked the second 1st place finish in 1v1 for noeL. In 2v2, the “LAN-imals” reunite as Boomie/Remmy clinch another victory for North America, followed closely behind by Aggz0/VipR3 in 2nd and Dobrein/Diakou in 3rd. This was the event where the VipR3/Aggz0 team was born. VipR3/Aggz0 would go on to have much success in online tournaments following this event.

Photo by @toastbh
Pictured: Aleksi “Addymestic” Sillanpää (FIN)

Photo by @toastbh
Pictured: Jonatan “Cake” övragårdh (SWE)

At DreamHack Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, we see the continued shut out by North America. We saw the favorite, Boomie, finally earn that 1st place spot in a commanding fashion. He had been close to the goal line at the 3 previous offline events, grinded to 1st place in Power Rankings, and finally finished 1st in 1v1 over his longtime rival noeL. noeL and Boomie have been frequent opponents in offline events, often finishing in the 1st and 2nd place spots dating back to last year. wrenchd closes out the 3rd place spot mirroring his impressive DreamHack Austin run. In 2v2, we saw once again the control of the “LAN-imals”. Boomie/Remmy take another 1st place finish. This marks Boomie’s fourth 1st place finish in 2v2 offline and Remmy’s 3rd this year. Both are looking absolutely domineering going into the World Championship. In 2nd place, we see again the 2v2 EU power house that is, the newly formed, VipR3/Aggzo. VipR3, off of his characteristic Lucien pick, decided to choose Ragnir. In 3rd, we see the other most consistent 2v2 North American team, Lil Capped/Phazon.

Photos by @toastbh

Montreal was the last offline event leading up to the World Championship at DreamHack Atlanta in November. The 2v2 favorites look to be the “LAN-imals”, Boomie/Remmy, having a 100%-win record across their events and having won 1st in 2017’s BCX 2v2. 2nd place at last year’s World Championship went the way of the EU team Addymestic/Cake, so we might see something similar with VipR3/Aggz0 or perhaps a change-up may occur. Many players are doing last minute changes to their team roster and we might see an unseen team take the finish, like BCX 2016 where the European player, Diakou, teamed up with the North American player, Starlight, to earn that 1st place finish.


Photo by @toastbh
Pictured (from Left to Right): “MtSaEt” (MAR), Tyler “Starlight” Whitaker (USA), Vincent “Phazon” Riese (USA), Sergio “Isidroo” Benitez (USA), Arin “Blood DIamond” Eisagholian (USA), Steven “Stevenator” Figge (USA), Diakou “Diakou” Staee (USA), Noel “noeL” Rosario (USA), Aleksi “Addymestic” Sillanpää (FIN), David “Foda” Kisich (USA), “Baertaffy” (USA), “Stupor” (USA)

In 1v1, the predictions are slightly more muddled. Eyes are on Boomie after the dominating performance at DreamHack Montreal, however, noeL still has more wins offline and has been consistently placing well across 1v1 events. Not to mention we may see the return of the back-to-back, two-time 1v1 World Champion, LDZ. LDZ has been flying under the radar the past tournament season but is always a force to be reckoned with, having won the previous 2 BCX tournaments, beating Boomie in Winners Top 8 in 2017.

Anything can happen at BCX when there’s $100,000 on the line. You’re not going to want to miss it!

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Photos by @tischio